Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Seriously, 2013?

I can remember when I was young and thinking about the future. Thinking that when I was older we'd be driving around in super spaceship type cars...flying to the moon for vacations..(but who'd want to vacation there anyway?) The thought of the year 2000 was mind blowing. Wouldn't life be so different from 1960? (when I was just a fetus..OK, so I was 7....)  Just seeing the numbers and realizing what is different from my childhood does make me blink a few times. The TV shows are disgusting and vulgar...(except my favorite Parenthood, HGTV, Food Network, and Hallmark channel). Cars today are OK, but the ones from my childhood were pretty cool. My first car I bought myself was a brand new 1972 Chevy malibu and it was awesome. Gotta love the computer and internet.  I do love cell phones for only one or maybe two reasons. Safety...and when I'm on call.  I remember the days of getting paged and having to find a phone somewhere if I was out and about to call the hospital back.  Running into stores, schools, friends homes...anywhere to borrow a phone. Whew, cells are good for that but I hate listening to others conversations in the check out line or other public places and when people don't turn them off in church, or a movie theater, or other public places. Microwaves, icemakers in the fridge door,  video games, ipods, ipads, tablets that take the place of a book, tennis shoes with wheels on them..wait, we had those only we called them roller skates, coffee that came in only one flavor..coffee..black or with cream and sugar, hamburgers that weren't bigger than your head, french fries in sizes that weren't bigger than your head, pop with sugar, (funny, we were all thinner before sugar free was invented). I'm sure there are many amazing inventions I've forgotten.  I'm grateful for medicine advances but miss the family Doc who actually knew you from the cradle to the grave, looked at you when you were in the office, handed you a sucker if you were good and didn't take a co-pay or a whole week's paycheck when you left.  So what's my point? I guess I'm blown away at how fast time has gone, how the good 'ol days weren't always that good, but the new and improved and faster and shinier days of today aren't always that good either.  Do kids still play "ghosts in the graveyard" or "statue maker", or smear the...well, never mind about that one..or do they all just have the hand held video games that take the place of the outdoors? I hope not.  Today I spent some time away from technology by taking a walk in the Creepy Woods to enjoy the cold, crisp air and the scenery:
I took this guy with me:
He does like to put his nose in the snow!
We cut open the Greek New Years bread...can you see the coin? It was in Jack's slice, but I saw it when I cut my slice so we're sharing the good luck. Isn't that how it should be anyway? Good luck and Happy 2013...Seriously, 2013? Mind blowing!


Kim said...

This afternoon we were discussing how kids don't know how to play anymore without computers or hand held games. Today if you sent them outside to play "un-plugged" they would be lost. Yes, the world has changed quickly. Can't even begin to imagine what's in store 20 yrs from now.


I've been thinking of doing a similar post about how things have changed since I was a kid.
Mind boggling!!!
Thanks for getting Vada Faith. Trying to give away lots.
PLEASE if you will after you read the book leave a brief line or two of your thoughts. Actually reviews help the books. THanks much.
Plus I look forward to your comments to me. Blessings. Tell the girls at work. Free all day tomorrow.

Mrs Catch said...

Gotta love home swimming pools in the Aussie summer. My kids would live in there if they could! But we love our 'puters in the air conditioning too. Gorgeous snow shots. Looking at them makes me feel cooler already.

Munir said...

It is mind blowing for sure.
I remember that my son ( then five) got upset when 1979 was ending saying that the seventies will be no more.

Sue said...

What a cool posts with lots to remember and think about.

And I, too, can hardly believe it's 2013. Freaky!


Kay G. said...

I am still waiting to fly around in cars like the Jetsons.

I write HA HA instead of LOL.

I say Two Thousand thirteen, instead of Twenty Thirteen.
I say "You're welcome", I don't say, "no problem".
I am old!

Stacy Crawford said...

I like french fries in sizes bigger than my head! LOL

This was funny, and no the kids don't play those games anymore. You should teach your 11 year old scouts. :)

karen said...

I remember so many of the same things you do, because I was only 7 in 1960 too! So many wonderful things have come to be invented or created, but like anything they have a flip side and potential for bad. Funny - I remember our family doctor. He was almost a family friend, and I missed having that kind of relationship with a doctor when my own kids came along. We had Kaiser, and the price was right (especially for all of the freakish broken bones and surgeries my kids had) but warm and personal it's not! So now it's 2013 - let's see what amazing things we see this year. Stay strong, and we'll all work for the good.

Sweet Tea said...

Enjoyed the thought-provoking thoughts in this blog. Lots of changes - some for the good, some for the not so good...Glad you and your dh are sharing your good luck!!

Nonnie said...

Oh, how well I remember reading the Weekly Reader at school and seeing pictures of us talking to someone on the phone and being able to SEE them! That is happening these days and while I love seeing our grandkids on Facetime, I'm not fond of seeing us on it! Good and bad, huh? Loved this post. So many memories. Things have changed, but some don't. Our kids love to play outside - that is their preference. But once their inside, they love the iPad.
Love your creepy woods.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I was just talking to a coworker this morning about how amazing it is to think that it's 2013. Great blog!

Julia said...

I How fun it is to remember and compare the good old days. remember the hair styles with carefully combed hair and the the hair teasing and hair spray.... Wasn't that a riot?

Yeah, the year 2000 seemed to be so futuristic with flying cars, hahaha. I wanted one of those.

Gay meant happy, black and white photos were good enough from our Brownie camera. fPeople wrote letters and it cost a few pennies to mail it. I remember drive in theatres, home cooked meals made with tender loving care every day.

Kids were polite, everyone worked hard and there were no strikes, no shooting other than in the cowboy movies. Nobody worried about fat in the fish and chips and smoking everywhere. Yuck...

Oops, I got carried away. It was kind of entertaining to go down Memory Lane. Good blog fodder.

Cheltz said...

The year 2000 was the future -- and now it was 13 years ago!

Christina said...

Yeah it does go so super fast! Each year seems to get faster. It was so great to see you. I'm grateful for your friendship.

Hilary said...

Ahh but I think these still are the good old days.. just not for us. The good old days belong to those who grow up during them. Our kids will remember them quite fondly.

And speaking of such, I can remember my Greek childhood friend Areti's mother making that bread. Yum!