Sunday, October 30, 2011

Frost Bite

I woke up Saturday to a bit of a frosty morning. It's the first really hard frost we've had. However, compared to the East Coast that got slammed with a rare October snow storm, I feel lucky! I'll take crispy grass over a foot of shoveling white stuff any day.
The last of our peppers were left on the deck and they got a bit of freezer burn I think.
Look closely at our scarecrow's hat...a little bit of that frost settled there too!
Saturday morning Jack and I headed to downtown Ashland to check out a farmer's market that is just starting out. It has another location in a nearby town and they are giving it a go here. There was everything from the last of the garden produce...I grabbed some great looking acorn squash and some colored breads, honey, maple syrup and homemade peanut butter. All organic of course! A booth even had fresh chickens and beef. Looks like a promising way to get some great, fresh, organic and local goods.
The vendors set up in a parking garage in an old warehouse. They are planning on moving it upstairs after renovations are made. It was a bit chilly in there yesterday so I hope they can make the move before it's too cold!
Lookie's the Good Witch of sourdough bread...actually it's our friend Marylynn...and her wonderfully good sourdough bread!
Parking really isn't an issue..just watch where you walk!
When we came home I knew I had an afternoon of outdoor work pulling out all the frostbit plants. Before that started I had to take a little time to sit and read a new magazine and enjoy the fresh made chunky peanut butter we scored at the farmer's market and a delish apple.Mmmmmm...


Kim said...

Ooooh homemade peanut butter sounds so great. I've never tried that but I am a PB junkie.

Sandi said...

Loved the buggies! Frosty mornings are something I actually love. It's good to bundle up and feel the crisp air on my face!

Yummy sounding peanut butter!

Donna said...

We wondered how that would go and it look like it was successful!

Jilda said...

I LOVE peanut butter and apples!
the frost looks like a young snow, glad you had such a wonderful day!

Life 101 said...

Wow! That looks like a great place. One of our friends once had machine that made peanut butter out of roasted peanuts. It wall almost like a coffee grinder of sorts.
The peanut butter was scrumptious.
Y'all stay warm.

Stacy Crawford said...

I'm intrigued, what warehouse? I think I need some peanut butter too.

Hilary said...

What a fun collection of images. I love chunky peanut butter on apple. It's my favourite breakfast.

Darlene said...

Frost on the peppers! I would hate to have to be you when you go out to pull up the frostbit plants. Did you lose anything else in your garden? I guess it really is that time of year though.

Your new farmers market sounds very interesting. We have one here, but the prices they charge are astronomical, so we can't afford to shop there. I swear, I may try to plant some tomatoes this year. We tried it one year and they weren't so great. Our planting season is so different than yours. I think it is getting about time to plant though. Our gardener just planted a bunch of snapdragons, baby ones that are in bloom and blooming petunias. I am going to have to ask him about tomatoes.
There is nothing like fresh vegetables from one's own garden. I haven't experienced that since I was a small child.

Your peanut butter looks yummy. I am a peanut butter nut, no pun intended. I absolutely love peanut butter any way, in anything, or just straight for that matter. I also like almond butter and cashew butter. Makes me hungry just to think of it, and we had a big dinner. It is too late to think about a snack, but because it is Sunday, I am going to indulge in a little peanut butter and chocolate. Later.........

Sue said...

I love a good, crisp apple with peanut butter on it. Extra, extra crunchy!


Sush said...

Oh what a delightful day to go roaming! I'm afraid to go outside this morning and peek on my jade plant we forgot to bring in....

Happy Halloween~

Bonnie said...

When I heard about the East Coast snow, I was super jealous. I love snow, and I think that having snow on Halloween would be both the coolest and the weirdest thing ever. Time to break out the mittens!

By the way, how much fun would it be to go sledding in inches deep snow in a Halloween costume???
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Munir said...

We did get hit by Saturday's snow storm and had no power from Saturday three fifteen in the afternoon to Monday (today) ten thirty in the morning. We did get a taste of primitive life, no internet, no cell phones and no refrigeration.
Home made peanut butter sounds very healthy. You guys seem to have had a lot of fun.

Josh said...

That's the most adorable Scarecrow I've ever seen.

Are you actually attracting crows?

PoetessWug said...

That looks like a fun place to wander the farmer's market!...And nice frost you got there too! :-) I wish we had gotten that instead of being dumped with 8 to 10 inches of that white stuff!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Yaya...what happened?! I thought I commented on this post. I know full well I read it..but don't see anything..hmmm..I have this feeling I emailed you and forgot to post a comment..who knows.
I do think I am getting senile!! :)

Anyway..That little store is adorable and the carriages..I have never even been in the presence of one of those little horse carriages..but when I think of folks still using's amazing.
I loved this post.
No Frostbite here.. :( I hear there is a storm to hit California this week end..and there goes my garage sales!:)
I am so glad you liked the photo's of Howard and I.
I felt a little funny showing them, but the girls took them for me and wanted me to blog about I am. :)
You always leave the dearest comments..makes me smile!