Thursday, September 29, 2011


This past week has been a little mixture of tidbits...nothing huge and spectacular, jut the regular little things of life. The fall season is really here and I have my projects to keep me busier...tonight I decided to "spruce" up a fall wreath for my front door. It was hanging there and I thought it needed some more decorations on it. Everything was going great until a wasp that was hiding somewhere in it decided I needed to be stung. I thought I did good this year without getting into any hornets nests or getting stung by the wasps and bees that seem to love us here at the Pines...nasty wasp had other thoughts. Oh well, just the nature of the beast. I'll live although tomorrow gloving all day should be interesting with a slightly swollen finger! The wreath looks better...the wasp, not so good. He a goner. Two little tidbits that I have no pics of: 1) My Grandkiddo Anthony had to match his cousin Alexis by getting a broken arm...during a football game that he wasn't even playing in..he was a spectator! 2) I saw the most beautiful eagle on my road today! It was so cool. I was so excited I came home and told Jack he just had to jump in the car and go with me to see it again. He was willing and eager..the eagle was eager too. So eager it was already gone by the time we reached the spot where I saw it. Jack's a good sport. Well, here's a pic of my latest project. The bookself in my kitchen. This tidbit was a pain to paint but it's fun to decorate!
Here's a little tidbit of a nugget who came for a visit...Eddy the wonder dog! He enjoyed an afternoon of running and playing and then he threw up on my just cleaned white livingroom carpet. Some things I just don't miss about having a dog in the house.. But we love him anyway!
Awwwww..he just loves Jordan! And so do we..and we wish him luck tomorrow. His little tidbit of info is he's going for an interview for a new job with the railroad. Good luck Jord!
This interesting tidbit looks like it needs a tablecloth and some chairs around it. If you're a smurf that is! I found this under one of the pine trees. Sometimes you just need to look down low for some little weird tidbit! A true "fungus amongus".
The final tidbit...the temps are falling..we're suppose to have a high of 49..low 37 this weekend. Yes, that's a big indicator that fall is here. However I like to focus on the pretty colors that can be found in the simple these leaves. Just a tiny tidbit of the explosion of color that will peak in the next few weeks.


Stacy Crawford said...

Fungus amongust...funny! Love the fall leaves, I was just noticing ours too.

I like tidbit weeks. Normalcy is calming. Enjoy conference.

jojo said...

lovin' the tidbits...I usually do mine on tuesdays! Love all the sweet cubbies in your new bookshelf. And ouch!

karen said...

Wow - look at the colors in those leaves! We don't get a lot of that here in CA. I really like your bookshelf - great job! It gives the room a nice look.
Sorry about your finger - nasty little wasp beast. We have some that keep trying to build a nest in our eaves, but we keep spraying them down.

Darlene said...

Love your pictures and tidbits. I just can't imagine anything more beautiful that your fall leaves. I haven't seen fall leaves for so many years as I am afraid to go to where they are because it would be too cold for me. We take all of our trips in the middle of summer. Of course I can still appreciate seeing beautiful pictures of all the trees and leaves. They are fun to decorate with, but the ones I use are fake.

Eddy the Wonder Dog really did you a dirty when he threw up on your white carpet. I'll bet you loved having to clean that up.

The bookshelf in your kitchen is really neat. It must have been fun to paint it and decorate it so beautifully. That is the kind of work I love to do.

And I couldn't believe the fungus amongus. Was that for real? I have never seen anything like that in all my life. In fact, I can't remember ever seeing any wild mushrooms even.

Darlene said...

Sorry too about your wasp bite. I got one once just as I was getting out of the pool. I got a terrible reaction. I was sick as a dog and it looked awful because of the swelling. Dick wanted to take me to the emergency, but I didn't want to go. I did survive it though.

Mrs Catch said...

Fungus amongus. I love it! LOL. What an amazing photo. You must have had to nearly lie on the ground to get that angle.

Liked your tidbits. Sounds like you've had one of those lovely "pottering" weeks. Looking forward to one myself when the kids return to school next week.

Donna said...

Ohhh feeling bad for Anthony (what a coincidence!) and for your finger under gloves all day! Yuck! You'll have to get a pic of the broken arm twinners together!
The kitchen looks just marvelous! I have always loved the coziness of your kitchen anyway with the fireplace and all...but this makes it bright and cheery too! Great job, Yaya!

vicki said...

Oh dear - a wasp sting is so not fun:(

Your kitchen bookcase is fabulous- I totally love it- would die to have it in my kitchen! Lucky you!!

Good luck to your son with his job interview-- I sure hope he gets the job. It's so hard for young people these days. Fingers crossed--

Sue said...

Ugh. A wasp bite. Those hurt like no other!


PS. Beautiful leaves! Our weather is finally changing, too, and I'm ready...

Munir said...

Those Fall leves are so pretty. I never heard the term Fungus amonus.It is cute.
"Ouch", I hope that bite is better.
Good luck to Jordan. Your kitchen is neat.I like the tidbits. It is little things put together that makes life interesting, doesn't it? Take care.

Kerri said...

Sorry about your bite. :(

That is NOT a real fungus is it?? It is HUGE!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your shelves in your kitchen!!

Sandi said...

Those kitchen shelves turned out marvelous! I can just imagine how fun they are to fill.

Great post, with lots of tidbits to enjoy and appreciate. I can't imagine a mushroom that large.

Our fall is taking it's sweet time. It was 80 degrees today! But, I think the rain will arrive soon . . . so far few leaves have changed around here. I just love the fall leaves in your photo!

Megan said...

To get injured while only spectating? Now that's a dangerous game!

Bonnie said...

I just had to write back because your comment was so adorable. I love long comments like that!! :)

I would love to come to your Halloween bash, even though it won't be as spectacular as previous years. I have never really done much on Halloween, despite loving the holiday. Last year, Mr. A and I went to the Rams' football game and dressed up as Snooki and Pauly D from "Jersey Shore," which was super fun, but a tour of the prison sounds even better!
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