Saturday, April 26, 2008

Roses are Red, Violets are everywhere!

Spring is bursting out all over! We've had some nice warm weather that has all the trees in bloom and even tho my back yard doesn't have the lushest grass, the violets look great from a distance. It looks like we have a small purple pond! Unfortunetly, the picture doesn't do it justice. After a hard day's work in the yard at the Pines, nothing is better than a good old fashion hotdog cooked over the firepit! Nice fire Jack!


Amy and Craig said...

Looks like fun! The yard is so gorgeous!

Donna Starkey said...

I LOVE hot dogs,...yumm!!!! I can even smell them! (-the flowers are pretty!)

Kent and Leisy said...

Ohio in the spring is wonderful!! We've been wanting to make a trip to whispering pines but life is too crazy! maybe this summer before school starts again.