Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend at the Craigles

On Friday I bailed out of work a bit early and Jack and I headed up to Michigan to spend the weekend with Craig and Amy and Grandkiddos. Amy's sister and family came too. What for?? Craig's birthday on Saturday! He turned the ripe old age of 33. I still find it amazing that the kids get older and we don't. Hmmm...freak of nature I guess. It was a fun time and the weather was really nice and cool. It sure felt like fall. They live in a beautiful area and a fun neighborhood. Great for walking and tons of places for the kids to play. So we ate and laughed and enjoyed a nice birthday weekend. Hope you enjoyed it Craigle as much as we did!
As Amy lit the candles, the fire dept. was put on alert..that's a ton of fire buddy!
See Craig, you're not so can still blow all those candles out!
First thing Saturday morning we loaded up the kiddos and headed across the street to the wonderful walking/bike path in their neighborhood. It's really beautiful. What a great thing to have so close to their house. It was about a 2 mile walk. We walked to a dock where the kids could find shells and throw rocks. A fav past time!
The walk path winds along through the woods on one side and this pretty river on the other.
Even the benches are cool looking! This one was made by a Boy Scout for his eagle project. Nice..
Wow, it's our favorite super hero...Superman Taylor! The world is a safer, and I might add, a funner place!
With the Superman cape on, Taylor thought he could pick up any heavy rock and toss it with ease..which he did with his best friend for the weekend, his cousin Jack. Luckily for them, it wasn't kriptonite.
Superman Taylor and his sidekick cousin Jack (the pirate) took off for more fun adventures!
On Saturday morning we were going to go to the museum in downtown Grand Rapids, but they had a power outage and closed it. So we walked around the building and of course the kiddos (big and little) couldn't resist going closer to the water to throw and skip rocks.
Katie was making me just a wee bit nervous standing on the rocks by the river.
I loved Sophie's hat!
Sophie and PawPaw became pretty good buddies this weekend!

Let me explain this little monkey and his glasses...he was fascinated by my reading glasses and wanted to wear them. Well, first off, I need them and second they are a script pair so I told him we would shop for a pair just for him. We found some fake glass ones at the mall and needless to say he wore them constantly all, playground, the mall of course. He's such a crazy kiddo! But we love him to pieces!
As this weekend comes to a finish, this little spot of refreshment is coming to a close.
Labor Day marks the end of summer for many of us and the cooler days and even cooler evenings are a sure sign to say bye-bye and close up the goodbye to summer for now, see ya next year!


Crawford Family said...

Looks like you had a great weeknend with the family. Good bye summer. Hello Fall!

lakeviewer said...

What a lovely weekend with the family!

Donna said...

I think Cooper and Taylor could be best buddies if they lived closer. They both have a cousin named Jack (guess Taylor is one up on Coop though cuz he has a grandad with that name too.) they both are a little rambunctious and they both are superheros!!! What a little imitator with the glasses...ha! That dang Sophie gets cuter each time you see her, -she and Jack are precious together. Glad Katie didn't fall into the river, glad you had a good time and glad you are home!!!

Wander to the Wayside said...

What a delightful story about a family get-together! You just can't beat sharing time with family, especially when grandkids are included!

CHERI said...

What a wonderful weekend. Time with family is the best. That Sophie andher pink that is just too darned cute! Happy Birthday to the birthday "baby" will be 38 next month. He's about to catch up with me!!!! You asked about the doves. Everybody is in a big field sitting in their respective places...each shoots when a dove comes within range. Some folks use dogs to retrieve but in our family it's usually the "youngest" who gets that job. Right now it's grandson R. but he loves it!

Sue said...

What a wonderful weekend! And I love the eagle scout bench and the cute little guy wearing faux eyeglasses. (The pink hat...and the sweet girl wearing it...are darling, too!)


Sue said...

(I forgot to mention that my oldest son is turning 35 in October, and I just can't believe it.)

Crazy to think about.

Karen Whittal said...

Congratulations on your sons birthday, what a beautiful family you have, there is nothing like family...... It is strange to think you are going into fall and we into spring,, it is like the world upside down..... oh.... yes it is...

Amy and Craig said...

thanks for coming up! We sure had fun!