Monday, May 5, 2008

Chicago wedding happenings!

The wedding of Laura and Bill went off beautifully. Midge did a great job. She made all the food, decorations, church decorations, rehersal dinner table decorations(I made food for the rehersal.) flower girl dresses, all the flowers for everyone...If she had a pilots license she would probably have flown everyone there too! Grandma came home Thursday..she went from sick Grandma in hospital bed to hottie Grandma at wedding! She's loving being home and is recovering great. She got up and made breakfast Sunday morning for everyone! So here are a few pics of the day. I'm not the best photographer. Congrats Bill and Laura! The first pic of the long table is the rehersal dinner at Grandmas, the other is from the reception. The bridesmaids waving are Katie and Amy and there is the Gord in his second tux of the wedding season. All the brothers made it except Phil and of course Dad and the guys. All the women in the one pic are Midge, Mom , Me and my sister-in-laws.

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Donna Starkey said...

The wedding looked beautiful and your Mom bed one day...totally glammed the next!!! Congrats to all!!