Monday, August 26, 2013

The Journey

I feel like I've been on a journey of no blogging...I'm not an everyday blogger, but usually I'm posting sooner than this! We took a little journey this weekend and the during the past week time was filled with the everyday business of life.  The computer is still giving me fits and I'm thinking a new one is in order. But for now, I'm able to post, so here's what's been happening.  On Friday Jack and I "journeyed" to Chicago to visit family and celebrate a birthday.  Actually, we celebrated 2 birthdays. One on each end of the spectrum. 
This little peanut turned 2 on Friday.  We arrived in time to go to her pool party.  Ella, my great-niece, turned 2.  Chicago temps on Friday were cool...just perfect for us but a bit chilly for the kiddos! Can you see her turning purple? Even though it was chilly, all the kids really enjoyed the evening.
I loved this "shroom" feature! (That's Ella's Daddy playing with the camera!)
The cake was fit for a princess!
The candles were blown out..wishes were made and we hope they all come true for her!
Jack is looking the the balloons for a reason..see, he's the other birthday that we celebrated.  No Jack, the numbers don't say 60...sorry! You had to wait until Sunday for yours!
Happy Birthday Jack!  We celebrated Sunday with the 3 F's...Family, food, and fun.  That's how we roll around here!
Ribs were on the menu..and they were awesome!
Yay Baby!
Now we're talking!
This birthday cake doesn't have a crown for a princess, but it was fit for a king (Jack) and the lucky group that chowed down! Holy cow was it good!
This is how you celebrate being pool party here, just relaxation on recliners! My brother Phil is  showing Jack the proper technique I think!  We had fun seeing everyone and I kept thinking about how many parties my Mom's home has seen.  The scenes are similar....
Cousins having a soccer game.
Babies being hugged by Great-Grandma.
Faces too cute for words! But not too cute to smear some chocolate icecream on!
There were the newest projects to see...My sister built this number in the backyard..she's amazing!
This pine tree wasn't just a reminder of my home in's a tree I remember my Dad planting when I was I used to jump over! Now it's a testimony to how time has moved quickly while so much living was going on in this home.
My Mom has been living here since 1951 when Dad built the house.  She the rock and foundation of our family and we are so blessed to still have her overseeing all festivities! I thought she look lovely on Sunday!
My sister put in a garden with a walkway that she calls her "journey" garden.  You can meander down the path and think of life and how we are all given certain trails..some smooth, some rocky, beauty in hidden places, but all with a destination that hopefully leads to happy times and close families. Whether you are turning 2 or 60 or 100...we should celebrate those times because it goes so fast and the players involved may not always be there. Happy Birthday little Ella and Happy Birthday Jack!


acorn hollow said...

It looks like the perfect celebration for everyone.

selvageedge said...

Happy birthday, Jack!
I love your sister's journey path. That's one of my favorite scriptures.

Munir said...

Happy Birthday to Jack and to the little princess who turned two !
Your Mom is a darling, God Bless her!

Shady Del Knight said...

Welcome back home, dear YaYa! You've been missed and I'm sorry to learn that you are still having some technical difficulties.

Ella is a cutie! Happy birthday to her. I wonder what went through her mind as she was blowing out the candles. What does a girl who's just turning two wish for?

Tell Jack happy birthday for me, and let him know that I'd give anything to be as young as 60 again. Remind him that 60 is the new 40.

I have a pine tree on my property that I planted in 1997 when it was only two feet tall. Today it towers above us at 30 feet or more.

Your mother looks absolutely fabulous, brimming with health and vitality. I'm very happy to see these pictures of her and your whole gang. I love that pretty walkway. Just think. Before long it'll be snow covered again.

Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa!

joanne said...

so happy to see a post, and all that food and happy faces! Now, let's get down to business. YOU won my birthday give away and I need your address so I can get it to you, or, if you changed your mind let me know and I'll pick another!

Scriptor Senex said...

Happy birthday to the little princess and the not so little Jack.
I LOVE your sister's Journey Garden. What a fantastic idea and so well executed.

Kim said...

I love that journey path. What a great idea. Happy birthday to all, but it looks like it was perfect. Your Mom looks lovely and did I notice the casts were gone??

gin said...

I loved this post. And I love times like this. Happy birthday Ella and Jack! Y'all are so lucky to have your mom in on the action.

tattina said...

I wish you 3 F's forever!

Cheltz said...

I'm definitely blogging less too :). I feel like I like my life with less Internet. I decided that subscribing by email would be a better way for me to keep up with a few blogs (like you do mine?) but I don't see that option anywhere on yours?

Donna said...

Looks like another great Windy City weekend! A fun time w family is just the BEST! Happy BD to's good to see your mom looking so wonderful!

In My Wild Eden said...

Such beautiful times with family. Happy birthday to them both!

Becky Jerdee said...

Hurray for your Jack! 60 is terrific! Enjoy these days!!!

karen said...

Well you've been busy, lady - no time to blog! All that matters is that you give us a shout every now and then.

Willow said...

Happy Birthday Jack and Ella :)

Stacy Crawford said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Looks like a fun trip!