Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Rains Came Down and Floods Came Up

I guess I'll start this little story with the continuing saga of the great "pool project".  Finally the ground was ready and the pool parts came out and everything went up just fine.  The water man came and filled our little above ground sweat shop and he was impressed how nice and level it was.  I say "was" because the next day the torrential rains fell and like the little church song about the "house on the sand washed away", the little pool on the sand almost did! Here's a pic of what happened on Thursday.
The creek overflowed all the way from the Creepy Woods and down the hill toward the house....
The water made a left turn at the pool site and washed alot of sand away and flowed toward the creek...and if you look carefully at this pic you can see the pool starting to sag in spots...

Thankfully,  the water didn't come to the kept on flowing like a river to the creek side! I wish I had taken a video just so you could hear the roar..I was dumb struck at how fast this flooded and how much rain we received in such a short time. Did I mention that we were getting ready for my Granddaughter's graduation party on Saturday?  The yard was drenched, alot of mulch we had put down in flower beds was now in the lawn...the pool however did not collapse.  Never saying "DIE", Jack found a way to get it back on level ground and he, along with my Sister who was visiting,  got it back to normal....whew! The water receded fairly quick and we had our party on Saturday.
Pretty cake...
Requested zebra design with pink frosting cupcakes made by me...and they were good!
Tables set on the deck..
In the yard..
Mulch returned to it's rightful spot!
Happy Graduate Driana on the right...sweet little sister Summer on the left with happy smiles! The day turned rainy, but nice and cool and we set the food up indoors and also had "plan B" for indoor dining..but most everyone stayed under the tents when it sprinkled...Ok, when it rained...and we all had a good time.
My son Jack and Driana..

Oh yes! My sweet Mom and my sister Midge came from Chicago and as you can see Mom is doing well. Her left arm is healing great...the right is taking longer because it was really a broken mess..but it's doing good.  She had a good time and I don't know what I would have done without Midge's help in getting everything running smoothly...Thanks Sis! Love ya!  So the pool saga is doing fine...although we're having a rainy beginning of the summer, I'm so hoping for a little bit of dry weather so we can enjoy it...for now, I'm gonna take a nap!  The End!


Shady Del Knight said...

You deserve a nap after all that, dear YaYa! Gosh golly gee, what a mess! It reminded me of tropical storm Agnes in Pennsylvania in the early 70s. I don't know how your husband got that pool level again but I take my hat off to him.

That is a beautiful cake and those cupcakes you made also turned out great. Did Eddy get any floor/ground droppings?

Congratulations to Driana, your lovely graduate grandkiddo. It's also nice to see the equally lovely Summer again. I am very happy to see your mother smiling and to know she's on the mend.

The rain has been training over the Florida peninsula for days now with more to come. I hope you guys get a chance to dry out a little before the next deluge. Hope you soon take some pics in your pool, too! Have a great week, dear friend YaYa!

Willow said...

Aww good to see your mom smiling :)
Congrats Driana
Always fun at your place with festivities,good peeps and yummy food.
Speaking of food ...glad to hear there have been hummingbird sightings at your feeder. Be sure to change the sugar water and clean feeders weekly with hot water and tootbrush (yup gotta buy them one lol ) They like fresh sugar water ( 1 part sugar 2 part water but ~ I add extra sugar ) and no black mold (harmful) on their feeders so cleaning weekly a must .You will have a bunch of hummingbirds and be an expert on them soon ;)

Stacy Crawford said...

You and your bad luck on big parties. At least it wasn't a disaster! I'm glad the water wasn't from your pool.

Julia said...

I'm glad that the pool didn't collapsed. That would have been awful.

We got that heavy rain too and water came in my basement.

Everything is well that ends well. Great to see that the pretty graduate got her party and everything went well.
Your mom looks terrific. It's good of her to come.

Nonnie said...

Oh my goodness!!!! That kind of rain is always amazing as to its power. The lake behind our house flooded one year and I hope I never see the water that close again. Jack is "the man!" I know it was a relief that the waters receded and you were able to have that party.
Your granddaughters are beautiful, all the decorations so pretty, and the cupcakes look delicious.
YaYa, I can see why you love your home. It is so inviting and it seems always to be the place everyone can go and relax and have a good time with your family. Your mom looks great and I noticed what lovely hands she does have.

PoetessWug said...

WOW!!!...I'm glad your pool didn't get washed away!...and that your mom is healing well. Otherwise, as I know well, the weather will be the weather...whether you like it or not!! So you might as well 'get on with it!'...and you did. So there!! LOL

joanne said...

Oh my! It's always good to have a plan B. It looks beautiful and it seems everyone is having a great time. Lovely cake,,,what is pick frosting? Anyway, Congratulations Driana...look how special you are, they re-routed a river just for your day!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

It looks like your mother is showing that her hands are healing nicely and she looks happy!! That's great.
AND you pulled off the party inspite of the rain! Good for you!
Your granddaughters are lovely!

Cheltz said...

Oh gosh! That flooding looked like a disaster! I'm glad you got it all fixed all right. Very pretty pink, zebra cake, and congratulations, Driana!!

selvageedge said...

Oh no! I'm glad that Midge and Jack got it fixed, and I sure hope it doesn't happen again. Looks like this is supposed to be another rainy week. :(

Becky Jerdee said...

Wow, what a shock! Glad you guys had the where-with-all to get the pool and the party pulled together!!! Proud of you!!!!

gin said...

glad the party and pool turned out great. It's good you didn't let the rain win. great job.

Rick Watson said...

Yikes!!! My brother installed a pool many years ago, and his collapsed and almost submerged his carport.
Congrats to the grad.

Munir said...

First of all congratulations to Driana. It is a big accomplishment. I like your cupcakes and the tier.
It is so nice to see your mom's pic. Looks like she is still recovering from wrist surgery.

Scriptor Senex said...

Well done Driana and what lovely family photos you took.
I bet seeing the water come towards the house must have been really scary. What a soggy time you are having.

Kim said...

The weather really has been crazy. I'm glad it didn't ruin your party and that the pool didn't collapse. (Jack might have killed you)
Your Momma looks great. Glad she could make it and see all the family. Hope the rest of the summer is drier.

Kay G. said...

Wow, that really was some rain. How in the world did your hubby get that pool moved, he must be Superman!
Congrats to Driana, she and her sister are so pretty!
Well done you on those cupcakes, you can bake for me anytime!
Hope your Mom's right side is healed up soon!

Donna said...

Yes, we had a lot of water in our yard too. What is it with special events at your house and RAIN??
The party looks beautiful! Those girls both look darling. I got the nicest note from Driana .
Your mother looks terrific! I bet it did her good to come and I'm sure it did you to see her too.

111 LaLa Lane said...

Bummer on the flood that nearly took out your pool. We have had a lot of rain down south too. Rode my bike in the rain the other day and had an epiphany....I don't melt! Ha! Anyway, congratulations to Driana. I know you must be very proud of her. She and her sister are both beautiful girls. And law, those cupcakes looked scrumptious. Good job and glad plan B worked for you. Talk soon!

Allen Hoffman said...

“Thankfully, the water didn't come to the house...” - I'm thankful for you too! I've experienced firsthand the burden of having your house flooded and don't want to subject anyone to it; the mess it brings is simply excruciating. Glad nothing like that happen to you. PS: lovely cakes! :)