Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family, Friends, and Farewells

Funerals bring all the family and friends together for that sad and final farewell. Calling hours for Bonnie were on Monday and if you were to go to one of our family "wakes" as they are called, you might be a bit taken back at the feeling in the room. If you were expecting crying and sadness, yes it would be there. But also there were happy memories being told, picture boards of Bonnie's life that told the true story of how she lived. All the births, birthday and holiday times. Vacations and special places that she traveled with her family. There was laughter, and chatter and celebrating of her life. It was a bit noisy at times too! I could feel her spirit in that room. I did smile as my brother told us of some things that were happening at his home that told him Bonnie was not so far away....the computer that booted up all by itself..the clothes dryer that started up all by itself...the smell of her perfume in a breeze that blew by...getting locked out of his house when all the doors were never locked...Those that know my family know we have some strange things that happen after we lose a loved one... Yes, we are a bit weird! But the funeral was touching and saying that last goodbye was hard. All of the family and many friends went to Costa's Greek restaurant afterwards and enjoyed a lovely luncheon and we were able to smile and laugh and give Phil our love. Thank you to all my friends here online who left so many sweet comments on my blog. Your prayers and concerns were so appreciated.

All the siblings gathered to support my brother Phil, but also my Mom. This was hard on her on so many levels. Being there as the Mom with your children as they date, get engaged, marry, have children and grandchildren and all the occasions in between, and then having to go to their funeral is just not how the circle of life is suppose to go. My Mom has seen so much sadness in her life, but still keeps her faith strong and is an example to me on how to get through life's difficult times.
Here's my cute niece Amy who will bring us all together again in a few weeks for her wedding to Eric.
My baby brother Rick and his wife Jan came from Wisconsin. It was good to see them again.
This is my brother Jim and his wife Lori. They live in Atlanta and we will be going to a wedding for their daughter Carly this December.
Father Damien sat with us at the luncheon. He and Mom are good friends. But we really love him too! He's been there for our family for so many happy and also the sad occasions. He did a beautiful service for Bonnie. The sweetest part was during the Mass when the sacrament is brought to the alter. Bonnie and Phil's grandkids brought the gifts to the alter and Father took a few minutes to quietly talk and hug each child. That was so touching. He has retired, but hopefully will be able to do Amy's wedding service in 3 weeks.
All the activity was too much for Mason. He drifted off sitting on Midge's lap..that would be his "YaYa".
It was nice that Craig could come down from Michigan and be there with us. Moving closer makes it easier to come to family things, but he would prefer the happier times I'm sure. Thanks for coming down Craig!
Here's my brother Phil saying some words to Mom and Father Damien. I had a chance to sit and talk with him at Mom's afterwards and I know he'll be ok and go on being the wonderful man that he is... a good Dad and Grandpa and, for me, a super older brother. But that sweet lady that was his best friend and companion will be dearly missed by all of us.


Sue said...

So sorry to hear about this loss in your family, but it sounds like you are a wonderful support for each other. And I'm happy there's a wedding for all of you coming up soon.


Donna said...

Oh those my mother...looking for the next party! Even the sad times bring life affirming moments that are endearing. So sorry for you all, and glad that you could share good memories and thoughts of Bonnie. Not surprised about the "strange happenings". Shaking my head.
That Mason is sure a cutie, isn't he? And so is Craig. The weddings will be a nice blessing after something so sad.
P>S> Missed you at work....!!!!

CHERI said...

I am so very sorry for your family's loss, but my heart truly goes out to your mother. We lost our 9-year old daughter in 1986. It was by far the most devastating thing in my life. No matter how old or how young your child is, losing them in this way is almost unbearable. Our babies are always our babies. Please give your mother a hub from "a mother who knows how she feels." I'm sure the upcoming family wedding will be a much happier occasion.

Karen Whittal said...

I love that you are all so close, there is nothing a bigger blessing than family, and your pictures reflect your love and your bonds........ and you can see the family likeness

Rose said...

sorry about your loss. i think that it's comforting when family come together either for a funeral, baptismial, wedding. at funerals we need to continue celebrate the life that was and death can't take our memories of our loved one unless we allow this.thanks for your comment on my blog. to understand family is to experience and know family to know where a family member goes in their life. once i went and met mother's family, it gave me a better idea of mother's beliefs and actions. take care. God bless.

Catch the Kids said...

I am so sad for you all there. It's so good that you have each other.