Sunday, July 1, 2012

Balloonacy Weekend

This weekend was Ashland's Balloon Fest. We were to have many things going on from Thursday to Sunday morning. No one informed Mother Nature that rain was not wanted...except secretly we were really happy that rain did fall. The Fest was a balloon bust as strong storms with high heat blasted us off and on. In between the sun was shining but very hot and humid. A perfect storm so to speak for nastly weather. The best day was Saturday afternoon and evening.Saturday evening the weather was much better for balloon flying and finally they were able to give what everyone was waiting for all weekend. We were lucky that the winds blew them in our direction. As they approached we really hoped they would fly over. We weren't disappointed. We had family from out of town visiting and I have many other parts of the weekend to share but I'm starting here and will finish tomorrow. But since this was the celebration that Ashland looks forward to every summer I will show you the balloonacy that did take place.
I love this balloon. The design is so cool. It was great fun to have them all fly over the Pines.
Here comes another one!
Oh wow! Right over our heads.
What brought us all out to the end of the driveway? What was so interesting? Take a look at the next pic.
This balloon made a landing in the field right across the street.
After the balloons were gone the fireworks in the backyard began. Or maybe they were just sending up smoke signals? All I know is Eddy the boxer curled up in a ball and hid in the basement until the booms stopped.
Raspberry picking was on the docket this afternoon. I can't wait to make my first batch of jam! Sophie and Katie were good pickers.

Part of this weekend was a mini reunion for my 2 older boys with the sister of their best friends in high school. This fun family moved in when my boys were teens and the boys and girls formed quick and lasting friendships. They converted one of the girl's friends to the gospel. The sister was here in Ohio visiting and they all gathered with their own children at the park to catch up, talk high school memories, take pictures and enjoy each others company. I enjoyed a quick blast from the past seeing all of them laughing and talking about their lives and their children. All of them have beautiful kiddos..I can say that since 7 of my 9 Grandkiddos were there! Here's a group shot of the kids.
Here's the group shot with the parents who created all this! Can you pick out the Moms and Dads from the kiddos? I can't believe time has flown by this quickly.
Right after the group shot a storm blew in and we all took shelter at a pavilion. The rain was torrential! The winds blew in much cooler air too. Too bad it takes a huge storm to cool us off. Unfortunately it was another blow to the balloonfest weekend. There was to be a concert in our park that everyone looks forward to each year. We needed this rain but it sure ended the festival finale.
The end of the storm brought the gift....a lovely rainbow to end a crazy weekend of family, food and balloonacy!


Stacy Crawford said...

What a great time. It was good to see Amy and Craig today at church. How exciting they get another new adventure.

PoetessWug said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend, Yaya....except for the rain and storminess and everything! We're having a kind of heat wave, so I know how weather can ruin a person's fun a bit. :-)

Kim said...

It would be great to have a balloon festival fly over your house. We had fireworks in town last night too. Millie glued her shivering self to my neck until they were over. What a baby! Lol

vicki said...

Wow- I'd love to witness a balloon festival--- it's a shame that the weather played havoc with the best laid plans. It's been crazy here-- We have trees down everywhere-- electric off in 3 states--- ugh!

Your family photos are so beautiful-- you are so blessed!

rosaria williams said...

First, say I to Donna for me. I've been worried about her and want to thank you for the update.

Now, these pictures are all terrific; but, the one with all the kids is just precious!
Enjoy the blessings you have right there in front of you.

Donna said...

We had balloons fly over yesterday too but you got much better shots than I did. Nice to see the kids who look like they had a great time. That Katie and Sophie just get cuter each year, huh? What a good looking bunch in the group shot! Glad you had a (mostly...except for weather) weekend!!

Sue said...

Those balloons are cool!

I like your title here, too...


karen said...

I love balloonacy! What a fun thing to watch, and I got a kick out of all your little swimmers. My daughter Katie used to teach swim lessons and had one kid who always said "No thank you" whenever he was asked to put his face in, jump off the board, etc. Your summer is off to a great start!