Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday. Like many people I was up early, dressed and ready to hit the road..only I wasn't going shopping. My Black Friday consisted of gall bladders, a broken hip, wrist, hand and a patient who thought having a colonoscopy the day after Thanksgiving was a good idea...We don't usually do those in our operating room but he wanted to be completely out..asleep I mean. I guess his Friday was blacker than mine! Well, I don't ever go shopping on this day anyway. I can't think of one thing I would ever want that much to fight the crowds or lose sleep over! A few coworkers did head out early before work and had some tales to tell but they sounded pretty benign so I'm glad they were able to find gifts at a good price. This pic is of a gift from my hubby last week. I was having a not so great week and coming home to find these on the table did put a smile on my face. They were beautiful! I'm thankful for a great guy like Jack who always tries to cheer me up, or keep me grounded when I'm off on a tangent! Thanks babe, your one of the many things I have to be thankful for in my life. Well, I had a few things to get ready to make yesterday's meal something that would put a smile on everyone's face!
Thanksgiving dinner means getting all the goodies to put this meal on. With my trusty list in hand I headed out. We still had to make a run Thanksgiving morning for a couple of "oh, shoot, I forgot" items.
I made only 3 pies this year since we weren't having as big a group as usual. Mmmmm...more pie for us! Let's see, we had pecan, raspberry, and of course Jack's favorite..pumpkin chiffon.
Lexi was all smiles as she ate herself silly!
Addy had a meal that she said was "delishous"...
Last year for Thanksgiving we had a crowd of about 25..this year just these guys, the little girls and Eddy the wonder dog showed up..but it was a feast anyway and I was as tired this year as I was last year. Go figure!
After dinner I grabbed the girls and we hiked up to the Creepy Woods to work off that meal...we took Eddy too and he made sure we didn't get lost. In this pic I was showing them that if you get lost, just hug a tree and wait to be found. Can you find Eddy in the pic? How about just his stubby little tail?
We came down from our romp in the Creepy Woods and the girls couldn't resist playing on Jack's wood pile that is waiting to be split. Now, if we could teach them how to split and stack the wood instead of playing on it we would be happy campers!
Weather permitting, we always take our pumpkins that are left from Halloween and shoot them with arrows. Well, I shoot them with arrows, the guys usually get out the guns and take care of the leftovers after I'm done! I actually broke an arrow and my bow this year. I'm a tough cookie when it comes to archery. Of course using a bird bath as the pumpkin stand wasn't the smartest thing!
With the guns a blazing in the yard, Eddy found me up at the computer and sat as close as he could get until the shooting stopped. He was a thankful pup when it did! He gets so scared when he hears gunshots..I mean just look at his crazed eyes!


Donna said...

So sorry you had to be at work today!! I had a great day with Chels and Bryden even though we only shopped for a short while.
Your Thanksgiving pies look delish. Ours was pretty simple too this year. Some years you just don't mind even though you miss the missing. The pics of the girls are adorable! (OK the guys too...) Especially the one of Addie with a grin!!
You are always the winner when it come to "shoot the pumpkin" but breaking an arrow?? That takes the cake...or pie!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi sweet friend
I was wondering if you had to work for Thanksgiving. I too don't ever do the Black Friday shopping. As always I had to laugh about you saying that you guessed his Friday was blacker than mine. hahaha
You always make me laugh.
I totally understand what you meant about being just as tired as serving 6 as you were with 25. When I was cleaning up my kitchen yesterday I thought the same thing.
Your flowers are beautiful and I am so glad hubby knows what a great thing he has in his life.
Love the pictures of Addy and Lexi they are too precious and growing so fast.
Thanks honey for being such a good friend. I am so thankful for you

Darlene said...

What a bummer that you had to work today. Your Friday WAS a bit black, I think. Tell me, do you have any idea how that term came to be? BLACK FRIDAY, I hate the sound of that. I had never even heard that term until just the last year or so. Where have I been?

I think it was perfectly lovely of Jack to bring you flowers. Dick is a real sweetheart, but the closest to that he has ever come is to go out and pick me a beautiful rose and put it in my bud vase. He does that quite often and it does make my day! Funny how we women love to have flowers around. We both are blessed to have great husbands.

