Sunday, June 17, 2012

Honoring Dads

I'm so glad we have a day to honor Fathers. I have been blessed with good examples of great Dads in my life. I'll start with my Dad. What a great guy he was. So funny, talented with music and writing and could fix anything that ever broke! He loved us kids and believed we could do whatever we put our minds too. He loved my Mom and I think that's one of the best things a Dad can do for his children is to love their Mom. He provided a home that my Mom still lives in today. He had 6 kids and his sons are wonderful Dads too. I miss him everyday and I sure wish he was still by my Mom's side. I was 23 when he passed away and I sure could have used his wisdom and strength many times as I was raising my own family with Jack. But I think he's watching from above and hopefully he's pleased with what his family has accomplished. Love you Dad!
Here's Jack today enjoying his Father's Day meal. He's been a good Dad to our boys and enjoys it when everyone gathers together for a fun meal, laughter and lots of noise! I'm thankful that I have him as a husband and Father to our kids. Love you Honey!
Here are some more good Dads I've had the pleasure of knowing. Of course I'm a bit biased since I helped bring them into the world! Our first born has 4 delightful kiddos...Driana, Summer, Anthony and Cameron (who was sleeping when this pic was taken). He's a really good Dad to them.
Our second son Craig is a good Father to his 3 kiddos, Katie, Taylor, and Sophia.
Number 3 son is a great Dad to his 2 girls, Lexi and Addy.
Jordan, #4 son, isn't a Dad..since he's not married we're happy about that. But he is a good Dad to his dog Eddy. It won't get him a crazy tie or card today, but I'll give him a shout out anyway!
The boys, minus Craig and family, all arrived with Grands in tow. I fixed all of Jack's favorite things...shrimp creole..okra and To make sure everyone enjoyed the meal I also had BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, salad and homemade icecream for dessert. No one went home hungry. These monsters sure didn't! Anthony, Driana, Summer, and Cameron claimed the kitchen table as theirs!
We really needed rain and when the rain finally came today it was a great relief. But the Grandkiddos had to find a way to enjoy the rest of the day. A movie, a blanket and full tummies made it a quiet ending.
Nothing better than a chair full of crazy, cozy, cousins! The day was great and I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!


Kim said...

Looks like the Dads all had a great day.

Stacy Crawford said...

Looks like you have a fun yummy afternoon.

Bonnie said...

Normally, we do something super special on Father's Day -- like last year when we went to the Wolf Sanctuary. This year, we had the Liver Life Walk on Saturday, so that was our special outing. I just love Father's Day!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Sue said...

A good day for the dads in your life.

You have such a great family. You are a lucky grandma!


Life 101 said...

I don't spend a lot of time of Facebook, but I spent more time on Father's day looking at all the pictures.
Looks like you had a great day.

Darlene said...

It sounds like a perfect Father's Day to me. Jack is so handsome!! His boys are too! I think it was wonderful for you to be able to have so many there to celebrate.

Our Father's Day was quiet. Our daughter Nikki and her husband, Perry, were going to come on Sunday but Nikki had an emergency call from her daughter and had to fly to Salt Lake to take care of my darling little Sullivan so we pretty much were alone all day. I about killed myself making his favorite dinner, meat loaf, baked potatoes, spinach and rhubarb pie. The rhubarb wasn't that great but it was all I could find, a little too old, but we enjoyed it anyway.

He did get a call from all five of the kids though, so that was fun for him.

So glad you had such a wonderful day.

Munir said...

Happy Father's day (and many more to come) to your hubby and you sons (including the unmarried one) I am sure he will too make a terrific dad one day as the other three are.

I have been reading blogs but for some reason I have not been able to bring myself to writing, lately. I am coming along slowly.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Prefect post honey for honoring the men and fathers in your life. Aren't we blessed to have so many wonderful sons. I am so glad that you married such a great guy like Jack. You did loose your dad very young. I know he though looks at you now and smiles at how lovely you have raised your family.
Send your son down here for Christi. hahaha
Love ya

Karen Whittal said...

Just love your family photo's you have a lovely family.. an unmarried son i have an unmarried daughter........ maybe we can become family after

vicki said...

Oh how lovely-- your family pictures are priceless! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!
Have a wonderful Sunday--

Julia said...

Sorry I'm late commenting Cathy. You have been blessed with great dads and great grandkids. What a beautiful family you have and i know that they are blessed to to have you around.

Thanks for your kind words about my niece Suzette. She had a smile that will light up a corner of heaven for sure. Her husband just adored her and will be lost without her.


vicki said...

Girlfriend -- you are the winner of my Vera Bradley give away -- the purse is YOURS!!! Send me your mailing address!!