Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just some pics to enjoy

If you've been reading the blog you know that Phil was married in April. This is Alexis, his stepdaughter.. She will be two tomorrow and she's adorable. We are very blessed to have her in the family. She is very smart and almost potty trained! She's enjoying her new room in their new apartment above Jack's office. Phil has worked really hard to fix it up and it's looking super. We love that place. We lived up there for 4 years before we bought our first house. Many good memories. We wish him as much fun as we had!

I probably should quit posting flower pics, but I can't believe how beautiful this spring has been. The lilacs are awesome this year, as well as the dogwood trees and my snowball bush is about to burst open with the wonderful white puffs! Soon I will plant my annuals and my veggie garden. Hopefully they will do as well this summer!

Here's our little Summer, she needs the glasses because she just radiates sunshine. It's hard to find her without a smile!

Here's my fav pic of the wedding day. My sister trying to keep up with Mom...you remember, the Mom who just suffered a broken nose, shoulder, and pelvis and was recently released from the hospital??? Zoooommmm!

Here is another pic of the bride and groom and her girls...very cute

Some people were interested in the wedding cake. It was very good tasting, but it did have a bit of a "lean" to it. It had a raspberry chocolate layer, a carrot cake layer, a yellow cake layer. Well, those are the ones I tasted anyway!


Donna Starkey said...

The wedding was sooo pretty!! Summer looks adorable and so grown up...and your mom looks great. Still can't get over the chairs!!!!

Amy and Craig said...

so fun to see all the wedding pix!! your yard is gorgeous. if it wasn't so far from Chicago it would have been a great place for the wedding or reception! Happy Birthday to Alexis! it's fun to see everybody in the pix.

Donna Starkey said...

P.S. Hey, Yaya...cute picture at the top of your blog!!!!