Monday, December 14, 2009

What the Wind Blew In

We had a bit of a windy start to the weekend. First the wind blew over my "creepy" kids on my front porch. I thought it was funny that the pine cuttings in the basket stayed put! Then it blew in Craig from Michigan. We had a nice visit with him and hopefully he enjoyed seeing grass after the 20in. of snow he got last week! Everything started out fine. First with the church Christmas social and other events...then I cooked all day on Sat. for the Missionaries who were coming for dinner on Sunday and had requested Greek food. Leisy gave me a great idea. I made soulvaki for the first time. I also made a ton of other stuff...then I woke up Sunday with the stomach flu. I was so sick all day and night. It was awful, but the worst part was having to cancel on dinner and being stuck with tons of food. Anyway, watch out for windy weather, you never know what will blow your way.
Friday night we had our annual church Christmas party. Phil and Amanda were at the Starkey Glass party so we took the girls with us and they did great. Here's Alexis enjoying her dessert.
I wasn't sure how Addy would do at the social, but she took everything is stride and enjoyed her dinner. She's such a sweetie.
Alexis made a friend at the social. Ezra complimented her on her cute shoes and won a friend for life I think! Smooth mover he is!
This is Alexis's pirate pose!
We took a drive on Saturday with Craig to a little Amish store where he scored a pair of warm gloves for a cheap price. I should have taken a pic of the place but I didn't want to offend the Amish. Afterwards we stopped at the apple orchard and I couldn't resist taking this pic. I call it "My fruit of loom" shot!
Saturday night we had a fun dinner at the Crawford's. They did a smoked pork thing and made wonderful sandwiches. The guys all gathered by the telly to watch the game. I should have known something was up with me because I really didn't feel like eating anything, but I did to be polite. It was very good, but I was in for a surprise when the flu hit on Sunday.


Phil and Amanda said...

OH NO! That bug is going around! I hope you are feeling better! We were sick last Sunday and I didn't really feel better until Thursday. NOT FUN!!

I love the pictures. The one of Alexis' pirate face is HILARIOUS!

Phil and Amanda said...

When I saw you last Friday I was half asleep and forgot to THANK YOU for my birthday present!!! I really appreciate it! You guys are awesome! And thanks for the lasagna too! I know YOU KNOW that's my fav. :-) Love ya!!

Donna said...

Well, gee, they got the lasagna, but I wouldn't have traded it for the delish spanakopita!!!! Yum!! AND the baklava..mmm! I ate one at work and brought the other home to Chelsea who devoured it immediately! Sorry you were sick though...
Love the fruit of the loom shot, ha!

Christina said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Amy and Craig said...

so is craig the apple of your eye??? hee hee! so miserable to be sick! I'm so paranoid with this move, it reminds me of moving to KY when we were all so sick over Christmas!