Saturday, February 18, 2012

Never Forgotten

I love this picture of my Dad. I'm not sure how old he is but I think I Mom said he was about 17 here. He looks not only handsome, but very happy. Just as he usually was when I was a kiddo. He had his moments of "not so happy"..usually associated with the antics of my older brothers! My Sis and I however always made him smile...Ha! Well, she would agree with me anyway! He looks very much like my younger brother Jim...especially the smile. Today he would have been 92. He died in 1976 at age 56. Taken too soon and he left a huge hole in the family that I don't think we have filled up, even with all the Grandkiddos and Great-Grandkiddos....Dad was one of a kind. The best kind. I'm very lucky to still have my Mom and I'm grateful everyday for her good health. But I know she misses my Dad too. She has his love letters that he wrote while fighting in WWII that I'm hoping she will have printed before the ink fades too much. They were written with his talent of putting thoughts to words on paper that could make you cry. They tell just a small tale of who he was. I blogged last year about him on his birthday but I decided to do it again this year so he's not Happy Birthday Dad! I know you're looking down with that great smile and hopefully are pleased with what you see in your family that misses you.



Beautiful tribute to your dad. What a handsome guy! Love the look. My dad died when I was two at age 47. Very sad to not have him in my life.
They leave holes that cannot be filled.
Thanks for remembering your dad as this gave me pause to remember mine.
Love reading your posts.

Sue said...

He looks like a wonderful person, and from what you say about him, he clearly was.

I'm sorry you lost him so young, and I'll bet you look forward to being with him again someday.


Stacy Crawford said...

I love that picture. I wonder if your mom would let you put the letters into a blog book or a shutter fly book. I bet several of you would buy a copy.

I think you inherited his writing talent.

Wander to the Wayside said...

"Death ends a life, not a relationship" ... so there's little chance that you would ever forget him! And I agree that you need to get your mom to print those letters - they would be a lovely tribute to him and their love story, as well as a treasure for generations of family who will never have the chance to know him personally.

Julia said...

Your dad was very handsome and I'm sorry that you lost him so young. Happy Birthday to him.
What a treasure that your mom has in those old love letters. I agree with the others that you should have these letters published for a family keepsake.

I managed to get your blog on my blog roll today but it wasn't easy to find. Have a great weekend. JB

Mrs Catch said...

So sad about your Dad. He was too young. So nice to read about him on his birthday. He sounds like a lovely man.

Kim said...

What a great post. Your Dad certainly was handsome. Its a great tribute to continue to be remembered years after passing. Treasure those old love letters.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh honey this is such a wonderful tribute to your dad.
I know you treasure your memories with him and I am so very sorry you lost him at such a early age.
My dad passed at 63 and I thought that was early.
What a great picture of him! He was a very handsome man.
Glad I came by tonight to see your dad.
Love ya

Loretta said...

This is such an endearing Post! You just don't hear words such as these especially from children nowadays. He must have been the tops and I know he is missed even to this day! Thank you for sharing this wonderful memory of your father with us. I will put it in this special place in my heart where I've put my wonderful dad's memories! Love to you!

Kerri said...

What a handsome guy...and he looks so happy too. I'm sure your dad is looking down and loving what he sees. I LOVE Stacey's idea about putting your dad's letters into a shutterfly book. YOu could then get your siblings and mom all a copy and she would be able to keep the original letters.

rosaria said...

My, what a handsome lad for seventeen! Each time you remember him, share your memories, all of us do a walk down our own memory lanes, appreciating the folks who are no longer with us.
He is and will be always in your heart.

Sweet Tea said...

Your Dad was a "Looker"!
I think it's so important that we "remember"
and appreciate those who came before us.

joanne said...

I try and post on my parents special days too, it's my way of keeping their memory alive and when the day comes hopefully my grandchildren will be able to read these things too.
Lovely tribute to a very loving dad who was taken much too young. So glad you have sweet memories to share!!

Pearl said...

You're right: handsome and happy. What a great picture of your dad!

And 56? That's too young. Way too young. I'm so sorry.


Donna said...

Guess I didn't realize your dads BD was so close to yours. His picture is very look a lot like him, I think. Your writing talent clearly is from him too...and your cooking and organization from your mom. What a wonderful gift to be able to read his letters! This was a nice post and touching tribute to him!

Sandi said...

What a loving post for your dad. I think it's a wonderful idea to post on his birthday in remembrance of him.

Is there anyone in the family with the time to transcribe the letters for your mom? That would be so fantastic, to have the letters for generations to come.

Bonnie said...

This is such a sweet, heartfelt post. I am so glad that you shared the picture of your father with us. He sure looked handsome. No wonder your mom fell for him.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Darlene said...

I loved reading about your dad. He was really a great looking guy when that picture was taken, so I'm sure he was a handsome man. Yes, for sure he was too young to die. My youngest brother, (nine years older that I) had a heart attack when he was 56. His best friend was his doctor, who worked so very long to try to revive him. It was a blood clot, probably because of his high cholesterol, which runs in our family. They could have saved him if they had only had all the meds and equipment that we have today.

My dad died when I was only 10 so my mom and I were alone a long time, although we did go to live with my sister when she broke her leg falling on ice and couldn't keep our boarders any longer. I really missed my dad because I had no grandparents either, just my mom and me.

Your idea about putting your dad's letter in some sort of a type written book of sorts, would be such a great legacy for all of his progeny. I only have a little bible verse that he wrote in my autograph book in his own handwriting and that's all. I guess my mom and he were never apart, so no letters. You are so fortunate he wrote those love letters to your mom.

vicki said...

YaYa- what a beautiful tribute to your Father. You have described him beautifully. I agree that your Mother should reprint those letters. What a story they could tell.

My Father is gone also and I miss him so much--
Love you-

Hilary said...

Aww a lovely tribute to your dad. What a smile.

Deb Shucka said...

What a wonderful photo of a man bursting with life and joy. I'm sorry you lost him so young, but your writing keeps him alive in some very real way.