Saturday, September 7, 2013

Property Guest...Sammy

I can't really call Sammy a house guest since he's been staying in the garage.  We're temporarily cat sitting my Granddaughter's cat.  Sammy is a really cool dude..very sweet.  We like him but he's a bit wary of Eddy.  Sammy's never been around dogs and even though Ed just wants to be friends, Sammy is not thrilled. Then there's the matter of our cat...the cat from hell...Squeak. She's very stay off my/her inside of house.  Lucky for Sammy, Squeak stays mostly on the back deck and Sammy has found the front of the house and garage to be his spot. It's working...mostly.  Here's the little character:
He's a climber.  He like car tops...treetops..railings. I think it makes him feel safer.
Surveying his temporary kingdom.
Hello down there. So here's the question.  Would you rather see this:
 Or this:
While you're deciding if the cat from, you-know-where, or Sammy, should come and live with  you, I'll give you some almost fall shots. I always think my flowers really look best toward the end of summer.
All lush and filled in.  The trees are starting to turn. You can spy the oranges and yellows coming on.  I took this shot near sunset and it made the locusts look really redder than they are.
We're having up and down cool days...some days hit over 80....some nights have been in the mid 40's.  It's coming folks and I do love this time of year. Hope the weekend is a good one!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! Remember the novel What Makes Sammy Run? Answer: Squeak! (LOL) Yikes! That picture of Squeak looks like a Halloween fright mask! (LOL)

I'm not cat sitting nor do I own a cat, but I put out daily food and water for three stray cats that have taken up residence in my back yard and adjacent woods. I have named them Patches, Boots and Whiskers. Boots looks a lot like Sammy - black with white booties, while Whiskers bears a resemblance to your Squeak. If Squeak is that territorial, doesn't he/she ever come to blows with Eddy? I hope not.

Thank you for the lovely shots of your flower beds and the signs and symptoms (medical jargon) of fall at Whispering Pines.

Happy weekend to you, dear friend!

PoetessWug said...

What beautiful Fall shots, Yaya!...and nice shots of your house guest too!...Sorry,'s back seat for you this time. ^_^

Nonnie said...

Oh, I envy that beautiful yard. It's still HOT here and most everything is just about dried up.
Sammy would pretty much be out of luck here. Nice pics.

rosaria williams said...

Oh, I wouldn't touch a cat who snarls at me!
Yes, even here Autumn is beginning to tip-toe in.

Sweet Tea said...

Loved hearing about your kitty and your "guest" kitty. We're sorta full at our house for the moment (baby, Grandma, and dog), so guess I won't be inviting any of your furry friends to visit...LOVE and "envy" your beautiful plants. Ours are in bad shape, as we desperately need rain. Forecast for next week is 100 & 101 each and every day.

111 LaLa Lane said...

My Lord, Squeak looks like a vampire. Reminds me of my daughter's cat when she's in attack mode. I'll choose Sammy. Your flowers and yard is so pretty. I can't wait until we start getting those kinds of temps at night. Right now, the coolest it has been at night or the wee hours of the morning has been in the upper 60's. But hey, I'll take that over hot and muggy any day.

Munir said...

I rather not have the situation of the last picture of Sammy or even Squeak. LOL
Very nice shots of those flowers! Enjoy the weekend.

Willow said...

Ha ha personally I'd like some close ups of Eddy lol
The cats are cute okay but Eddy is the best :)))
That walkway picture is beautiful !

Stacy Crawford said...

Hopefully the house guests are enjoying the time with you. I think the blooming fall at your place is beautiful.

Kerri said...

Yikes- That cat has some big teeth!
Your yard looks are looking a little more fall-ish that we are here. I'm hoping we have a long fall this season...last year we didn't have much of a fall at.

Kim said...

Hmm, Squeak does not look like a cat to mess with! Wow, those are some teeth...
Your yard looks so pretty. We have had a frost (already!)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

We are still hitting the 100 mark and beyond. I thought today was a degree or so cooler. The heat has been terrible for weeks now.
Your yard is just gorgeous!! No Fall colors for us! :(

Rick Watson said...

Wow, I love the shot from your deck. Our pooches don't play well with cats.
I don't think they would hurt them but I'm guessing they feel that carrying a kitty around in there mouths and slobbering on them is fair game :)

Kay G. said...

Oh wow, those cats are very expressive!
Love your flowers! I want to come and live at your house, it's gorgeous! No, wait, you have snow and cold, I don't know if I can take it! xx

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH my gosh you are already getting temps in the 40's at night. Amazing!
Your gardens are gorgeous and I love the colors changing.
We are still in the high 90's and the AC running day and night. Oh how I wish we had fall here. We go from burning up to freezing in a matter of days. haha
Those cat pics are too funny. Believe me I can relate to a territorial cat.
Hope your having a good week and enjoy your beautiful flowers

Becky Jerdee said...

Oh, I've seen a few cat fights in my day! Boarding my daughter's cat with Kitty in the house was dramatic. The stranger cat sat on top of the armoire in one bedroom. We kept the door closed on that room, poor thing. But she was an evil cat anyway. Kitty, our housecat, had a milder temperament but, boy was she territorial...moving from room to room all during Cookie's stay.

karen said...

I'm continually amazed at how beautiful your property is. I love your flowers, and yes, even your cat(s). Yes, my daughter in MA says fall is coming too. She's had the crazy up and down temps as well. Being very pregnant, she's happiest when they're down.