Sunday, October 16, 2011

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Thursday night Jack took this photo of a beautiful rainbow over the backyard of the Pines....I think today we ended up with the pot of gold right here! I had all the Grandkiddos and parents over for some homemade veggie soup, shredded chicken sandwiches and old favorite for dessert...homemade donuts! But first the little ones ran around outside between the rain drops and after eating they all picked out a pumpkin from the bunch I brought home yesterday. Then it was every carver for themselves! Who were the cast of characters? Well......
These two little nuggets...Cameron with his new glasses and behind him hiding is Anthony the big brother.
Addy and her Daddy...her Sis Lexi couldn't come because she was home sick. We missed you Lexi-Loo!
Our Son Jack was ready with the knife...geez, could you find a bigger one?
Cameron was ready with his big spoon for the clean out.
PawPaw was ready and willing to give a hand to help clean out the innerds....
Ahhhhh....pumpkin goo!
Summer had a pattern all picked out and she was ready to cut!
Driana and Summer really got into the spirit of the day...these two beauties are 3yrs apart in age and I think they look like twins! Driana is the older so that doesn't make her too happy!
This little 3yr old has the technique down pat for pumpkin cleaning out. Such concentration.
Anthony isn't letting his broken arm slow him down...the cast comes off this week, so I'm glad I got a pic of it for posterity...hey, the color matches his pumpkin!
Ta-Da!!! Can you tell which ones are the pumpkin faces? They're all scary!
After all the pumpkins were carved the gang was ready for a sweet treat. I'm sure everyone has made these goodies at some time in their life. My Mom used to make them when we were camping as kids and I've made them many times for my kiddos when they were little. They're still a fav around here. Using biscuit dough, hot oil and some sugar and cinnamon in a paper bag...fry them up, put them in the sugar mixture and shake, shake,'s a hit!
Summer is eating so dainty...not wanting to get any sugar on those pretty nails I think!
Addie needed some help with her sticky fingers...
I think all that sugar has gone to Cameron's head! That's Anthony on one side and his Momma Stephanie on the other.
With full tummies and carved gourds,everyone headed for home and all had smiles as big as "jack-o-lantern" has here. It was a fun day!


Munir said...

Beautiful family, beautiful kids and beautiful times. God bless them all and you and your hubby for being such nice grand parents. Pot of gold indeed. In my country they say that grandkids are a treasure only lucky ones get to enjoy:)

acorn hollow said...

What a wonderful day! and to finish it off with home made donuts I would say perfect.
you have a wonderful family.

Bonnie said...

Ahhhhhh, pumpkin carving!!! I cannot wait until Mr. A and I embark on this adventure. I haven't played with pumpkin guts in forever. Your family looks like they have so much fun all the time.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Stacy Crawford said...

I love pumpking carving night! I think I'm going to have to add the donut part. Love the biscuit donuts!

Sush said...

Oh I was already to write how much I love your witch legs and read Munir's quote about only the lucky ones get grandkids. I so agree!
The pumpkin party was a resounding success I can tell, but yes that knife looked more like a sword than a knife. En Garde you pumpkin!

Donna said...

I loved his post! It's fun to see all the kids and obviously they had a marvelous time at YaYa's. The girls sure DO look like twins! Anthony is growing into a guy already and Cameron looks adorable in his little glasses! Miss Addie is getting cuter by the day and looks so much like her daddy The pumpkins turned out well and your whole place looks like Fall. Love the berry wreath on your dining room light...cute! Did you get that idea from your new book?

selvageedge said...

Looks like a super fun evening--you are an awesome grandma! And oh my gosh when did Summer turn into Driana? I can't believe how alike they look!

Hope said...

fun fun fun! awesome post Yaya! love the photo's
thank you for sharing this wonderful time you spent with your family

take care!

Amy and Craig said...

SO JEALOUS!! Looks like so much fun!!!

Sue said...

What a great time with the family. Just looking at the pictures makes me smile!

And what a cute bunch they are, too.


PS. Homemade doughnuts and fall just seem to go together, don't they?

karen said...

What a great day - and your donuts looked really really good!

rosaria said...

Lovely! That's just what holidays are all about, children, traditions, laughter and food. You're are definitely a cool grandma!

Life 101 said...

Wow! Fall fun. Is there anything better? Love the pics.

Pop Champagne said...

ohh pumpkin carving!! that looks soo much fun :D

tattina said...

Yaya, it is so nice to visit your family in such a wonderful day!

CHULALA said...

perfect last line dude ,gr8 blog and photos bdw come thru my fashion blog n lets folloW Each other like twitter .

C h u c h u - c h u l a l a . b l o g s p o t . c om

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I just love your family. What a great post and the pics of everyone are toooo cute.
Days like this are just too wonderful and I am glad you shared it with us.
Hope your having a great week honey

CHULALA said...

gr8 blog bdw come thru my fashion blog n lets folloW Each other like twitter .

C h u c h u - c h u l a l a . b l o g s p o t . c om

Mrs Catch said...

Love your get-togethers. They look like so much fun. The kids are hilarious in the photos. Going to try those donuts too. They look delish.

Kerri said...

You are super FUN Grandma!