Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Might Not Know This..But..

You might not know this but I have a Sister..just one. I sometimes think about what other woman do who have more than one and how they all get along. I'm happy with having just one. Since I have 4 brothers I really just need this one perfect Sister who's a best friend too. The other thing you might not know is we have designated places we stand when our picture is taken. It's been like that since she arrived in my life. The next pic will prove my point. I could have given a hundred photos to prove my point, but that would be stupid. Just trust me here.
Voila...here we are in our designated picture places. I'm so thankful I have a Sister that has stood by me all my life..and she's stayed on her side of the photos and me on mine. We get along the best that way!
You might not know this but I had a pony growing up. Atleast that's what I fantasized when the man with the pony and camera came around the neighborhood. I was sad to realize the pony was not staying. The hat and chaps were leaving too. The picture however has stayed with me forever. P.S...everyone has a pic like this so I fooled nobody all these years.
You might not know this but I have a weird hairline. I always have had this dented circle thing on my forehead. It's not as noticeable now...It didn't matter anyway back then. When your bad hair days were as frequent as mine, as demonstrated in this photo, any distraction was welcomed.
You might not know this..but I was in the circus. It's the only explanation I have for this collar that's around my neck. Seriously...what was I thinking? You might not know this but I always wanted bangs like my sister. She has straight hair. I don't. However, as this pic shows I went ahead and had bangs..and they are wavy and all the ironing and taping in the world would not make them straight. Unfortunately I didn't learn my lesson because I still sport them today..and yes they are crooked. Get over it.
The final thing you might not know is 59 years ago today I looked like this...and it's exactly how I look today...same hair cut and same chubby cheeks, same look on my face that seems to be saying: "Are you kidding me?" It's good to know that some things never change. Happy Birthday to Me! You might not have known that either!


Stacy Crawford said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!

I love this post...and the circus collar.

I love looking at childhood photos and seeing the little person in the adult I see now.

I hope you have a lovely day, make Jack take you out some where!

joanne said...

Happy Birthday to you! I have one sister too, and her name is Kathy, she's younger than me. And guess what...I have that same circle crop thing in the middle of my forehead and those same bangs...gah. I feel your pain. Have a great day.

Mrs Catch said...

Happy Birthday Yaya! What a delightful post. Loved your photos. I have only one sister too. She's been good to me. My sis is too shy to have her photo posted. Or her stories. It's a shame as she works in the most interesting places and has the most amazing stories. Hope you have a wonderful birthday with family and friends galore. Sending you wishes for a great year ahead.

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! Nice post, yaya!...No, I didn't know a lot of those things about you. But now I'm glad I do! ^_^ And I sometimes wish I only had ONE sister!! I have tons of them...and brothers too! It's a challenge being in a large family, but when it's working and everybody is getting along..it's the BEST!!! :-]

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday Yaya! I hope your day is fabulous!
I loved this post! It's so great that you have a sister that is your best friend. I remember those big circus collar shirts! You look so cute! I too wanted bangs growing up...and I was always trying to straighten out my curly hair! And you might not know this but...I lived in the next town over and no one ever came by with a horse for pictures!??

acorn hollow said...

happy birthday yaya! I had curley hair too and was always ironing and taping my bangs. It is so nice you are close to your sister.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Kath....and no matter what your hair history, you have cute, cute hair now!
The pics were fun to look at and you are right, it's wonderful to have a sister! Fun that you and yours stand on the same sides when photographing. Hmmm...I'll have to check mine.

Wander to the Wayside said...

That was so much fun! And I hope you have some fun on your birthday! Will look forward to hearing about it ...

Hilary said...

Oh what a fun post. Wishing you a very Happy Birtday, Yaya. And many, MANY more. Have a great one!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday. I laughed all the way through this. The circus collar - too funny. And the bangs - me too. Always wanted them, then cursed them because they were too think and wavy.
Have a great day birthday girl!

Sue said...

I love the photos and wish you the very happiest of birthdays!


selvageedge said...

Happy Birthday! For some reason I thought you birthday was the 29th so I'm glad I caught your post and straightened out my thinking. Straightening out my bangs is impossible, but my thinking is changeable. :)

Darlene said...

I hope you had a great birthday, Kathy. I loved the pictures you posted of you as you were growing up. You were really a cute litle gal which explains why you are such a beautiful woman now. I love your bangs, by the way.

This was such a fun post that I might try to find some pictues of me to post one day. I surely didn't have many pictures taken of me when I was young. We just didn't take many pictures in those days.

I was lucky to have two sisters and boy do I ever miss them. I am the only one left in our family. That's one thing that is bad when you are the youngest having to go to all those funerals. At least you have one sister. I know way too many people that were the only child in their family, and yes, they were all spoiled rotten.

I always wanted curly hair but mine was straight as string and I wore it in a Dutch bob, which I hated. You have such great hair!

Julia said...

All those things I didn't know about you and I didn't know that your name was Kathy and now I know. What a creative post today. I love looking at all those pictures and my, you were a cutie and still are.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kathy. I hope that you were treated extra special today. JB

CHERI said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) Love, love the pictures...old photos are just the best. Sure hope you (and your sister) have many more happy days together.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How did I forget your Birthday.
Makes me so mad at myself.
You and my son share the same Birthday so I should of remembered.
Please forgive me and Belated Happy Birthday.
I hope you had a wonderful day.
Loved all these pics and things I did not know about you. lol
I have the four brothers but was not lucky enough to have the sister. But plenty of sister-in-laws but not the same.
Love ya honey

Munir said...

Happy Birthday! May God bless you. May all your wishes come true. May God give you happiness and good health throughout your life. This is a cute post. I have been coming home from work and just plopping. I did not check the blogger. I will try not to skip days at least for reading. I hope that you had a fine day.