Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mother Nature Pulls A Fast One

The weather had me fooled yesterday. It was almost 70de.! It felt like Spring...it smelled like Spring..it even rained like Spring. I thought maybe I fell asleep and woke up after Winter was over...no such luck. Today the temps are still mild..but tomorrow it will be a different story. Oh well, I had a right to be confused. These flowers sure are! They continue to bloom close to the house, even with the earlier hard frosts we've had. On top of the warmth, and rain we even had tornado warnings yesterday. Mother Nature is such a kidder!

With the warmer temps came the wind. The scarecrow was almost blown over...his little legs just flapping in the breeze!
I don't know if you can tell from this pic, but the tops of the pines are blowing in the wind like crazy. The pine trees are a great protection from the wind. When we first moved here they were not anywhere near as tall as they are now. We used to be able to fly a kite in the back yard..not anymore..they just block out all the wind!
These two pine cones were hanging on for dear life. No matter how hard the wind blew, they held on. Reminded me of Jack and I...the winds and storms have been trying to blow us here and there, but we're hanging on tight!
I braved the crazy wind and took a quick walk around the yard. When I got up to the Creepy Woods I noticed this pile of leaves.
Those leaves all used to be here under these bare trees...that is until the wind blow all of them into the woods...I laughingly thought: "Hey, God raked my leaves! Thank you!"
If you stand back here it really does look much neater..much nicer...but would expect any less of God than to rake such a nice pile for us?


Kerri said...

The wind must have blown all the leaves off your trees! We have some leaves in the yard...but most of our trees still have leaves on them. It seems kind of late for them to be falling! And your grass is so green!

Elisabeth said...

Mother nature is a kidder, as you say. Your garden seems wonderful and there's something in the way you convey the passage of time that I enjoy immensely. Thanks.

Donna said...

Yes...that Mother Nature is CERTAINLY a kidder!!! See my blog....!

PoetessWug said...

Enjoy the warmer temps while you can. You know it's not gonna last!! LOL And aren't pie trees great! ^_^ Nice photos Yaya! I felt like I was talking a little spin around 'your' backyard with you, like you always do when you come to visit my 'backyard'! :-)

karen said...

Yes, sometimes Mother Nature is just RUDE! Beautiful pictures - it's nice to enjoy what's outside no matter what it is, but pretty flowers make is particularly appealing! Loved those two little pine cones.

Sush said...

I sure would love to have my leaves blown neatly away! They are so thick yo can't hardly tell we have a driveway...tomorrow I'm out with the blower so when the storm comes in tomorrow night we have a new crop of leaves falling down! Hah!

Fall is still purty...

Sue said...

He definitely does good work!


Bonnie said...

Oh, my gosh! It was 40 degrees on Monday. It was 70 yesterday. It's 40 again today. I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS WEATHER. What am I supposed to do for fashion? How am I going to dress? I can't handle this pressure!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

Our weather here in Southern Virginia is crazy too -- hot one day, cold the next. The wind has been blowing the leaves away - finally our big green tree went from green (which is was during a freaky snowstorm that made world news) to color, and its leaves are blowin' in the wind!

Beautiful pictures! And I especially LOVE your header picture. I've loved dropping by just to see that!!
Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

Darlene said...

That must have been some kind of wind, but as you say, at least it raked up your leaves for you and put them in a very neat pile.

I actually hate it when the wind blows. I just don't like to be out in it one bit. It blows here pretty badly two or three times a year and my pool is a mess from it. Plus all the junk that flies around in the air gives me allergies. Still, a nice gentle breeze is always welcome.

Having said all that, I must admit that I really did enjoy the neat pictures you took of your yard.