Sunday, April 20, 2014


If ever there was a day that I would love to gather and savor the memories...put them in my pocket to take out for a smile when I need it...that would be today.  The weather was perfect from beginning to end.  Jack and I were up early to go to church in Akron. It was our Stake Conference weekend and the music and talks were really good and the drive was smooth and easy.  After arriving home we put the finishing touches on our Easter meal that would bring the kiddos and Grandkiddos over.  I had prepared most of it yesterday and felt ready for the fun to begin. Our temps reached 75 and we decided to eat outdoors on the deck.  We don't have the top of the gazebo on yet, but the deck shaded by the time we were set to eat.  It couldn't have been nicer.
There were 14 of us all together.  Phil had brought outdoor toys that were enjoyed by the young and old!
He was enjoying them!
Can't have Easter without bubbles....can you? Cameron didn't think so!
Summer and her PawPaw!
Food is always in abundance at the Pines. I laughed at my lamb cake...somebody was messing with his nose! I make one of these every Easter.  It was..and still is...tradition in my Mom's house.  I was lucky to get an antique cast iron lamb cake mold from my brother...the same as my Mom's.  She got hers when she married in the 40's.  I found one for my Daughter-In-Law, Amy and it's been a tradition in their home too.  After dinner all the little ones were ready for the annual egg hunt.
Cameron was looking perplexed...
Addy was leaving no twig unhunted!
Eddy was just happy to be outdoors, running and playing and hoping for a fallen piece of Easter ham! Yep, perfection was the name of the day today.  Happy Easter!  Wait! I just received some pics from my son and his family in Oregon (Portland!) These make the day a total perfect Easter!
Sophie and Taylor coloring eggs!
Katie, Taylor and Sophie going to church.


Julia said...

I'm so glad that you had a perfect day for Easter celebration with your beautiful family. 14 is a nice even number.

Our Easter was very quiet with low key celebrations.Everyone were celebrating at their home and it was nice to just relax. I still get tired easily since my infection.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa! I couldn't be happier that perfect weather arrived in your vicinity just in time for Easter, allowing you and your family to spend the day outdoors at the Pines. These pictures reveal that a great time was had by one and all, and that goes for the contingent in Oregon, Portland as well as the one in Ohio, Ashland. It's been a while since you posted pictures of your grandkiddos in Oregon and it was nice to see them again.

That lamb cake made my mouth water. At the Shady Dell, our tradition was the rat cake. :)

You mentioned that Eddy was roaming around hoping somebody would drop ham. Did the pooch get lucky or did he get tired of waiting, swipe the lamb cake off the table and run to the Creepy Woods to devour it?

Happy Easter to you and your wonderful family, dear YaYa, and thank you very much for leaving the sweet comment on my blog for 102 year old Margaret. You made a difference in a life. You gave a gift to Margaret, to her daughter Kathleen and to another very special Kathleen.

Cindy said...

It does sound perfect, and I love the lamb cake! What a special tradition! So nice to finally have good weather, isn't it!!?

Z said...

How lovely, and I'm so glad you've made us part of the occasion by telling us about it and showing all those pictures.

Kay G. said...

What a wonderful Easter for you all! And NO SNOW!! YAY!!!
You have made me want to find one of those lamb cake molds and start my own tradition!

gin said...

You did make some great memories!

Hilary said...

Beautiful day.. beautiful family and what a fine tradition that lamb cake is.

Kim said...

Love it. I can't believe how green your grass is.....Ours is still brown. I love the lamb cake. Somewhere there is a picture (probably in a shoe box under someones bed) but on my first or second birthday I had a cake just like that!

Willow said...

I am truly loving that lamb cake Yaya !
We know you have a thing for funny noses ~ ha
Cute as a button and looks delicious .

selvageedge said...

Sunday was a perfect day. So appropriate for an Easter celebration.

Idyll Wild said...

That is so sweet! I loved reading it. And what a wonderful tradition with the lamb cake!

Becky Jerdee said...

What a colorful day! Love the lamb cake :)

Sue said...

Don't you love those perfect family days? And that lamb cake is adorable!


PS. Today is my mom's 87th birthday!

Stacy Crawford said...

It was an awesome day. Wish the cold wouldn't have come back. Robin said they are having a thunderstorm with golf ball sized snowflakes. Weird.

Paul Forster said...

What a marvellous lamb cake! You can't beat an Easter egg hunt! Hope you got your share too! Sounds like a great time with family! Thanks for sharing your photos of the occasion!

In My Wild Eden said...

What a wonderful day with good weather, traditions and family. What beautiful memories for you all!

Sweet Tea said...

Few days can be called PERFECT, but this one sure was. Beautiful family and weather AND a lamb cake. Great way to kick start Spring!