Friday, June 15, 2012


This past week and the week before were a flying blur! It really went by like a big SWOOSH! When Jack left for the raft trip I was anticipating a quiet rest of that week until he returned. But when the roof man called and said he could get the leak fixed a few weeks earlier than planned I just had to say OK..and the dumpster arrived. The next morning (on Friday last week) the crew arrived around 6:30am. I was just arriving home from work around 7:30am and they were already hard at it. It had been a crazy call night. I worked all day Thursday until 5:30pm and then got called back around 11pm and never left until after 7am! By a quirkie twist of scheduling fate, our OR had no surgeries because all the Friday Docs were on vacation. I'm so thankful because I hadn't slept in over 24hrs. and I wouldn't have been able to make the next 8hrs shift. But trying to sleep when someone is pounding on your roof all day isn't good either! They worked in a SWOOSH manner and were done around I did finally get some ZZZZ's. It also took me all weekend to recover. I felt like I needed to be thrown in that dumpster! This week has come and gone and after another mini crazy call night, I'm ready for the weekend!
The back deck was looking like something was going to be thrown into that dumpster!
The power tools they were using sounded very much like gun shots. Ed wouldn't even come out of the way, no how! The whole thing had him a bit freaked.
The finished product. We haven't had rain in a coons age so I'm hoping it's not going to leak anymore! I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
On Saturday night Jack got all cleaned up from the raft trip and we walked down our country road to our neighbor's house to celebrate his Mom's 60th birthday. Happy Birthday Jo! Here are a few of the cast of characters that showed her son-in-law on the left..Mike..her hubby Lloyd, my hubby Jack, and our friend Greg.
Jo's Mother-in-law, Estelle, is such a cutie! If I said she was 90, would you believe me? Well, you better because she is!! I'll have what she's having because whatever it is sure has made her beautiful!
Jo's son Adam (our neighbor) and her Sister-in-law Marla.
The Birthday girl, on the far left, enjoying a laugh on the back porch.
Take a deep breath...and enjoy being 60!
Now for my final entry at the end of a crazy week. Why is my coworker laughing her head off in the locker room? Why is our dear friend Donna laughing her head off too? Sometimes you just have to get a bit crazy!
Why is this coworker holding an adult diaper with, what appears to be something suspicious inside, laughing? Only a few will understand...and you know who you are. TGIF!!


Kent and Leisy said...

poor eddie! we need to come and see your new roof :)

Darlene said...

Sorry you had such a hard time while the roof was going up. I feel so sorry for Eddie too. It's a wonder he peaked out of the garage long enough for you to get his picture!

Oh my gosh, I just can't believe you had to work such long long hours......getting home and then having to go back the same night and work all that night too. I hope that doesn't happen too often.

That Estelle is pretty darned good looking for 90!! I'm wondering if she dyes her hair or wears a wig.

I forgot to mention that your new roof looks great. If Jack missed all that, he was lucky indeed.

PoetessWug said...

Looks like somebody's having a baby! ^_^ ..Here's hoping this week is less crazy for you!

Karen Whittal said...

What a busy week you have had, you must have been exhausted, I think Estelle has found the fountain of youth.... maybe she can bottle it and we can all buy some.

Sue said...

Looks good to see Donna in the background there!

Hope the roof holds, and happy b-day to your friend, who looks great.


Kerri said...

Your new roof looks great...hope those workers cleaned up afterwards! And I hope you get some sleep this weekend!

Stacy Crawford said...

When we do finally get rain it will be fanstatic to have that new roof.

I hope you are all recovered!

rosaria williams said...

I've been having days when pounding and crushing is all I hear. Sometimes you can't avoid all this mess. Glad your roof is repaired, and good to go.

p.s. next time, go shopping for a couple of hours or so, just to get a break.

Sandi said...

Glad you got your roof fixed. Did you get a new deck, or was it just buried? I should go back to look at the picture. Looks like a fun birthday gathering! Maybe life will slow down soon? Maybe?


We had a new roof put on once and it is NOISY. But I didn't have to sleep through it, thank heavens.
Your job sounds super super busy.
We are on the other end of the receiving, we usually are the patients.
R is finally healing. Wound pump is off his back and I'm doing the bandages. (Though I'm not much of a nurse!)
My pancreas is feeling so so and we are both hoping to be on the mend. Tired of hospitals. As I'm sure you are at times!
Have a great week end.

selvageedge said...

Your roof looks great and so does your neighbor's mother. :) Hope you and Eddie have both recovered.

vicki said...

Congrats on the new roof-- that's a sweet investment!!

Oh yes- I totally get the co-worker thing--- only nurses understand nurse humor!!