Thursday, May 15, 2008

new camera!

My sweet boys gave me a new camera for Mother's Day. Thanks guys, I really like it. I'm just playing around with it and I'm going to try video soon. I really don't have alot of fun stuff so I put some pics from work and one of Jack (my willing photo subject) When we visit Craig and Amy in 2 weeks, I'm sure I'll have more. Maybe by then I'll be a whiz with this camera. Thanks again!I guess I should explain the pics....Jack in his fav rocker in the kitchen, Donna Starkey by her fav piece of eye equipment, my fav new work klogs in raspberry swirl, and me and Doctor Gupta. No he's not my fav Doc but he was willing to pose!


Donna Starkey said...

WELLLL!!!!-Dr G is going to be really SAD that he is not your fav doc, Princess!!! You're lookin' good and love the Raspberry Swirl clogs, look good enough to lick!!

Amy and Craig said...

Cool shoes and great clear pix! We're so glad you like the camera. We can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks. The weather is gorgeous(70's and breezy, no humidity) here now and hopefully it'll hold out for your visit.