Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Faces of Christmas Present (get it...present!)

Here are the pics of all those that I happened to catch on Saturday at the party. I will just name the names and let you match them up with the faces...If I forget anyone, well you can just remind me! OK here goes, not in any particular order:Amy, Mom, Midge, Megan, Vicky, one of the twins..Rachael or Meadow, Blake, Katie, Mason, Greg, Deidra, Eric, Bill, Laura,Jan, Andrew, Brooke, Jack, Rick, Betsy, all the kiddos waiting for Santa on the front porch...And to all a good night!


Donna said...

I'm always so envious of your family trips to Chicago...looks like you had a wonderfultime with your great family!!! Can you adopt ME!!!????
PS...your mom looks great!!

Craig said...

I like Dad in the first picture...it looks like he's sleep walking into the doorframe! Or maybe he just fell asleep?