Sunday, July 27, 2014

Let's Talk

I'm in the mood for a little chat tonight.  I want to explain my blog header's change of pics.   I decided that this Summer is passing us quickly.  Our pool time this year has been hit or miss.  We've had cooler temps than normal and truly I'm not complaining. I know many, especially out West, are roasting to death.  However, it makes for chilly swimming when the pool temps are only around 72de!  But we go in anyway! When I found the swimming background for the blog I decided to feature a Grandkiddo a week.  With 9 of them, I should get through the rest of this Summer!  First I had Alexis...or Lexi-Loo as we call her! (actually we shorten it up to just "Loo"). She's Phil's oldest.  She's a sweetie and I enjoy when she wants to help me in the kitchen.  She loves to cook and love Food Network...especially Giada!  This week I have her Sister,  Addyson...or as we call her....Rae...(her middle name).  She's a corker! She is funny, smart and also will give her Dad (Phil) a run for his money in a few years.  Who does she remind me of??? Oh yeah, her Dad! Ha!  To finish this post up I'm going to the photo board....hey, a picture is worth a thousand words..and Lord knows I can fill anything up with words...spoken or written!
This past week we took our Scouts swimming at the Y so they could finish up some requirements. This was on the wall...something we all could live by!
It was fun and we are grateful to the Y for the free use of the pool!
Campfire Friday!
Babysitting Granddogs!
Sisters cuddling in a blanket by the fire.
Blowing bubbles made with homemade soap and wands...handmade by Loo!
Fruit pizza for a church social.
Handcarts for the pioneer day church social.
Pinecone in the setting sun.
Down she goes!
Hope your weekend wasn't "hairy"! Thanks for the talk tonight!


joanne said...

that was such a sweet post! I love seeing pics of your grands as I am not allowed to share mine on my Looks like you are having a lot of fun this summer...enjoy.

selvageedge said...

Looks like an awesome week. You have such cute grandkiddos. :)

betty said...

What a neat idea to feature a grandchild a week on your blog header; cute theme with summer! I have to say 72 degrees would be a bit cool for me to go into the water, but then I'm a wimp :) Yum on that dessert for church; looked like it tasted good. Its hard to believe that summer is almost half over, where did the time go?


Julia said...

Your chat was lovely and it was fun seeing how you spend time with the grandkids. I think that they keep you young at heart and spirit.

Hard to believe that it's been too cool for the pool.That's a lot of "o"s...

I love the idea of your featuring one grandkid a week.
Great header.
Enjoy this new week.

sunshinegirl said...

Summer is definitely passing too fast :( I love summer so much!
Swimming is something I find nice to do during summer though the temperature seems a bit too cool!
but well have fun!!!

Idyll Wild said...

What a lovely post! Yes, summer is passing quickly, but it's blazing hot here (out West) so I'm ok with it!

Sush said...

Awww I know the Grands love having a chance to be the star of a post! How fun and refreshing of an idea. I'm really having a hard time getting back to posting. As much as I love the blogs it seems to take more time than I have these days. Busy with babysitting and working around the house.
Sounds like a great summer…enjoy those cooler temps while you have them. We are getting a cooler breath of air this week so I am very excited!


sunshinegirl said...

Hi it's nice to hear people call me sunshine :) That's why I chose this name haha! Thanks a lot! I'm delighted to know you like the quote! :)

Kay G. said...

Just one question: Can I be your grandchild? :-)
No wait, I don't think I am young enough OR good-looking enough!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Actually the entire week was a bit "hairy!" You have such a wonderful family. I always get such a kick out of all the activity that goes on at your place.

Sweet Tea said...

So nice to "talk" with you this evening. I'm enjoying the cute photos of the Grands - what a great idea! . . .You live in such a beautiful place, albeit a bit chilly. :-)

Vicki Boster said...

It's always so wonderful to see photos of your family and all the fun you have. Everyone always looks so happy- you are so blessed.

It's freezing here-- really- 50 last night. What happened to summer???


Munir said...

Great idea, featuring a grand kid a week and why shouldn't you. They are the stars of your family!

Susan Anderson said...

I love summer. Especially at your house...

Your grandkids are so cute!