Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day

I took this pic of one of the clocks at work.

11:00 o'clock isn't a big deal...unless it's the second time in the day that you're seeing it and you're still at work! That's the one part of my job I'm not thrilled to do time. You never know how long the day will be or what's in store. (To be fair, I did go home for a bit before I had to come back)  We're a small town hospital and we have our major trauma cases, just the usual emergencies you might receive...a hot appendix, a broken bone, a hurting kidney stone, an obstructed bowel. As always, I'm glad I'm on the working end of an operating room table and I feel bad for the patients who have just had to cancel any long weekend plans they were anticipating.  So I was glad to bid farewell to 11:00 for the second time and head home. I'm hoping for a quiet weekend where I can sit in my new chair we bought at IKEA last weekend.
  I'm a traditional gal when it comes to decorating, but after Jack and I sat for a minute in this interesting chair, we had to have it.  It's very me on this! It is a bit different than anything we own, but since I'm looking to change some furniture out in the future, this may be the direction to go.  Anyway, I hope everyone has a nice labor day weekend.  I hope a cook-out is in your future.  It's the final holiday of the summer and I'm hoping on this labor day weekend I'm not..laboring that is!  Oh, as a final P.S..Happy Anniversary to us...39 years!


PoetessWug said...

Oh!...I remember the long working hours!!! O_O I'm glad you made it through!...And Happy Anniversary! :-]

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa! Mrs. Shady was on call from 7 pm last evening until 7 this morning. She doesn't have to run to the hospital but she needs to be available all night long to field phone calls from nurses and advise them on critically ill patients. I don't know how she does it. I can tell that you also have a grueling schedule much of the time. I salute you for helping others.

Happy anniversary to you and Jack!

That looks like a very comfy chair. Does Eddy ever let you sit in it? :) Now that your work is done, I know you will spend many leisurely hours this Labor Day relaxing in that cozy seating spot gazing out the window at what I hope will be perfect late summer Ohio weather. In other words, dear friend, I invite you to enjoy "sunny and chair" all weekend long! :)

rosaria williams said...

Many congratulations, you two. Marriage is a marathon, sometimes people know that, but still stop short of the finish line, after the first bump or two. I know it has been for us, after 47 years, we have committed to make it through, and have found that that partnership grows stronger and more endearing, more real than "romantic". Yes, long marriages don't happen. It takes two people whose main goal is to make the other's life brighter.

Happy Anniversary!

Stacy Crawford said...

Maybe you should have 2 of those chairs for your anniversary. Is that a new paint color?

Looks great. Hope you get to rest from your labors.

joanne said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Jack! Hope you have a relaxing weekend and lots of chair time, it looks comfy!

111 LaLa Lane said...

Happy Anniversary to you! We just celebrated 33 years last week. No cookouts for us, unless the temperature drops some 15 degrees. It's just to danged hot for me. or more. Hope you have a relaxing weekend and spend all you want of it in your relaxing chair. You deserve it!

selvageedge said...

Happy Anniversary! The chair looks comfy. :)

Julia said...

Happy anniversary Yaya. I hope that you can relax in your beautiful comfy chair. You may just have to get another one.

Have a pleasant Labor Day. As for me, I'll be labouring for

Willow said...

Well HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Jack and many more ! What a fun couple you are !

Rick Watson said...

You get some rest Yaya. I really don't miss those LONG hours.

Munir said...

Oh wow. Happy Anniversary to the both of you. Yes you do deserve to be waited on. I would order the best on the menu !

Happy Labor day.

I feel for the fast food workers.They deserve more for sure. I would not cross the picket line, but this morning my hubby wanted the breakfast there. So I just prayed to God that every one gets fair pay for their labor. Ameen.

acorn hollow said...

Happy anniversary we are a year behind you. those are long days for sure.

Nonnie said...

Happy Anniversary to you. Congratulations to both of you! Have a great holiday.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH wow 39 years! A big Happy Anniversary to you guys. I hope your enjoy another 39 together.
I often think of you wondering if your working a long hard day. I wish you could slow down.
I do love your new chair. I would love to change things around here too. I have way too much clutter.
Thanks honey for coming by and leaving me a much needed sweet comment about my brother Gary.
I do appreciate you

Deborah Annette Shaw said...

Happy Anniversary to you both--and I suggest that if the chair is that comfy, you'd better get another one so there's no competition to see who can get to the chair first! Long life and lots more wonderful years to a wonderful couple!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary. I'm sorry you had to work this weekend but I'm happy that there are people like you who are available to care for those who need it.
I have sat in similar chairs and they are ridiculously comfortable. Soon you and Jack will be fighting over it ;)

Judi said...

Looks like that scene belongs in a fashion magazine. And so comfortable looking, I could come right on over!

Hilary said...

Those are long hours at such a stressful job. That looks like one of those chairs for which comfort is not convincing by just looking at it. I will take your word for it though. Happy Anniversary. Wishing you many, many more. :)

Sue said...

I like your chair. It looks comfy!
Happy Anniversary to both of you!