Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Little This, A Little That

THIS is some of the things THAT happened today. This lovely lady is Stephanie and she is one of my co-workers who hails from our neighbors to the north: CANADA! In her honor and her homeland we had a celebration for Canada Day. (We will take any excuse to celebrate..especially if food is involved) Some of the food was eerily familiar..like Moose Sticks. I don't know, but with mustard and coney sauce it sure looked and tasted like a hotdog to me. Plus the package said hotdog and it was made in New York...Yep, takes alot to pull one over on this brainieack.
Stephanie made this lovely poster to educate us about her country.
Food native to Canada. No one brought syrup, bacon and for most of the workers who were very disappointed....beer.
A half eaten Canadian cream stick..NO, it wasn't eaten by me!
Someone made friendship bread because we all know Canadians are the friendlies people on the planet! Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian blogger friends!
This also happened today. I told you I was interviewed for our local newspaper's cooking column.."Cook of the Week"..well these pics are the result..and that's just sort of scary! I worry that the recipes won't turn out as good for the readers and then I'll have angry, hungry people knocking at my door..wait, I don't think they put my address in..or did they? I better go back and read it!

And to end the "this and that" post: This came yesterday: I won a Vera Bradley bag from Vicki at 2 bags full..(check out her blog from my sidebar since I'm an idiot and couldn't get the link to happen..it's really a fun blog!) That was the best surprise! Thanks again Vicki!


Kim said...

Mmmm, hickory sticks! Yummy. And nobody mentioned Tim Horton's coffee? That's mighty Canadian eh!
Lol. Happy 4th of July

Kent and Leisy said...

I LOVE dill pickle chips! and your fruity pizza looks delish!!! I am so impressed you were in the newspaper! You really are one of the most fun people I know!!

karen said...

Love your patriotic pizza! I'm sure everything will be delicious and people will want to knock on your door to see if you've made anything else they might want to try. What a fun Canadian party you had, eh? Love work parties!

Stacy Crawford said...

Neat stuff. I love the bag. I've been meaning to tell you, you look fabulous. That last pic really showed the weight loss. I need to get a copy of that paper!

Nice work. I've begun working on it. Switching over to water instead of so much pop and dropping the frequent fast food stops. Vacation always hurts, but gotta start somewhere.

Linda Hoye said...

I'm Canadian, and let me tell ya those ketchup chips are NASTY!

And as Kim mentioned, don't forget the Canadian icon Tim's!

Congratulations on winning the Vera Bradley. I do love Vera, don't you?

acorn hollow said...

Always a good reason to eat and celebrating our neighbors to the north is a good reason.
Wow that is one good prize a vera bradly bag!
Could you send me your autograph?
You are so famous! Looking fab!

Beth said...

It's so nice that you have fun parties at work. It gave me some ideas to maybe make this coming school year better--we have a new principal so hopefully that in itself will restore some good feeling to our high school. We really need to work on morale.
Your pizza is really snazzy--how fun you made the paper with it.

I enjoyed your previous post also--that certainly looks like a great weekend!:>)
I came via Abby's blog--was curious. You have a wonderful blog.

vicki said...

Hi girlfriend-- nurses really will use any excuse for a picnic-- believe me I know!!
You look fabulous holding that bag-- enjoy it!!

Congrats again for the newspaper feature-- they should just hire you to write a regular column!!


Beth said...

It's Becky's blog, "abby style home" not 'Abby's blog'.

Donna said...

Hey, the bag is adorable...lucky you!!
Since you are the best cook I know, the accolades were well deserved!!
As for the Canada Day fun...I gained a few lbs on those Moose sticks...doggone it!! Too many beans or Maggie tarts, I think. Happy 4th!!!

becky said...

fun place to work, you have and i'm dying 2 know what you put on a happy 4th pizza! have a happy fourth, kathy!

Sandi said...

Wow, YaYa! Congratulations for making the newspaper! How fun!

The Happy Canada party sounded like a hoot! You all sure know how to have a good time at work!

Hilary said...

Well that party sounds like it was a blast. I laughed out loud at "sorry" on her poster. We're always apologizing no matter who is really to blame.

Congrats on the article. That very cool. I hope your 4th was wonderful. I suspect it was. You know how to party in style.

justsoyouknow said...

Canada and US had almost the same patriotic dates. Indeed they are close neighbors.

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Kerri said...

Sounds like you work with a FUN group of people! And what a great picture of you and your husband! I'm going to ask my mom if she saw your recipe in the paper. Love your new Vera bag!

Melnee B. Benfield said...

You're famous! I wish I had seen that article. I had heard about it, don't remember from whom. You go girl!

jmac said...

HI!! I'm YaYa too!!! Your name caught my eye on becky's comment page and I just had to come look!
I'm curious how you came up with YOUR yaya name!!! Can't wait to read your blog!!

Sweet Tea said...

You're a CELEBRITY! Course we already knew that! How fun being in the newspaper!! Celebrating Canada Day is something I've never done. You girls who work together seem to have a lot of fun, which it seems would be necessary given the type of work you do.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Lucky girl! Have to say, I haven't had friendship bread in forever, and you've got me craving it now ~

Sue said...

Yummy pizza, and a great bag, too!

And I am quite sure no one will be complaining once they make that recipe!!


Darlene said...

It had to be an interesting Canada day for sure.

Your recipe's must have been very good. The fruit pizza looks absolutely delish. Don't you think it would be a good idea to share it with us, the recipe, I mean. Dick loves dill pickles, he eats them EVERY day. I'll be he would love the dill pickle chips, but I don't have any idea how to go about making them.

The bad is nice too. What did you have to do to win it?

Loved seeing your picture in the paper. I just wish I could have read the whole article.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

No you did not win a Vera Bradley bag. OH how lucky you are but well deserving for sure.
I love love the picture of you. Your such a cutie and it always surprises me on how much you look like my ex SL. I should send you her pics so you can see her and then you can keep them. hahaha
What a fun time you guys had for Canada's holiday. I keep forgetting theirs is right there with our 4th.
One day I am going to Canada. It's on my list of places to see.
Hope to visit again soon. I am in a blogging frenzy not being able to keep up with my friends.
Love ya