Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why The Fair?

Thursday Jack suggested we head off to the fair and grab some dinner. The Ashland County fair is the big ending to Summer season around here. I grew up in the city and had never been to a county fair before moving here. But I've lived here long enough to understand the importance of keeping rural traditions like fairs alive. They are the opportunity for farmers and 4H and FFA groups to show off their hard work for the year. The animals and 4H projects will help fund many a rural young man or woman's education I'm sure as they sell to the highest bidder. I could never raise an animal and then say I'm glad I grew up where I did. But I enjoy a stroll through the fair grounds once a year..sometimes I can even skip a year. Some people go everyday...all week...and that I know I just couldn't do! So come and see what brings people out to a fair.
The one thing that brings out all the kiddos...the rides!
At the fair this is not an unusual site to see...big tractors.
I should have captured this "hay raising" experience earlier in the light...but people were having their pics taken on this ginormous example of someone having way too much time on their hands in the barn.
The Woman's building always has the beautiful quilt displays. I think they all look like blue ribbon winners!
Horticulture shines at a fair.
Wish my pantry looked this nice!
I enjoy looking at the hobby barn displays. I saw some really good photos and even saw some friends names on those pics! Good job Stacy!
These next three pics remind me of why I'm not always happy to go to the fair. I hate seeing animals that should be out in the wild, not in cages, being on display..eating carrots and dog food? I wonder what my friend Cheryl at Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush would say about these pics. Sorry...

Well, you could go to the fair to get glimpse of giant gourds.
But the real reason to go to a fair...Yum!


Donna said...

You are right abuot the real reason to go to the fair...but it's those gyros!! Or lemonade...or Dor-Lo Pizza! Sorry, I had one of those for dinner and I wasn't even at the fair! Ha!
P.S. I feel sorry for the, Cheryl would NOT approve!!

Stacy Crawford said...

I was there Thursday night too. To bad we missed you!

Kim said...

It looks fun. And whatever that treat is in the last photo - it's making my mouth water.

Deb Shucka said...

I love the fair, too. Ours is in early August. I love the corndogs and the peach milkshakes that are the hallmark of the dairy wives booth.

Amy and Craig said...

Looks like fun! We should bring our kids to the Ashland County Fair just so they can enjoy all the good food.

Mrs Catch said...

We only go to the fair when it comes to town, once a year (It's called the Exhibition or the Ekka here). The food ain't half so nice though. That last dish looks so good. It's making me hungry! I guess that's one of the joys of the country. All that gorgeous,fresh produce.

The kangaroo makes me sad. So far from home, behind bars. I wonder what he/she makes of the snow. Poor, confused thing.

Munir said...

Oh those quilts are beautiful. I would like to start one but never have the patience. Also the rides look realy fun and oh those mouth watering treats are probably the real reason to go there. Thanks for sharing.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Such a fun way to spend the evening with Jack. I missed our fair this year and I hate that I did.
Great pictures you shared with us which made me miss my fair even more. lol
Love ya

vicki said...

Oh YaYa- I love county fairs- your beautiful post just reminded me that it's been a while since I went to one. Makes me want to run out and find one. Love the photos- the beautiful quilts and all the exhibit. The yummy treats really are the best!
You've brought back some great memories.

Sue said...

I would love that hobby barn, for sure!


Bonnie said...

ohmygosh, the baby kangaroos are so adorable!!! I feel sorry for them, but they really are cute.
I love fairs. They are such fun. I could go to a fair every weekend and have a great time. :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Darlene said...

Loved all the pictures of the fair, but you are right, the main reason I ever would go to a fair would be the food. I sorta enjoy the general festive mood of fairs, but to tell you the truth, I haven't been to a county fair in years.

I hate to see animals caged up too. I used to love to go to the zoo years ago, but haven't been to a zoo in years either.

It is always interesting to see women's handwork, so I would enjoy seening all those quilts etc. I used to love it when we had Relief Society Bazaars That was in the days when R.S. made money to finance a lot of our programs for the coming year. I used to buy a lot of my Christmas presents at them, and also made a few things as well.

Anyway, it sounds as if you had a fun day with Jack.

Life 101 said...

I love the fair. We haven't been in years, but the county fair is going on now in a town nearby.
Friday night is supposed to be cool so that might just be the ticket. I'd love some cotton candy.

Nezzy said...

Bite please??? It looks wonderful.

Ya just gotta love a great fair!

God bless and have a terrific Thursday sweetie! :o)