Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Seeing RED

I've been a BLAH BLOGGER!  Last July I posted 11 times...so far this July...and it's almost over...I've posted twice...2 times!  That has me seeing RED!  The problem is I'm not really doing a bunch this year.  I'm sticking close to home and how exciting or blog worthy is that?  So I'm going to post what has me seeing RED...see if you agree.
The RED raspberries are finally coming in and I did a batch of jam the other day.  I do love RED raspberry jam!
Salvia is showing off it's RED flair.
Dear RED daylily....even though this wasn't taken in the day...it was more dusk.  Still looks very RED to me!
RED sky at night...or the RED dripping clouds...is truly a delight!
Last but not least...crazy RED glasses that help me see the RED around here.  Yep, it's a blog worthy day at the Pines! Hope your days are filled with RED!


Julia said...

Hooplala... Yaya, I LOVE all your reds. Especially the raspberry jam and that red daylily. You know how I love daylilies...
Just to keep up with you I bought a brand new red lawnmower to cut my grass. So I'm seeing red too.


gin said...

i love all the red around there. And that sure is a cutie in your header picture.

acorn hollow said...

So glad to see you post. I am waiting for blackberries to ripen.
I love all your red.

selvageedge said...

Yum to the jam, and what a beautiful sky!

Hilary said...

Ohhh you're so stylish in those specs! They look great on you. And that raspberry jam... YUM! You have me drooling.

Sweet Tea said...

I don't think I've ever tasted raspberry jam - it looks and sounds wonderful. Must check to see if I can find it in stores here...BTW. I love your "Sally Jessie Raphael" look in your specks - remember her? LOL

rosaria williams said...

Wow! You razzledazzled us in red glasses and red themed post!
On the other hand, if we wanted this much excitement in life we'd fly to Vegas!
Just kidding.
Love raspberries and blackberries.

Rick Watson said...

You look good in red Yaya. I'm envious of your raspberries. I've got to plant some here.

karen said...

Red is one of my favorite colors. And raspberry jam? DEFINITELY a favorite! Love your red glasses - I've been wanting a pair myself. As you can see, I'm envious of all of your RED!
I've been a bad blogger too. I'm hoping I become more interesting after this last week of work!

Susan Anderson said...

I've been a blah blogger, too!

Your glasses are cool. And I bet your jam is, too.