Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It's Summer..The Kiddo, Not The Season!

As May starts to wind down so do all our May birthdays.  The beginning of the month has Lex, then Phil, then Katie, (throw in Mother's Day), then Mom's, and last but certainly not least we have Summer's!  Whew...that's a lot of cake for one month!   Summer and her boyfriend Brett bought a house and she hosted a combo house warming and bday celebration.   Brett just graduated from Ashland University and has a job just a few minutes from this new home.  Summer is starting her senior year at the same University and also has a full-time job just 5 minutes from the new digs.  It's a tiny, cute first "starter" home.
She welcomed us in with  her usual happy, smiley face!  She's had that same sunny outlook on life since the day she was born!  I should know because I was there to see her only a few minutes after delivery.  It was nice she was born in the hospital where I work! 
The back yard is up against a nice green space with no buildings behind them so it's pretty quite and pretty to look at.
Plenty of room to gather on the deck for a cookout.
Her little rescue, Happy, seems very happy with his new place.  As long as Summer is there Happy is happy!
While everyone was gathered eating,  Cameron asked if he could give us the speech he had to do for school the next day.   So we listened to his speech he had prepared.   He had to be a famous person and talk about that person's life.  He did a great job but I really had to hold my laughter when he said he was Louis Armstrong!   No type casting here!  At the end he let out a big "OH YEAH....."  Just like Louis!  So darn cute! 
The sweet sisters!   It was great to see Driana.   She's busy with working full-time and going to LPN nursing school.   She'll graduate in July and then start the RN program in January.  You go girl! She'll make an amazing nurse!  So proud of both these girls.  Hard workers, A students, and cute as can be.
Summer and Brett...the host and hostess.   They've dated since high school and we just love Brett...he's a great guy!
This is Dri's boyfriend Ryan.   Another keeper!  He and Driana are very cute together.  He also works in a hospital in the x-ray department.  Lots of medical folks in our family!  It was a lovely evening and we made it home before the storms hit.  We've had plenty of rain this month but it can't dampen our celebrations.  Looking forward to a long weekend and plenty of outdoor work getting the gardens and house ready for Summer...the season not the kiddo!   


betty said...

Love the deck of Summer's and Brett's home! And so much green grass around! Neat too that it seems to be in the perfect location for not very long commutes to work!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Happy birthday to Summer! It was great to see Summer and sister Driana again. They were both wee wee lasses when I started following Whispering Pines. (Any relation to Wayward Pines? :) Summer & Brett and Dri & Ry are getting a good start in life - Cam, too - (plus Addy and Lexi and all the others). The family has reason to be proud of each and every one of the grandkiddos. I was also happy to see Happy, your happy happy happy little granddog. I like Summer's starter home. It might be tiny, but there is plenty of wide open space around it and it looks like a great place to entertain. Cameron might have been more convincing as Satchmo if he had used a trumpet as a prop. :)

Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa, and please do me a favor if possible. I will be publishing a special post this Saturday marking a very important date on the Shady Dell calendar. It would mean a lot if you could come by that day or in the days that immediately follow and express a few kind words. Thank you!

acorn hollow said...

wow how exciting to purchase your first house! Your grands are growing so fast not sure how time slips by so fast.

Julia said...

Lots of happy faces, and great news about the new home for Summer and her boyfriend.
Everything is looking rosy fro now on. All this is a good reason to blog. A great post...
Take care and have a great rest of the week. Hugs, Julia

gin said...

Beautiful young people you have in your family. And even more beautiful is their hard working independent lives they are making for themselves. Makes their yaya and pawpaw proud for sure.

Kay G. said...

What a wonderful post! Happy Birthday to Summer and her home is beautiful.
Like your commenter above has said, I can remember seeing photos of these girls when they were much younger!
You really do have such good looking people in your family, you really do! :-)

John Edwards said...

What a happy, summery post. So pleased for all your family and lots of good wishes for Summer in her new home.

CHERI said...

How exciting for Summer to have her first very own home:) I remember my hubby and I started off in this tacky green mobile home...absolutely awful!!! But we were together and happy & that's all that counted. It's wonderful to spend time with family and you sound as if you have enjoyed it immensely. Happy Summertime!

suachuadogotainha said...

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