Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Cause We Need a Little Christmas...

This weekend Ashland had it's annual Christmas parade downtown. I decided I needed a little Christmas spirit to push me along to finish my decorating. So I trudged downtown. Forget the fact that it was 25de. outside. Forget the fact that my camera doesn't take night pics too well. (as you can see!) Also forget the fact that it was a long parade and I needed to go to the bathroom and had to take a quick hike back to Jack's office. It was still a nice time and even though all the floats looked blurry to me as I ran to the office, it did help put me in a better Christmas mood.
Here are some daylight pics of my decorating adventures.What a pathetic face. Eddy really wants to come out and help me cut pine boughs and finish up the outdoor decorating. I guess he needs a little Christmas too!
I may not have a live tree in the house, but I have all the fresh pine boughs I can carry!
Eddy, if you're going to help get pine cuttings, you need to pick one that has some needles on it. I swear he's part termite...there's nothing he likes better than wood...except my shoes.
Ummm, I don't think Eddy is actually helping me cut pine in this pic. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go!
I put some of the pine cuttings in baskets. These are not frozen kiddos by the way. Jordan thinks they look scary, but I like them.
All those cuttings look just fine in the empty flower boxes...helps me to not miss the summer flowers a bit!
Finished product...let the season begin!


Beth said...

I love it the outside is so pretty and Eddy does look so sad. I have to agree the frozen kiddos are kind of scary :). Have a wonderful Christmas.

Donna said...

Festive,festive,festive!! You always decorate so beautifully for Christmas! You are like...Mrs. Claus! I'm not even sure we will get outside lights up this year,...but it will be fun for sure!

Amy and Craig said...

the house looks great!