Friday, September 13, 2013

13...Good Or Bad?

Some people are freaked by the number 13 and, more importantly, the day...Friday the 13th.  Movies are even made about it!  Me? Not so much.  Today is a good example of Friday the 13th that was not scary, bad luck, or disturbing in any way.  Maybe it was due to the motivational seminar I attended on Thursday.  I learned how to shake your hand, introduce myself, ask questions to get to know someone else better and how to have a good start to the day.  He suggested the "power hour".  Get up early....wake up, put a big smile on your face, take a deep cleansing breath, and say to yourself, or outloud..."Today is going to be the best day I've ever had"...or the best selling day, or the best writing fill in your own blanks. New ideas I've never heard before? Nope..but it was a fun way to spend a Thursday.  Although sitting in a seminar is hard for me because I'm not used to sitting during my day at all! I did get to spend it with 4 co-workers and we had fun..don't we always? I took pics but Jack has my camera because he went camping with the Scouts.  The pics didn't turn out that great anyway!  So I'll give you some shots of my "best day ever" on this Friday the 13th.
I took off to the Creepy Woods early as the sun was shining over the backyard. Our temps have gone from 95 on Tuesday and Wednesday and muggy 80's yesterday, to a high of 55 today and in the 40's tonight!  We did have rain off and on, but it was a great fall feeling day! Loved it!
Of course Eddy was with me and we haven't been up here all Summer and he was smelling and exploring this overgrown world.
The pretty weeds are like an outdoor bouquet!
The Buckeye tree is loaded with buckeyes ready to fall and get in my way as I mow!
The pool time is at it's end.  We had a time of it when we..well, mostly Jack, was getting it all set up in early Summer.  But it's been fun and the Grandkiddos have used it and enjoyed it as much as I have. 
The roses were covered in in "raindrops on roses"....A favorite thing?
I scored a lovely mum plant on clearance for 5.00...see, not such an "unlucky" day!
Even  a black cat crossed my path...  That didn't bother me at all!
As the rosy sun set tonight I was thinking that it really was  "the best day ever! "



Willow said...

YaYa I am so glad you had a wonderful day with that beautiful boy Eddie ! :)
Great sunset.
Just a good ole beautiful Friday that was on the 13th !

Kim said...

You went into the "creepy" woods on Friday the 13th??? Are you crazy?? Or incredibly brave??

Shady Del Knight said...

Well, good for you, dear YaYa, and happy Friday the 13th! There's no use hiding your head under the covers when you can get out there and snap pictures of the lovely scenery around your estate. It's a treat to see pictures of my buddy Eddy sniffing and snooping around the woods.

I appreciated that shot of the buckeye tree. It reminded me of collecting horse-chestnuts as a boy on hikes with my father in Pennsylvania.

Yessum, it did my heart good to see pictures of the kiddos enjoying your pool over the last couple months. I hope you and Jack can get it safely stored and/or winterized so it will be in great shape for next season.

Your flowers are beautiful and so is the sunset. I read somewhere that if a black cat named Sammy crosses your path it brings you very good luck indeed!

Happy weekend to you, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

Yaya, you're my kind of girl. I love your positive and brave attitude. Your seminar is teaching the right stuff. Why having gloom and doom when you can make up your mind at having the very best day you can. I fully agree with that kind of thinking. After all we are given a set number of days on this earth and it's up to us to make it a great day. The clock is ticking...

Your flowers are still very colorful. Mine are just about on their last leg for the season. We are having so much rain still and the lawns are still growing fast and green.

You companion looks like he loves his walk in the Creepy Woods on this Friday the 13.

Happy Friday the 13.

Nonnie said...

I love your beautiful day pics and especially the creepy woods, the rose and the sunset. More than that, I like your "accentuate the positive" attitude. Happy weekend.

joanne said...

it's all in the attitude right? I love your pics, especially the sunset. A beautiful end to the day. I can feel Fall in the air and out temps are due to drop this weekend, with a little rain it will soon be the season of raking up leaves! Have a good weekend.

Becky Jerdee said...

You're so much fun! I was born on Friday, the 13th so I consider it a great day. Love living and so glad I got in on it!

Kay G. said...

Gotta have a good attitude... it is SO important!!

Hey, did you know that black cats are considered GOOD luck in England? It's true! I was GOBSMACKED when I found that out!
(Gobsmacked is another word I learned while living there, that I love!!)
My lost our little black cat, Minnie, in April. We had her for 14 years. xx

Munir said...

I did not realize that it was Friday the 13th until I turned the radio on in my car. By then the morning commute was almost over. A black cat was not in my way, but I love cats!

Deb Shucka said...

I always love your pictures. The seminar sounds fun, and your words are a nice reminder that we have the power to determine the flavor of our days.

Hilary said...

You can't find anything wrong with a day like that. Beautiful.

In My Wild Eden said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful day and I hope today is even better!

Stacy Crawford said...

I taught my Language Arts class about the history of Friday the 13th. It was a fun lesson. Interesting tidbits of where the superstitions come from.

I had a mostly uneventful day too.

karen said...

My daughter has been telling me that Fall has landed in Massachusetts as well. Her girls are already wearing boots and jackets to school. Your yard just never looks bad - every season is as lovely as the last. I'd love to go for a walk in your Creepy Woods.

Christina said...

I love "best days ever!" It sounds like you guys are getting normal Ohio weather! We actually are having cooler weather here, too (70's.) I love fall!

Willow said...

Hi Eddie I came back just to see sweet boxer face again ...shh don't tell the cat ;)

Rick Watson said...

That sounds like a great seminar. I don't give Friday the 13th a second thought.