Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hop On Over For Some Fun!

I can't believe it's Thursday and I'm just posting about last weekend's events....whew, it's been a bit busy at the Pines. We're working outside like crazy demons to get the yard ready for a graduation party on the 29th.  I decided to also have an above ground pool again.  We got a new one, but the spot needs to be leveled and poor Jack has been working hard to make that happen.  Then let's throw in work and babysitting off and on for the kiddos..well, you get it!  So here are a few shots, starting with Friday, of our weekend gone by.   Jack went camping with the Boy Scouts at a cabin that the troop built from scratch... they've been working on it for 4yrs.  Derrick, the owner, has also been working on it and they christened it on Friday night.
See those trees across that field? The cabin is in those woods.
It's good to have one of these to haul all the "stuff" Boy Scouts need to camp.
Viola!  It's not complete, but it's getting there. There's a whole story about building this and what was's been an adventure! I'll have to have Jack do a guest blog spot to tell it!
The leaders actually slept in the cabin and boys slept out in their tents.  The cabin will be great for Winter camps and it even has a wood stove inside. 
This was not at the campout! On Saturday we really got things "hopping"! If you take one of these blowup monsters...
It was ginormous!
Throw in a bunch of ankle biters....Add screams, and laughs and a couple of birthday's a PARTY!
Our Granddaughter Lexi had her birthday in May, but wanted to wait to celebrate it with her best friend Mackenzie who also turned 7.  So they had a combo party at the Pines. We set the tables up under a shady tree and threw in a bunch of balloons...some presents...
Hey, come back with those gifts! (Lexi's Dad, Phil)
Happy party a kid sister named Addy!
A very cute...Little Mermaid...cake was a big hit as well as tons of good food with old and young in mind!
Don't forget the birthday girls....Mackenzie on the left and my Grandkiddo, Lexi, on the right...Happy Birthday girls and thanks for a "hopping" good time!


Shady Del Knight said...

Happy birthday, girls! Lexi, it's just a shame that your daddy, Phil, was a meany and ran away with all the presents! (LOL) I don't think I ever saw such a pretty cake or such pretty young ladies before. Did Eddy get inside that Disney blow-up thingy with you? I'll be that was great fun.

Dear YaYa, it's wonderful to see everybody in short sleeves and to know that the polar ice cap in your neighborhood has finally receded or perhaps completely melted for the summer season. :) That cabin in the woods is quite impressive. I belonged to the boy scouts and remember how much fun it was to get away from home and camp out. Thanks for a very entertaining post, dear friend!

acorn hollow said...

looks like a lot of really fun things going on in your life and yard. We always had a pool but not since moving here. Husband said we have the lake that's enough well not in my yard I don't
happy birthday to the birthday girls.

gin said...

happy birthday girls! and you sure know how to throw a birthday party for them. fun, fun, fun.

Julia said...

You sure know how to throw a great kid party Yaya. That inflatable thing must have been the bomb for the kids. I bet that you got right in there with them. lol.

That's a neat cabin and it's great that they will be able to use it in the winter.

You are such a great grandmother to do this for the grandkids. I love the spot under that big tree. You sure are making some great memories for the kids.


Stacy Crawford said...

I love that Little Mermaid cake. Super Cute!

selvageedge said...

Did you make that cake? It is adorable. :) I love the bounce house and I bet the kiddos did too. Awesome party, Yaya!
And I'm looking forward to Jack's guest post. :)

Willow said...

Your family always finds ways to have so much fun :)

Sue said...

What fun! And that cake is gorgeous!!


Donna said...

LOVE the new header pic and page change!! The ants take it all!!
Fun to see the barn you've been talking about. And the party...looks like a great time. Funny how our lives parallel. The cake is great!! You'll have to tell me where it was made.
Keep in touch...I had to laugh about the call yesterday...sorry, I think I "butt' dialed you with message!

Munir said...

Looks like a lot of fun.
Happy Birthday Girls!
Have fun with the pool. Happy Summer!

Cheltz said...

You have a great yard for a party! That cabin looks like a GREAT scout project! Our scouts built their own kayaks, which also seemed pretty cool.

Sush said...

Looks like a whole lotta fun going on at YaYa's! That party was a bouncing success I'm sure!
Loved scouting when I was young, even sleeping in tents which I seem to have outgrown, lol.
I'd come jump in your pool anyway...can't wait to see photos!
Have a great weekend, I'll be finishing up my first week shift with the twins fairly soon. I've promised a week on a week off for as long as I the rate it's going it may be one more rotation, lol! They keep me hopping! But having a blast!


Nonnie said...

Yaya, as usual, it looks as though you serve up lots of love and fun at your place and you have the gift of hospitality. It has to be that you do because you have so much other stuff going on.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a dear sweet Lexi to wait on her best friends Birthday so they can share it.
As always her creative grandmother knows how to make it all happen.
Love these pictures of the party and of the boy scouts cabin.
They must be really proud of their new space and they well should be.
Hope you don't over do it getting ready for the upcoming party.
I am home babysitting my hurt kitty this weekend missing my own Birthday bash at the beach. Something not right with this picture. lol
Love ya

Paul Forster said...

Like the birthday photos and the Little Mermaid cake.

Christina said...

Oh fun! That is so sweet that they were able to have a bff party! I love the Little Mermaid cake!

Sweet Tea said...

I'm so impressed that the Boy Scouts are building that cabin - FANTASTIC skills that the boys will keep for a lifetime! I absolutely LOVE me a good party and that birthday party was one to LOVE. Both the birthday girls were adorable, as was the little sister. I could go for a Little Mermaid Cake, too. You "got it all goin' on", GF! The Summer fun has begun!!

Jenny Woolf said...

What a stunning cake! and those bouncy castles (as we call them here) always go down well.

Kay G. said...

What a great idea, to wait and celebrate a birthday with a friend!
Love the Boy Scouts, LOVE them! I MISS my son's Boy Scouts days!!

I want to have MY birthday party at The Pines!! xx