Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Message From The Weather Channel

Yes, interesting weather we've been having.  When the groundhog said "6 more weeks of W (the W word)" I was OK with that.  When the calendar said Spring started on the 20 of this month, I was happy about that.  I thought I understood what the term "Spring Snow" meant.  What I didn't "get" was when the 6 weeks turned into 8 and the Spring Snow was going to continue until June when Summer starts.  Ok, I know it won't snow until June...(I hope).  Yesterday we had what the video showed.  So what does a girl do when faced with a chilly, snowy weekend?  Make pizzas!
Very Yummy!
Good to the last bite!  That helped us get through Saturday night.  When I got up Sunday I was blasted with sunshine and crystal blue skies.  Too pretty to not click a pic...even with the white stuff on the Pines!
The view from the backyard was just as lovely.
The sun was rising above the trees but I'm doubting it will make the pool ready for humans!
Eddy, did you forget to carry your play thing to the garage?
I'm also thinking not too many will want to take a seat....
The ones in the front of the house aren't looking too inviting either.  So what's a girl to do while the sun melts the snow on a Sunday afternoon?  Make a chicken pot pie of course!
Better hurry over if you want a slice.  It's going fast!  After seeing the images from Washington State and hearing about the earthquakes out in California,  I have nothing to complain about. Our weather is actually suppose to warm up this week.  So I hope everyone is safe and healthy and having a happy Sunday. Amen


Willow said...

Oh my say it isn't so ~ not more snow !
Poor you and poor Eddie. Hope he stopped sneezing .
Well the Pizza looked very yummy ~ that a girl get in some comfort food when skies are grey ! :))

Kim said...

The groundhog is on my hit list! After Wednesdays Spring Blizzard we are now in the middle of a Spring Ice Storm. Your pot pie looks wonderful. I roasted a chicken for supper and the rest is in the process of becoming soup. Stormy comfort food. Lol

acorn hollow said...

we are cold and luckily we were in for snow twice this past week and missed it! sleet and freezing rain for morning ugh it feels like it will never stop. I hope this will all be just a bad memory next month.
your food looks so yummy
of course that is all I have been doing I made a pie this weekend by the time summer comes I will not fit in any of my clothes

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa! Are you sure Ohio, Ashland isn't north of the Arctic Circle? :) GZEESH!!! By now those Whispering Pines of yours must be starting to whine and grumble! :)

It was a real treat for dogless Shady to see my blog adopted buddy Eddy wandering around in the snow. I heard him sneeze a couple of times. I hope he wasn't trying to snort the white stuff to get high! :) I didn't know Eddy plays basketball. Is he glued to the tube watching March Madness?

Well, you have your own version of March Madness going on with that awful weather of yours. This has to be winter's last gasp I would think. You know what they say: "When life gives you a snowstorm make pizza" and that's exactly what you did - one for Jack, one for YaYa and one for good boy Eddy.

Hang in there, dear friend. Spring's coming any month now! :) Have a great week ahead!

Julia said...

I'm willing to brave the snowstorm to come over to your house for your baking. You make my mouth water. I bet that everyone likes it when it cold and chilly at your house because you bake yummy stuff.

We got stormed on too here in Fredericton N.B.

gin said...

snow is keeping you busy. Good food and keeping up with Eddy. hoping that is your last snow of the season

PoetessWug said...

Why talk about the weather anymore. It's gonna do whatever it wants anyway, right?!...I mean 'the W word'. Oh wait! Is 'winter' or 'weather' the W word?! LOL WHATEVER!!...there's another W word for you! LOL

Kay G. said...

I know you might not think so, but man, that snow is beautiful!
Of course, my car said 89 degrees today, so maybe that is why it looks so nice! xx

Donna said...

The food looks very yummy!!!

Becky Jerdee said...

Way to keep your spirits up!

Munir said...

We had snow yesterday on the way to work. Go figure.

Hilary said...

Oh those meals look so delicious. The snow.. not so much. Lovely pics in spite of our shared extended winter.

Hope said...

hi yaya! i've been thinking the same thing about our winter. it has been unseasonably colder for this time year and the snow is not melting to quickly. i've been thinking of painting the easter eggs white this year for the hunt! ha! ha! love your post you got just enough photo's of food to keep one warm and cozy on a wintery day! take care!

Judi said...

Oh, my gosh- Your Pizza and pot pie is actually making me physically drool!
I think you should open a restaurant. I would be willing to drive the hour and 15 minutes just to taste your cooking.
Beautiful park like yard. I so enjoyed the video, too.
Eddy was not impressed with the snow, I could tell:-)