Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's A Wash Out!

First of all...Happy June! If you've been the recipient of nasty, cold weather this crazy Spring, I sure hope the sound of JUNE makes you smile and I also hope warmer weather is now in your future.  We seemed to be  on the verge of a drought, then the skies opened up and we were happy to get some lovely rain.  Except yesterday we also got severe thunderstorms in the afternoon.  They came just as our annual "Relay For Life" event was getting underway.  The wind and rain did damage to the tents and the vendors that were hoping to make more money for the fight against cancer.  Our team captain, Kim, had done so much work for this day. She even took off of work to do it.  It was cancelled after the deluge of rain and wind swooped in.  Jack and I got there right after the storm had moved by, but another was on the way so the event was closed down just to be on the safe side. 
Hello nasty looking sky.
Kim was packing it up.  We are going to do some of the final fundraisers at the hospital in the next few weeks.  We have until August to turn in the final amount we raise. She lost a really cool looking pink tent that she was so excited about.  I hope it can be repaired.
The idea behind "Relay for life", in case you didn't know, is to walk the track in teams for 24hrs. while fun activities and food and music is going on all around the track. It's a great community gathering to do something to bring awareness to cancer.  It's such a touching moment when the survivors walk the track first, then head over for a free dinner to celebrate.  Our sweet Donna was there (even though I missed her!) and I hope she enjoyed the time for just a bit before it was over!
Luminaries are set up all around the track with candles inside and the names of people who are being honored or being remembered in memorial. That's another very "misty eyed" moment when the names on the luminaries are being said over the loud speaker while everyone walks in silence in the dark carrying candles with the lights from the luminaries glowing...on the bleachers the word "HOPE" is spelled out with lighted luminaries too.   I wish every one of the bags had only survivor names because that would mean cures have been found to end this horrible disease.  As you can see from this pic, the rain ruined sad.
As this sign states, "there is no finish line until we find a cure" we will walk again next year and if you see a "Relay" event in  your neighborhood...usually around a high school track....please stop and visit.  Buy a luminary to honor a friend or loved food or raffle tickets to help raise goes to a good cause.  I have too many family and friends who have gone through treatment...some are survivors...some, unfortunately, are not. So let's keep walking!
This is where cancer really needs to be....flushed away for good!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, YaYa! As you so vividly described it, the Relay For Life is a powerful event. I am terribly sorry to learn that storms forced its cancellation this year. In a way this setback is a metaphor for the ongoing difficult struggle against cancer that so many individuals and families continue to face. Here's an idea for you. Contact the news media and tell them what happened. They might run a story on the news or publish a piece in the paper. When the community is made aware of your misfortune and the fundraising deficit there could very well be an outpouring of support and contributions that exceeded prior expectations. I worked in television news and I can tell you that assignment editors are always on the lookout for stories of this type, the chance for the station to look good by getting involved in a worthy cause. It's worth a try.

Julia said...

So sorry that the event was cancelled. So much work to organize. I just hope that it will even be much bigger and better next year.

Such is life with farming. We've had so many set backs that it's hard to go on sometimes but we just keep going.

I'm glad that Donna got to do her run. She a tough lady.

Hope that tomorrow will brin some sunshine.

Sweet Tea said...

The weather has caused so much angst & pain this year. And what a disappointment for all who planned and prepped. "C" is the one thing we can all agree on - IT NEEDS TO BE GONE.

Stacy Crawford said...

I hope people still donate to the cause. I'm sorry your friend lost her tent. What a bummer. May

Stacy Crawford said...

maybe they can continue this before the fireworks in July?

rosaria williams said...

I'm so impressed! You guys rock.

Cheltz said...

Oh darn! I know you needed the rain, but it's too bad it had to happen on this day. I hope you get your money raised and everything repaired ok!

karen said...

What a wonderful event, despite the rain. My company has similar fundraisers for cancer in all different areas of the country, and I always like to help out in some way when it's in my neck of the woods. When you have a family member or friend who is touched by this awful disease (in all its many forms) the battle gets personal.

Paul Forster said...

Had the good fortune to participate in Relay For Life a few years ago. A wonderful occasion and cause to be involved in.

Kay G. said...

We also have a Relay for Life here and ours was cancelled once due to bad weather, it was lucky that a tornado didn't happen that night, it was so scary.
It's a wonderful event, and it is very moving the candles spelling out the word "Hope" and the cancer survivors walking with their purple shirts.
At church when they were promoting Relay for Life, our priest asked how many had had loved ones who had died from cancer, I think every single person there raised a hand.

Kim said...

Aww, that is such a shame. Organizing those events are so much work and planning to have it cancelled. Our Relay is this coming weekend. I always hope it will be warm. When the survivors do their victory lap, I lose it every year. Just can't stop the tears. It is such an emotional sight.