Friday, April 25, 2014

Just A Whisper

In March Spring arrived on the calendar.  The days were lighter later and now the mornings are again lighter.  Snow still fell silently reminding us to not get too antsy in the pantsies when it comes to welcoming warmer weather.  The last few weeks have found us in a rollercoaster of April weather changes.  A few days in the 60's and many  nights in the 30's.  Easter found us sunny and mid 70's.  Today rainy and 40's.  But through it all the little signs of Spring have moved in.  Almost as quiet as a whisper, the changes are happening here at the Pines. 
The Dogwood may appear bare.  Upon closer look small little round buds are appearing:
Soon this tree will have limbs full of white and pink blossoms.  Last Fall we planted a couple of apple trees and I worried this harsh Winter would do them in.  I was pleased to see they made it.
Green growth and perhaps some flowering will appear soon.  It will be a few years before crops will yield an apple pie...but it will be worth the wait!
The ever brave lilac isn't afraid of cold weather.  There have been years where late snows and freezing have killed these buds. I'm hoping for a lovely lilac season.  If the bushes we have are any proof of that, we're in for a treat.
Hostas show their little heads.  They are welcomed every year like a visiting favorite Auntie.
The chives are here! In celebration they'll have large purple flowers.  I planted some near my roses. I heard Japanese Beetles don't care for chives.  Didn't have any beetles on them last year so let's hope it's stays that way this season!
As I trudged into the Creepy Woods I listened to the birds singing and saw some deer taking off in the distance. I looked around and it still seemed pretty bare.  But looking closer the "whisper" became a bit louder. Can you see the green?
Tiny little flowers in yellow, white and lavender were almost hidden amongst the dead leaves.
This was found sprouting in there too! I gathered a few before heading back.
The magnolia wants to shout: "I'm bursting out in pink glory!"  However, for today, it's still just a whisper...a promise...a hope for a glorious Spring.
Last, but not least, yesterday Jack gave me this lovely arrangement and little notepad and pretty pen.  I guess it was National Executive Assistant something or other..Day.  I help him out on Tuesday nights in the office when needed. Warrants this beauty I guess! I'll take it since I love fresh flowers and I love surprise gifts!  He also threw in a Chinese lunch date!
Thanks Babe! (I won't even whisper it...I'll shout it out!)


Shady Del Knight said...

Cool, cold, warm or hot, you can't stop the coming of the seasons, dear YaYa. Nature always gets its way so sit back and enjoy the show. Soon all the buds around your house will be bursting with color. I remember how your property looked last year and I can wait to see this year's floral display.

It was very sweet of Jack to bring you fresh flowers and a Chinese lunch. I'd say he's a keeper!

Dear YaYa, I want to personally thank you for the kind comments you left on my blog for Margaret and Kathleen. Kathleen had a minor medical emergency today, had to see a doctor and was unable to reply to your comment until this evening. She is AOK now and I can tell by her reply that she and her mother very much appreciated your generous words. Thank you, dear friend!

gin said...

Sweet Jack! I believe you are loved and spoiled. My pink/purple magnolia already was in full bloom and flowers and now covered in leaves. You'll soon have color everywhere. Yayyy for spring !

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I haven't had Chinese food for so long. Maybe I can talk PH into it tomorrow night! It's pouring rain outside..and I am loving it.
What great scenery you have all around you! All that space. Sheesh! No..I'm not jealous..not at all! lol

Julia said...

I love your Spring whisper post. It makes the heart sing.

After all these years, I never knew that golf balls grew in the wild... I'm looking forward to seeing your Dogwood and Lilac in full bloom.

Your Jack is a good man to bring you flowers just because... Happy Weekend...

PoetessWug said...

Yep!...Same here!...except for the Chinese meal. LOL

Munir said...

Good for you. It is nice to be pampered. Enjoy!

Cindy said...

I love all those pics reminding us that Spring is really here! This year especially the miracle of Spring blooms has struck me after our crazy Winter! Happy AA Day -- pretty flowers! As a former AA I know they were well deserved!

selvageedge said...

You are very poetic here. Lovely signs of spring!

Scriptor Senex said...

Such lovely signs of the world awakening. The little yellow Lesser Celandine is one of the first signs here too. I had never heard of Japanese Beetle. Presumably we don't have it here so I hope you keep them there (so long as your chives work,of course).