Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas shopping adventure

I think this is the first blog without pics. I went Christmas shopping tonight, and I could have taken the camera, but I think people would look at me funny if I stood around pointing and shooting with my pointing and shooting camera don't you think? I wasn't really worried that my shopping wasn't even hardly started (I did have Craig and Amy done after all). That is until everyone at work looked so darn shocked when I mentioned I really should start sometime...and then I realized next week is the big day...and I realized we're leaving for Chicago on Friday...and I realized I'm working all day Thursday...and I realized that's tomorrow...and I need to pack, clean house, make some more candy...oh never mind. Anyhow, I headed out around 5pm and power shopped until 11pm. Whew! I really hate shopping for people unless I have a nice list to follow. Summer and Anthony were the only ones to give me some ideas so everyone else will get the YaYa surprise. Usually Jack will come along and help me out. He's really good at remembering little things that people want, or the kids would like, or what he would like if he were a kid. But he's sick with what we in surgery lovingly call "monkey pocks". (a bad cold to all of you) So I was on my own. I guess what I'm getting at is I will apologize tonight for any weird stuff you might get. I'm still not done but I can shop in Chi-town. From what I remember they have a few good stores. Hey, my Mommo lives right across the 6lane highway from the most awesome outdoor shopping mall, mega extravaganza ever!!!!OakBrook Shopping Center. It's calling my name. So is Giorodono much yelling!! But I year I'm seriously thinking of having a gift card Christmas. Then all of you can power shop the day after Christmas while I sleep in! Hmmm....thanks for listening! P.S. Tomorrow is the big day for Craig and Amy and little Sophia to make her arrival! Here's my wish for a healthy, happy, sweet, sleep thru the night baby. This will be the best Christmas present ever.


Donna said...

Neat blogging! Funny about the procrastination,(no wonder you were running from work yesterday!)...and then you made me REALLY miss Chicago, Oak Brook (good luck there...have fun!!!)and shopping with Mom -sigh-.
Looking forward to seeing Jillian's new pics! Love the name!!!!
Say hi to your Mom and sister for me and have a great time!!!

Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig....I usually finish my shopping on Christmas Eve. No worries...still a few days left!