Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Golden Month

That's how I think of September...the golden month.  I look around me and see faint signs of Fall and the turning of leaves.  Many of my Hostas have turned yellow and brown.  We haven't had a ton of rain this Summer so that has a bit to do with that happening.  This weekend the nights have been in the 50's and no humidity! Love it!
Look closely and you can see the faint yellowing of the leaves near the Creepy Woods.
Saturday we made our usual morning stop at the Farmer's Market but then decided it was time to head to the Orchard and check out the fruit.
The apples were crisp and juicy and sweet! I love a good Honey Crisp!  The peaches are also wonderful...the best we've had since last year. They will get made into a cobbler for tomorrow on Labor Day.  That's a day when I won't be laboring!  But I did do some laboring 39 years ago today and delivered this fabulous guy:
Happy Birthday to my #2 son, Craig!  He's a wonderful son, dad, brother, and anything else he chooses to do!  He and his family live in Oregon and we sure miss them.  Hugs Craig!  To celebrate the lovely cool weather we put a fire in the pit last night.
Warm and cozy and perfect for making something that I hadn't made in a long time...pie iron dinners!
You put bread and fillings of your choice in the irons and hopefully don't keep them on the fire too long for burned outcomes!
This one had pizza fillings and we also did cheese ones and for dessert we made fruit pies with the irons...totally fun and totally yummy!
 Throw in a cold rootbeer and it was perfect.
We put out a sleeping bag so Chubbs would be comfy sitting with us on this cool night.  We sat around the fire eating, chatting and sitting quietly watching the flames until it was dark and then the stars came out for another round of  star gazing.  Yes, I'll enjoy this long weekend.  I guess you could say it was "Golden"!


Debby said...

Sounds like a great night. Happy birthday to your son.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Yessum, September is a golden month for you up there in Ohio. The activities you described in this post such as sitting around a fire on a crisp night, making pie iron dinners and stargazing, made me homesick. They made me wish I could turn back time and experience the autumns of my youth in Pennsylvania, the comfort of family togetherness and the joy of having a dog nearby. Chubbs is one lucky pooch to have found such a great life with you there at the Pines. Your family's birthdays keep coming in rapid succession. Happy 39th to son Craig! It shocks me to realize that your temps dip into the 50s at night when the calendar still says summer. It's a wonderful time of year up north. Down here the transition doesn't come until Thanksgiving or later.

Your happiness is mine, dear friend YaYa. Thank you for sharing this slice of your life with me and have a wonderful week ahead!

betty said...

Those sandwiches look interesting! I had not heard of them before! Happy birthday to your son!! Sounds like a wonderful young man! Seemed like a wonderful weekend you are enjoying with the added bonus of tomorrow off as well!


Rick Watson said...

Wow!!! I love the idea of doing those pies. JILDA was familiar with them but I'd never seen them before.
We'll do some of these babies.
Happy Labor Day.

Susan Anderson said...

I was reading this post and started smelling cinnamon. I was about to applaud the power of your writing when I realized Dave was toasting some cinnamon bread!

Having said that, it really did give me the feeling of fall coming, which i love.


Munir said...

Happy Birthday to Craig. God Bless him and his family.
Your blog is wholesome as usual. Those sandwiches and the pies you talk about make me want to cook and cook. May be when the kids come home. I will peek in your posts and use the ideas.
Thank you for stopping by at my blog. Makes me understand that there are people hurting out there. Hopefully one day people will understand that we can depend on each other for emotional support.