Friday, April 4, 2008

What a week!

First of this week was no fun. My Dear sweet, very active, very over achiever Mom fell down her stairs and broke her shoulder, nose, and pelvis. She had surgery on Wed. morning and they did a total shoulder replacement. The pelvis will just have to heal on its own, which will take some time to do. She will have some trouble walking because pelvic fractures are very painful and she can't use a walker because she only has use of one arm. So keep her in your prayers that she will be on the mend and home soon. I drove out to Chicago Tues. and my poor sister is having a wedding shower for her Son on Sunday that Mom was suppose to help with. Then my sister's dog died on Wed. and then she got the flu Wed. night. So this is just the pits! She needs prayers too. I made it home in time for Phil's wedding. On Friday he married Amanda Ashley(now Amanda Starkey) in a small ceremony at the courthouse. It went well and then we all went out to dinner with Amanda's family and had a really nice time. We will be having a reception for them in June when the weather is nice and we can have it in the backyard of Whispering Pines. More news on that later. I was going to take a picture of Mom at the hospital but I would kill anyone who took a picture of me looking so pathetic and bruised. So I'll put a nice pic of her when she was here in March. Love ya Mom! Congrats Phil and Amanda!


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Amy and Craig said...

Thanks for all the pix of the wedding and the one of grandma and midge. It's fun to see everybody. You'll have to get some pix of the boys at Billy's wedding since they'll all be there and we're going to try to come in June(keep us posted on the date) so we can get pix with all the grandbabies (except for those not yet born, of course).

Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig - Sounds like a lot of "fun". I hope everyone starts feeling better and life returns to normal. Keep us informed on Grandma and hopefully she'll be walking around again very soon.