Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Sky's The Limit

This morning the sky looked like this. We had some wonderful rain yesterday and through the night. It was still raining this morning when we decided to head out to do our usual Saturday morning routine of groceries, farmer's market and general errand running.
We braved a misty, cool morning to get some nice tomatoes and peppers. But once I crossed the street and hit the market my sandals broke! Jack thought we were done and would have to drive back home for some shoes and skip this all together. Nope! I just went barefoot. He thought it was pretty funny. (He didn't realize he was married to a Hillbilly Greek...and someone with no shame!) No one else seemed to notice..or care. So I got what I came for and then we headed home for some footwear. But not before Jack thought it was a blog photo moment. I've snapped him plenty of times so I guess turnabout is fair play.
This was the farmer's market last Saturday. It was much drier and both my shoes stayed on! It draws a crowd every week no matter how sunny or wet it might get.
What does everyone want? Well, mostly this kind of goodie. Yummy fresh food from local growers.
You're sure to find someone you know..Awww..holding hands is so sweet..even at the market!
Rain or shine parking is never a problem for man or beast.
If the market isn't your thing, maybe seeing an angel flying through the sky will make you smile.


PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! I knew there was some reason we got along....hillbillies to our heart, the both of us! ^_^

Darlene said...

I loved that you went barefoot!! Loved the picture of you doing so too!

Your farmer's market looks like such a fun place to go. The vegetables looked so good. We have a street fair on weekends that must be similar. We go once in a while, but not often. When we have company, sometimes we'lll take them there. It is such a hastle to park and I have to go in the wheel chair these days, so it's not quite as fun when Dick has to push me everywhere. We have a farmer's market there too, but the fresh fruits and vegetables there are so darned expensive and really not that much better than the ones we get in Cardena's (a Mexican super market we go to weekly),

Loretta said...

Oh, how I miss the markets! I would have done the same thing, however, it happened to me once so, I always carry a spare pair in my car...jut in case! Those veggies really look good...wishing you a wonderful weekend!

acorn hollow said...

and you still have a smile.
I love farmers markets and the angel is amazing.

Kim said...

Haha, I guess I'm a hillbilly too because I would have done the same thing. If you can't go barefoot at a FARMERS MARKET there's something wrong!

Sweet Tea said...

You wouldn't be barefootin' here today or your feet would FRY! *105 here. Loved your photo and the fact that you didn't let the lack of shoes spoil your day. Way to go!

Julia said...

You are a brave woman to go barefeet. I love the picture of you barefoot.

I had that happen to me last year while I was walking down town but I couldn't see myself going very far barefeet because my feet hurt on hard surfaces. My sandles had those little strap next to the big toe and one of them let go when I twisted my foot slightly. Luckily my foot didn't got hurt but my favorite pair of sandals did. Most stores do not allow barefeet so I came back home like a sorry little puppy.

Having a spare pair in the car is a great idea.

We have a large Farmer's Market and it's such a busy place Saturday morning. I'm not fond of large crowds but when I want my Montagnolo cheese, I'll brave any crowds.

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, JB

Stacy Crawford said...

I love the hillbilly Greek. How exciting it is that you are not afraid to go barefoot. Those veggies looked great. I need to go more often.

I love that you did it with a smile.

No barefoot through Aldi's?

Melissa Chorba said...

It was fun to find your blog through Vickie! I love that you went barefoot, I think I would EVERYWHERE if I could get away with it. Where is the Farmer's Market? Is it every Saturday. I must go!

Kerri said...

It does look like an angel flying through the sky! I love going to the farmers market...but not in the rain! I love that you went would fit in great in our neck of the woods! ;)

joanne said...

Hillbilly Greek! how cute is that! You have a nice farmers market, I live in the middle of farm land and ours is rather pitiful. So is my garden..maybe there is a correlation. Have a nice Sunday.

Donna said...

Lucky you have CUTE feet!!!!!

Munir said...

The last picture truly describes the grace of God.
I hope that you were able to find a good replacement for your sandals. Favorite shoes and jeans are hard to replace.

Kent and Leisy said...

it's the farmers market- better to go 'au natural' anyway! I think the hillybilly greek part of you is one of my favorite parts!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Gosh your pretty even barefoot.
I love this pic of you. What a beautiful young lady you are and that smile is gorgeous.
Oh how I wish I had a market like this to visit on weekends. Would love it.
Honey wanted to come by and say hello and to wish you a very nice week ahead.
Love ya

Bonnie said...

We finally got some rain today! I stood outside and let it fall on me because it has not rained here since June. Yes -- June. Hello, drought! That picture of you is absolutely gorgeous. You are so beautiful! :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Hilary said...

Everyone should spend some time barefoot each summer. As to where and when.. sometimes those decisions are just made for you. :) Fun post.. I love farmer's markets. And that cloud image is lovely.

Judi said...

You are such a free spirit! More like a hippie than a hillbilly.
I smile just looking at your photos.

karen said...

I'm a fan of barefoot, and I have the rough feet to prove it, I guess. There are a couple of nice Farmer's Markets around my area and I'd like to start going to them. I love all of the beautiful produce and fun goodies there! That last picture of the sky is beautiful!

Sue said...

I love farmer's market. And bare feet!