Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Picless Post...Random Thoughts

I can't believe I'm doing a post without pics..but I'm taking a short blogger's vacation to go to a seminar this weekend and I have a few things to get off my chest. Just a review of the past weeks..First I must admit that people who come into the hospital can still amaze or even shock me. I mean, seriously, are you kidding me? Example: Lady comes into our ER and says that there is something "down there" that doesn't feel right. Dr. looks "down there" and agrees..something is not right...there are 2 feet hanging out "down there". Moments later, after we are called to do a stat c-section on said lady, we deliver a bouncing 10lb. baby girl. Now, how does one not know one is prego with a huge kiddo? Lady has a 10 month at home, which explains alot. Poor thing must have caught a sperm right before heading home after delivering the 10mo. old...Example 2: Different pregnant people..."We want to take our placenta home and bury it in the backyard"...Example 3: The next day with a different pregnant couple: "We want to take our placenta home and eat it"...Being a true foodie my first thought was (before I retched)how does one fix placenta? Fry it? Saute it? Boil it?..Example 4: Cocky new Dad strolls over to view his brand new beautiful baby girl and says: "Crying already you little butt-head"...whatever happened to terms of endearment like "Princess"? I wanted to grab him and stuff the placenta down his throat..Deep breath...thanks for listening, or reading I should say. I feel better. But now I must comment on one last thing. A dear blogger friend passed away. Bernie from "Old? Who? Me?" died on Sept. 25th. I loved her blog and her spunkiness at age 85. I looked forward to her posts and her comments on mine. I know I never met her face to face, but by reading her thoughts and adventures on her blog I feel like we met heart to heart. Her Grandson wrote her final blog entry. I'll miss you Bernie. If anything ever happens to me, Donna at Starkey Hollow is assigned the task of writing my final post...however, after what she wrote for an employee recognition dinner about something that happened to me over a million years ago, I just might have to change my mind! So I'm off to New York and some time with Hubby, and don't get any ideas about crashing in at the's being guarded by my Sons Hoss and Little Joe (Jack)and they're packing heat baby!


Life 101 said...

I laughed, snorted, and recoiled all in the same post.
We live in a strange and wonderful world.
Have fun in New York. I love that city.

Sush said...

I was laughing up until the placenta experience. OH just gross and then I got so angry at the Father calling his newborn butthead. What an idiot. And the so touched by the grandson writing his grandmother's last post. How tender and touching. You had my emotions all over the map!

Have a great trip, you'll be missed!

Z said...

I understand the recognised way of cooking placenta is sliced and sautéed. I do have friends whose son and partner had a ceremony in the back garden where they planted the placenta (it had been bagged and frozen after the birth until they were ready to have the party).

I'm sorry to hear you've lost your blogger friend. We become engaged in each other's lives and sometimes speak more openly than we do to those we meet face to face.

Donna said...

Ha....yup, I forgot to tell you about that one...the recognition dinner! I was talking to the board member and Mr. B so didn't even hear the story but heard the laughter and was told it was a hit. Larry rolled his eyes when he heard that was my tale and told me to run up there and tell them not to read it. The rest of the table said it was a hoot so leave it. Head of human resources had a hard time getting through it without laughing, I'm told.
I'd be honored to write your last post but your assigned to do that for me, baby. I'm older and in worse shape, remember?
As for all the C-Section stories, you make me laugh with your writing style. That's your gift to me....always. Making me laugh. I need it...thankyou!
Have a great NY adventure and think of me working for you!

acorn hollow said...

Well I guess you do see it all! God help the little butt head that was going home with the big a--.
Have fun in New York

Wander to the Wayside said...

Strange indeed - the things people can come up with! And yes, Bernie will be missed by many of us...but what a great, long life she lived! Look forward to hearing about your trip.

rosaria said...

I admit, I never heard funnier situations! Enjoy your trip.

Sue said...

Have fun, Kathy. I will miss you!

(And those stories are classic.)


Sue said...

PS. Sorry to hear about your blog friend. She sounds like a neat lady.

Kim said...

LMAO Love it. A few years ago I was in recovery in the day surgery unit. I heard the nurses rummaging around and flipping out a bit. Then they called a man who apparently had just had a vasectomy and asked him if he had taken anything home.....He took the "medical waste" home as a souvenir......ewwwww!

Stacy Crawford said...

Okay, you meet some pretty interesting people....I wonder what the supersitions are? Just sayin' why is that a thought?

Have a great weekend.

karen said...

Aren't people just...unique sometimes? Yep - they are idiots and infuriating one minute, and then the next ones warm your heart. That's why I never give up on people. They're a constant surprise. Have a wonderful time, Kathy, with your hubs.

Mrs Catch said...

I also used to follow Bernie and was saddened to learn of her passing. She had a wonderful spirit.

The pregnant stories made me laugh. And throw up a little at the same time. There are so many different types in this world. Sounds like you come across a fair few of them...

I'd love to know the story that Donna told. It must be a good one! Enjoy your time in NY. I LOVE that place.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OMGosh do you live a crazy life. Well at work anyway.
Darn people are getting crazier every day that goes by.
Scary we all live in the same world with them too. hahaha
Enjoy your trip and I promise I won't mess with your kids since their packing heat

Darlene said...

It's great that you are going to be able to take a short vacation. I like to get away occaisionally for two or three days. Our trip to Dallas next week is going to last ten days, so I just hope I hold up that long.

It was so interesting hearing about your 85 year old blogging friend that I just had to visit her blog. She was just a year older then I am, you know. It was such an interesting one that I went back and read for quite a few blogs. I do wish I had known her before she died. I have been losing a lot of my contemporaries lately and it has me wondering how many years I have left. I hope I can hang on until my grandson, Todd, graduates from medical school. That will put me at 88. I actually feel pretty well except for the normal aches and pains.

I have a and Donna are such good friends and yet she is the one that lives in Starkey Hollow. Is that place for real? If so, is it named after someone in Jack's family?

I just couldn't believe your ER stories. Especially the one who didn't even know she was having a baby!!! How can anyone not know that they are pregnant? She must have been pretty heavy set before she got pregnant. Was she happy to have another baby so soon? Some people are so lucky that they can get pregnant so easilly. Others, like me and Sue's daughter, Karin, have lots of trouble. We adopted our first one after six years of marriage and then I had four the hard way. Karin hasn't had one yet but she has been working on it for a long time, about two years, I think.

The ones that wanted the placentas, Oh my gosh, I almost gagged at the thought of eating one, but burying it seemed like a strange idea too. Did you give the placentas to them? I didn't think such a thing would be allowed. Truly crazy.

The new father that called his beautiful child Butt-head has me a bit worried. I hope he doesn't become an abuser.

All in all, it was an interesting post, Kathy, but pretty darned weird too.

Darlene said...

Oh my gosh, I didn't realize this comment was so long. Sorry.

Karen Whittal said...

oh my goodness, I can just picture the scene, seriously how do you not know you are pregnant...... what would this world be like without the weird people.... boring

Karen Whittal said...

oh my goodness, I can just picture the scene, seriously how do you not know you are pregnant...... what would this world be like without the weird people.... boring

Bonnie said...

You know that TV show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant"? Yeah ... I thought of that when I read this.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Christina said...

Well have fun! Guess what, Kathy...we're totally burying my placenta under a tree or bush in the backyard! Well we ARE weird, what can I say?

PS I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your friend.

Hope said...

oh my! I love your posts!

have a wonderful time in N.Y.!