Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gord:The Best Man

  • No he's not the best man for Phil today. Today he was best man for his friends, James and Mandy.
    The Bride and Groom looked very nice and the ceremony was pretty in front of the fireplace at the Country Club. A luncheon was after the ceremony and we had a nice time.
    Good luck to James and Mandy! Some quick updates on Grandma...She's doing great and hopes to be home before Billy's wedding. I think there's a meeting on Thursday to talk about that and we're hoping maybe she'll be released sooner. She got in trouble for walking to the bathroom by herself. Once she becomes mobile, there's no stopping her. She's been lifting weights, excercising her legs even laying down, so we know she's going to blow that pop stand sooner than later! Mark your calendar for June 21st. That will be the party day for Phil and Amanda! More on that later.


Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig - we'll plan on June 21st for Phil's reception. Looks like James had a good wedding and Gord looks good as the best man!

Donna Starkey said...

Looks like a pretty wedding! The guys look happy! I love spring...June 21st is Larry's BD and his 40th class reunion. Not sure if he is going???/ We'll talk! Love your's well done. Glad your mom is doing so well!!!! -Donna

Kent and Leisy said...

I do agree with you that Chicagoans are friendly! and pretty darn good looking! :) I had totally forgotten that you were from chicago! You would fit in perfectly there! we'll have to stop by your mom's next time we go.