Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa Claus and Whiney dog

While decorating for Christmas, I thought I would put out these special little Mrs and Mr Claus. I haven't unpacked them in over 10yrs...Midge made them for Jack and I when we were first married and I really love them. I was worried they wouldn't hold up so I packed them away to help keep them nice. Now that is really silly. How can you enjoy something if it's packed away?..even if it would last until eternity it isn't worth much if no one sees it. Well, anywho, I think they are dang stinkin' cute! What's really sad is Jack and I were in our 20's when Midge gave them to us and now we are looking very much like them...(I'm so glad God invented Miss Clairol or else I really would look like this Mrs. Claus!) I think this Santa has such a real looking face. I got him last year and he's pretty cool...I promise I won't show all my Santas like I did my witches! Not nearly enough room in any blog for all that!

Now if you have a very soft spot for pathetic animals, don't watch this next's just tooooo saaaaadddd...whine...whine...whine. Sorry Eddy, no chocolate for you...I shouldn't have any either, but don't tell him!



Donna said...

Ohhhh! That was too pathetic! Ed, are invited to Sam & Scoobie's Christmas Pooch Party for carob covered treats!

Donna said...

Honestly,...I just watched it agin,...that is the CUTEST dog with the cutest whine...ever!!! hahaha!

Amy and Craig said...

The Santas are cute, but the dog is super cute!! love him! cute little face super cute ears!

Christina said...

Hi Kathy! I love your Santas. The puppy is so cute. Both of my dogs were wondering what that was! hehe We are coming to Ashland for Christmas. Yeah! We will be visiting the branch the Sunday after Christmas. See you then!