Saturday, January 12, 2013

Help Me, I'm Melting!

Just like the Wicked Witch of the West..or was it the East? I forget...Anyway, this is all that is left of our tons of snow and cold from the last few weeks! It's all melted. This week it slowly started to thaw and today it was in the mid 60's so nothing is left. Only green:

Just to give you a perspective on how little this ice piece is..or I should say, was, here's the way it looked on the deck this morning.  Of course then I could see how dirty the deck is!  Well, when Spring comes and the temps are really in the 60's to stay that will all be fixed. Until then I'll just enjoy this teaser thaw.  On Monday they are calling for cold and snow again. Yep, gotta love it when you get these little gifts of warmth! So I decided to do a small project I've been thinking about for a little while. I took a couple of old chairs that were in the garage and cleaned them up, sanded them and painted them for a place that I'll show you  at a later time.
I took this old chair that used to be in Jack's fact he said it's probably about 50yrs old because it was in his Dad's office and then it was still there when Jack started practice back in the 70's until a few years ago when we updated the office waiting room. Now it looks like this:
I actually did 2 of them and I already bought some pillows on line today that will sit nicely on them. I hope my plans come together as nice as they have in my brain! I'll let you know! Now I must blog about this other fun thing that came this weekend...My blog book for 2012!  I put it all together and Friday it was here all published and waiting:
I now have 4 books. The first year I did this I combined my first 2yrs of blogging into one book.  I now blog too much to combine the years!  This has become a great way to journal my life.
It's fun to look back and see the events and times spent with family, friends and also my time spent at work. When I look it over and thumb through the pages I can't help but think of  the line from one of my favorite movies, "It's a Wonderful Life"...."See George (insert Kathy here!), you really did  have a wonderful life!"


Cindy said...

Yes, we melted too! It was prettier with the snow! Love the chair -- the black looks great!! Do you have a recommendation on blog books? I've never done mine.

Kim said...

Send the thaw this way please! I have lots of chunks of ice left in the yard to keep your lonely little piece company. The chair looks fabulous. What a difference!

Sush said...

Yay...I'm happy to announce I'm now able to join our world of blogging again. My somewhat forced somewhat chosen hiatus is over. I'm going to enjoy catching up on your posts and not having to squint at the iPhone screen now and then.
Enjoy your warm spell and can't wait to see what you do with pillows!

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! Your little piece of ice gave me hope that our backyard will look like that after today. We still have PILES of snow even though the temperatures went up to the 50s yesterday! They're suppose to go back up today and tomorrow, and....rain!! Maybe it'll disappear then....And I sure wish I could afford to put my blog years in books! But I talk waaaaay too much to be able to afford it!! LOL

Sue said...

The chair looks great, and so does the new blog book!

I have 13 of them now. Pretty crazy, huh? Someday, I hope my posterity will get a kick out of 'em.


Nonnie said...

Great job on the chairs!! Really like the blog books. What a cool thing to do! (I like the way the scenery looks up your way, whether green or covered in snow.)

Julia said...

Hi Yaya, I love what you did with the chairs and i'm looking forward to what's next.

Our snow is going down too but not to the extent that we can see the green yet.

I've been wanting to get some books printed but i was wondering on the cost as I have so many pictures. I supposed that I would have to remove some of my gadgets on the bottom of my blog as I would like only one page of those.

What is the limit of pages per book?
Maybe you could email me

Take care and don't melt awat too.

Julia said...

Away...dont melt away too. lol

Stacy Crawford said...

Nice looking chairs! We liked looking at your book.

Christina said...

I love my blog book, too! (Sandy got it for me.) I'm going to put it in our fireproof box. We've had a warm front here, too (75 degrees,)but it will cool down tomorrow. I'm glad it's cooling down though because if it's 75 in January, what will it be in July? :/ Yikes!

Darlene said...

Yes, now I am definitely going to have my blog published too. It will be so much nicer and easier to read in book form. Yours look wonderful!! I too am going to wait for two years to do mine. I am posting less than I did when I first started, but it's funny, once I start, those posts seem pretty long, when I claim I don't have much to blog about.

I loved seeing your deck with the one little tiny bit of ice?, snow? on it. It was a nice thaw. We are feeling the cold here today. It was 47 degrees today after church and it was wonderful to get home to my nice warm home. I just hate being cold.

I love what you did to that chair. It's amazing what a little t.l,c will do. The added cushions should make a nice little comfortable place to sit, indeed! I used to spend a lot of time refinishing furniture by hand. I had some pretty nice looking pieces too. Now I'm wondering where they all went???? I used to love to go to used furniture places and look for a "find". I was never sorry about the outcome. I know where a lot of the pieces are, all I have to do is visit my kids and I can usually find one or two.

Life 101 said...

It was almost warm enough here in Alabama to swim a few days ago but then the rain came and now the cold moved back in.
We walked this morning with our Irish rain jackets. I call them that because we bought them before we went to Ireland several years ago. It's funny because it didn't rain once while were were there :)

Cheltz said...

Lucky! We're in the negatives here! Super cute chair too!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey the only way I want to see chunks of ice are on the internet. lol
I have been hiding upstairs today because of it being 37 all day but feels like 27 in this ole farm house.
Your chair turned out really nice. I have pieces to paint but have put it off because of the rainy weather we keep getting here.
Hope your not working too hard and staying warm.
If you could see my front porch you would not think your porch was dirty.
Love ya

Optimistic Existentialist said...

It was 70 degrees here Saturday and 30 degrees

Kay G. said...

It was 63 degrees this morning, but tonight it will be 29 and it is snowing in North Georgia. (It might miss us just south of Atlanta.)
Kathy, I LOVE "It's A Wonderful Life", I quote from it ALL the time.
"Well, you look about like the kind of angel I would get." HA! Said with such disgust and conviction, I love Jimmy Stewart in anything, but ALL the actors in that movied were PERFECTLY cast. Don't you think?
I like the black chairs, please, come to my house, I need home decor help!

gin said...

Hi, I am over from the blog hop. I also did blog books of my family blog. I am enjoying strolling thru your blog.

Jennifer Shelby said...

visiting from the blog growing party. I too keep a paper version of my blog - two copies, one for me and another for my daughter when she's grown. I don't trust my tired mum-brain to remember all the wonderful details!

111 LaLa Lane said...

Hi, I'm visiting from GYB. I love that your grandkids call you YaYa. Mine call me LaLa. Your idea of making your yearly blogs into a book is fantastic. I would love to do the same. How do you go about doing that?

You can either visit me on my blog or email me at Sure would love to hear from you and I would greatly appreciate the info.

I'm now your newest follower.