Friday, June 8, 2018

It's June? Already?

Yes it's June and I'm a bit slow in blogging this month already.  I had an early morning surgery yesterday,  but afterwards we weren't too busy so they sent me home (to my delight!).  I have a friend who drives around and gets some nice photos and I always think that I would do that if I had the time.  Well, with an unexpected time slot available I grabbed my camera and took off.   To my other delight,  I was on the low census list and scored today off too!  However, our leak in the basement was still leaking due to faulty new part issues.  The plumber must have sensed I was home and called.  So being stuck home for a bit I now had time to put pics to pen and blog,  So here life in June, 2018...
My $1.00 sign I found at a resale shop last week has found a home.  So here's a quick tour of my little garden areas.
My new climbing rose is blooming and climbing my new trellis.
My hosta jungle! I will be transplanting some of these to a new area.  Actually I've already done a little of that but have some more to go in that spot.
Ferns anyone?  This is down by the creek and they are ginormous!  About 5ft tall!
Laundry room window boxes coming along, white and blue.  That's what happening at the Pines but I took off down the road and spotted some typical Ashland scenes.
Goats..yes sweetie I'm shooting you today.
Cows. I noticed the electrical tower thingie and wondered if that's really good for those bovines.
Amish...yes sweetie I'm shooting you too.
I like this shot.  Rush hour in the morning!
This Church is down the road a bit and it always reminds me of a castle.
This Church is so old school and charming.
Even it's mailbox is cute!
How about this  mailbox?  I bet the postman/woman has fun delivering mail here!
Heading back home, we're getting new neighbors on our road.  What has me puzzled is I hardly ever see anyone working yet it's getting built quickly.  Hmmmm
Back to the,  the house isn't leaning..I guess I am! Can't really trust photos from the car window!  So the weekend begins and we have some adventures in mind.  I'll bring the camera and maybe have something more interesting to blog about. Hope your weekend is wonderful!


Julia said...

Thanks for the garden tour and the tour of the neighborhood. I'm glad that you had time off to do something else than operations procedures. The Pines Homestead is looking so pristine and beautiful. Wow, those ferns are tall.
Take care and enjoy the rest of the day.
Hugs, Julia

betty said...

I liked your tour you shared with us today :) Always good to have the unexpected day off to get some things done but also to have a little fun :)


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I am a little late this time because I was on my way out the door to a doctor appointment in another city when I saw your post. I just got back.

You wrote:

"our leak in the basement was still leaking"

Don't think poorly of that leak. It was only doing what comes naturally - leaking. :)

I enjoyed your tour of The Pines, your neighborhood and your community. Your flowers and plants are lush and beautiful, making your outdoor deck an ideal gathering spot. Rumor has it that the Sasquatch uses those five foot ferns to feather his nest. :) The Amish horse and buggy remind me of home when I lived at the edge of Amish country in Lancaster County, PA. I love to examine the architecture of churches. That shot of the crooked mailbox is actually a colorful and rather eye pleasing rustic composition.

Thanks again for giving us a glimpse of your grounds and your neighborhood through the eye of your roving camera, dear friend YaYa. Have a safe and happy weekend!

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

So many great photos YaYa!

Have a lovely weekend,

gin said...

I enjoyed the garden tour. Everything is lush and green. You must have a green thumb. The church photos are wonderful to see. It's nice to have an unexpected day off now and then.

acorn hollow said...

great post and glad you had some time off to enjoy a beautiful day.
I am transplanting hosta too not an easy task.

CHERI said...

Wonderful pictures. You sure have some wonderful scenery around you. Glad you enjoyed your time off...except for the leak:) Hope you have an awesome week ahead.

Donna said...

That Shady Del....he says it best! I enjoyed the tour as well. But he writes it so descriptively!