Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Heart To Heart

Is there anything better than finding a surprise package waiting for you when you get home? I was going to post about our weekend quick trip to New York and then I walked in the house from work and low and behold a box with my name on it sat there and begged to be opened. As you can see it held sweets of all kinds....some for my brain, some for my tummy, and all for my heart. My good blogging friend Darlene (from Grandma Robbins Nest..someday I'll figure out the link thingie) sent me a "just because" gift...just because she's the coolest gal around! Thanks so much Darlene! The books were written by her Daughter Sue (Sue's Views 'n Muse) and they look so interesting. I can't wait to get a moment to sit and enjoy them. The carmel corn is really good..I had to taste it..and the bread will be put in the freezer to share when my family comes to visit next week. I can then brag how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful blogger friend. I've said this before, but it's funny how we have never met face to face, but I think we've connected heart to heart. Thanks Darlene. This has been a hard week at work (and it's only Tuesday!) and you really brought a smile to me today.
Now about our weekend drive to New York. Jack had a seminar in White Plains and I came along for the ride. It's about 8hrs from here and we headed out Thursday morning. Jack's attended this Doc's seminars here before and he was looking forward to it. I spent the time walking, reading, resting, and more walking. I didn't take a ton of pics because I've blogged about it before and I wasn't going to go downtown NY because I was alone and that's not fun. My Mom came with us once and we spent time in NY and had alot of fun. I might have to blog about that and show some pics from that time. So for me it was more of R&R and company driving for Jack. The weather was beauiful coming and going and the traffic wasn't too bad either. Hi Jack! We stopped for a rest and walked around to stretch our legs. As you can see from this pic we had lovely scenery even at the rest stops!
The trees in Pennsylvania were showing off!
I know what you're thinking..this girl is so desperate for a pic she's taking one of a Wal-Mart...well this Wally world was very cool. It was in a tall building, not sprawled all over. I kept thinking what a great idea this would have been for our small town. If they had built the Wal-Mart in our downtown historic buildings they could have saved Ashland's downtown district. I was too chicken to click pics inside and have people wondering what was wrong with me (crazed tourist)...but it was cool too. In the middle of the escalators there was a conveyer belt to put your carts on so they could go from the top floor down...or you could use the elevator. Then there was a Dunkin' Donut shop in there too...I'm very easy to impress.
The Tappan Zee bridge...bridges don't really scare me...too much
Hey, a mountain!
See...don't mountains have tall rock? Well, when you grow up in Chicago and live in a beautiful, but not mountainous area of Ohio..this is a mountain!
We saw some beautiful scenery...fall colors, and winding rivers, huge bridges, tall buildings,..but nothing as pretty as my own backyard fall display...or maybe I was just happy to be home!


acorn hollow said...

looks like you had fun walmart and all. It is good to get R and R.

Sue said...

Gorgeous, I'd say. And I've never seen a Walmart like that one!

So funny that my mom would send you my books. She is always the proud mother.


PS. I know that she does feel connected heart-to-heart with you. You are one of her favorite blog friends. (And I kinda like ya, too!)

Munir said...

Beautiful pictures!
If I knew you would be in White Plains, I could have had you for lunch, while your hubby was in conference. We live not too far from White plains. Just on the otherside of Storm King Mountain. I hope you had a good time, us New Yorkers like visitors to have a good time while they are here:)

karen said...

So beautiful. We're going to be in New York and Boston in 3 weeks, and I hope we'll see some beautiful scenery like that - in addition to the bride in NYC and the little girls in Boston!

rosaria said...

A very long ride!
Glad you captured some great fall colors.

Stacy Crawford said...

fun trip. we stopped at a Target in DC that had one of those cart things...

I hope your week turns the corner and ends better than it started.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi YaYa..you are right..this is the MOST lovely time of the year.

I always love coming home. Always.
I smiled when I saw your friend had sent you a little gift...someone you don't even know. I have had that happen a few times..and it never fails to leave me speechless!! The kindness of women on here.
A gorgeous doll arrived today..one of those reborn dolls..and she is just lovely. I was shocked.
It's one of those thing that..you are not at all sure if you should accept but the way it is given..

It is so strange to me this becoming so attached to folks you have never met and probably never will. It's a wonderful thing...a very wonderful thing.
Yep...we have things in common, you and I.
Not age.. LOL NOT age! Aren't you glad??? :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

P.S. I have NEVER seen a Walmart like...EVER!

Sandi said...

I was smiling, thinking about your surprise package waiting for you. Great pictures, of the treasures in the box and of your trip.

We have one of those escalators with the cart thingy at the two story Target in Portland. It's pretty cool!

Love those fall colors!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I love Darlene too and her daughter Sue. Their both such wonderful friends out here in our lovely world of blogging. How wonderful that you had such a great gift waiting on you.
I too have never ever seen a Wal Mart like this one. I am glad you took this picture.
Sounds like a great way to spend the week and I am happy to got to go.
You always make me laugh when you leave me a comment. I love you

Sush said...

What a lovely time away for you both! We have a Target that has an escalator up to the upper parking deck and the conveyor belt thing you hook your cart to so it goes up next to you! I do wish more stores would think vertically and save our precious green spaces!


Donna said...

Darlene's gift way so nice, especially the books! How cool to get to know Sue better too!
The WalMart is too funny! Especially the escalators.
Love the pics of the fall trees....this time of year is so pretty. Sometimes it's just good to getaway too! (and then to come home to gifts!)

Hope said...

this is very beautiful scenery indeed!
what a nice surprise to find a package at your door.

glad you had a great time!
take care!

Nezzy said...

What a wonderfully unique 'Wally~World'!!!

You captured the fall colors so well in your beautiful pictures sweetie.

So glad ya got some badly needed rest and was surprised with a great box of goodies on the return home. Woohoo..........

God bless ya and have a magnificent day sweetie!!! :o)

Mrs Catch said...

What a nice lady to send you that. And great pictures! I love Autumn colours. We don't get them so much in the subtropics here. Glad you got some rest. It sounded much needed. A bit like me in Sydney!

Life 101 said...

I love th color of fall. That one photo looks like a maple.

Darlene said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time in New York even though you didn't get around as much as you did when you were there with your mom.

I am so glad you got the box and I just know you will enjoy having Sue's books. I am also glad that you are enjoying the carmel corn. I am addicted to it myself.

We are in Dallas now at my niece's mansion. I will E-mail you as soon as Dick can figure out how to access our G-mail account. Nancy has Wifi here but when her husband died a few weeks ago, he took the password with him. We could have left our lap top home as it isn't doing us any good.

PoetessWug said...

What beautiful scenery!! I'm familiar with the Tappan Zee bridge! I've crossed it many times in our travels! :-) And we live in an area that has mountains all around, and beautiful seasonal changes this time of year too. Isn't it wonderful?!^_^ I love the colors in your backyard too!