Lexi& Addy are so cute and I'll bet Addy was right when she said the dinner was delicious. (Her word was cuter but I forgot how you spelled it)

Thanksgiving dinner is really tiring as is all the clean up afterward. A few years ago, Dick and I did all the dinner for our whole family. After dinner, they all went into the living room and had a great time visiting and lazing around. Dick and I went back to the kitchen and did all the dishes and put them away. Why does it seem like we dirty every single pan in the place? Clean up is the very worse part of Thanksgiving. I went into the living room and got everyone's attention and I made an announcement. I told them that this would be the last time that we would have Thanksgiving dinner at my house. They would have to figure it out themselves where they would go. So, since then, it has been as Sue's. I still spend a lot of time in her kitchen and so does Dick, but at least now, there are four of us doing it as Dave is a big help too.

I didn't have to do any clean up this year. In fact, they wouldn't even let me go near the kitchen. I just made my mandarin salad and my candied yams. (I don't do the marshmellow ones, I do it with brown sugar, butter and a wee bit of water. Both dishes were a hit. We had a good time, but only went for the day. Matt and Heather's house is about an hour and a half drive each way.

I liked the picture of the girls playing on the wood. That looks like a fun place to play.

As for shooting the pumkin. I have never heard anything like this. It was bad enough to hear about you breaking an arrow shooting at the thing, but to actually shoot guns at a pumpkin? That was unusual to say the least. I must have lead a sheltered life.

Never did find Eddy's tail in the first picture but his eyes do look pretty crazy in the last picture.

All in all, it sounds as if you had a great Thanksgiveing, as did we.

Darlene said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea I was writing such an epistle. Sorry about that!

Life 101 said...

My dogs are with Eddy. One pop and they're trying to get in your lap.
That raspberry pie looks great.

Holyoke Home said...


Sue said...

Sorry you had to work yesterday, but I sure got a kick out of your post. The pies looked delish, the family friendly, and the activities unique (to say the least!) and entertaining.

Loved it all!


karen said...

Thoughtful husbands are priceless, aren't they? Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful, and I laughed out loud at the arrows in the pumpkin. I guess I never figured you for a bow and arrow girl - you're full of surprises! Even though you had to work, be thankful that you are you, and not your patients. I am thankful for good care givers like you.

Stacy Crawford said...

Ugh, anything with colons on Friday.... yuck.

I looks like you had a beautiful Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for your friendship. I hope you are doing well... I will help bear some of your burden if I can.

rosaria said...

Ouch! Just thinking of making all that food tired me out! Our entire family when we got together was under ten. I can't think of how to entertain all of 25!
We avoid shopping all together after Thanksgiving; too many people for my taste. I take the time to catch up on things I want to do around the house.

I still have the same challenges with the leftovers!

Kim said...

Even though you had to work - it sure would have been nice to get flowers! Thoughtful hubby. I love raspberry pie, but can never get around to getting one made because I eat the raspberries first.

Munir said...

Those two little girls are so adorable. The pies look yummy. I still have to come up with a healthy pie that my husband will like. My pie is yummy too, but no more hydrogenated fats for us , so the charm is gone.
I am sorry you had to work on Friday. I did too. I mean after seven years of having a three day Thanksgiving break, I had to work customer service. Audit is totally different. I had to be upfront this time as they could not hire enough people to be upfront. Oh well. Atleast I have today off.

vicki said...

Well- I know all about working the holidays~I took this Thanksgiving off - the first in 14 years! I usually volunteer to work - but now that we have grand babies - I think that is going to change. Your little grand daughters are precious - cutest little girls ever! You must so love every minute that you spend with them.

Your Turkey day looks like it was all about family - a less crowd is even better sometimes - everyone looks like they were enjoying that dinner. A romp in the woods afterwards is the perfect way to finish off the day!

Thanks for stopping by to see me when you have the chance. I don't know about you - but I can hardly keep up with my blogging friends!

Hope you are having a wonderful start to the Holiday season girlfriend~


Bonnie said...

Your Black Friday doesn't sound like it was as much fun as mine, but you probably helped more people than I did. I helped no one. I shopped for myself. Well, I shopped for other people, too, so I guess I am not THAT bad of a person. Right? :)
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