Saturday, September 10, 2016

No Pix..Just A Rant

Friday I get a text from my sister telling me that they were at the hospital with Mom.  Mom had a 102de temp and was a bit loopy...which isn't unusual for somebody her age to get when they're that sick.  They did a bunch of tests and she seemed better after a bit. Of course they wanted to keep her for observation and of course my Mom was like: "No way, no how".  Which I don't blame her.  Frankly they hadn't found anything and she felt that she would be better at home.  Again, I agree since the worst place to be is in a hospital with even more germs..especially if you're 90.   The other kicker was on the way to getting Mom to the hospital my sweet sister fell on the deck and hurt her knee.  So while Mommo was getting tests done, Midge was getting an x-ray on the knee...which turned out to be a broken patella (knee cap).  Thankfully it was non displaced and didn't involve the quadriceps muscle so they put an immobilizer on and now she'll need to follow up with an Orthopod to make sure she doesn't need anything else done.  So far it was a horrible, no good, very bad day for them.  Now for the rant...This morning my sister was taking her dog out around 7am and noticed her car door open.   Just because the weekend wasn't totally crappy,  somebody thought they would break into her new car.  Thankfully, nothing was taken and nothing was damaged.  When the police came they informed her that there were 20 car break-ins in the neighborhood.  TWENTY!  Seriously?  Sounds like  some trash folks need to get a JOB and quite thinking they are entitled to take other peoples hard earned money or property.  If they would put as much effort into working as they do into finding ways to hurt other people, they could be millionaires!  And since they seem to like working in the dark and late at night I'm sure there are plenty of places to get work..maybe even 2 jobs.  Sorry this is such a downer post.  Chicago has been a hot bed of crime lately.  Now the suburbs seem to be a target.  On the up side Mom seems to be on the mend..well, she has a nasty cold but no pneumonia, and Midge says her knee doesn't hurt too bad and she's been getting around good.  Plus since her car wasn't hurt she can still be mobile.  Guess we need to look on the bright side just a little.  Anyway, if you've lost your "Bad Luck Fairy"'s at my Mom's house and you're welcome to come and get it back.  Just don't sneak in at night because I think they're packing heat and not afraid to use it!  Rant, Rant, Rant.


Shady Del Knight said...

My goodness, YaYa. This is the first time you have ranted since I've known you. Mrs. Shady can testify that hospitals are germ hotels. Last night she came home from work with a fever and a head cold which she thinks she caught while examining patients. I'm terribly sorry that your mother took ill and that things went from bad to worse when your sister fell, and that it added insult to injury when someone broke into your sister's new car. Having your personal property violated or stolen is bad, but at least your mother seems to be bouncing back and is free of pneumonia, and your sister, banged up as she is, is also getting around okay. For those developments you can be thankful. I will keep your mother, your sister and you in my prayers, dear friend.

Debby said...

That is a really bad day. I would rant as well.
I'm just glad that your sister wasn't harmed in the car break in.
Have a good sleep and I hope things get better.

joeh said...

Well bad stuff comes in threes, so you're good for a while.

Rick Watson said...

Sometimes you have to get out or blow a fuse. I don't
Have a point of reference for people who chose not to work and rip off those who do work.

betty said...

Oh my! This was sad to read with all the problems for your family. I wondered if your mom had a UTI, but they would have found that. Sorry about your sister's knee, that had to be painful. I wonder if it was teenagers that broke into the cars. That seems to happen sometimes. I can only hope this is the end of bad things for your family for a bit.


gin said...

Glad your mom and sis fared well. It's better to rant about a situation than to have to deal with a more severe situation that it could have been.

Susan Anderson said...

Sounds like we all need to bolt our doors and shutter our windows against that bad luck fairy. it's been visiting too many people lately!

Hope your mom and sis recover soon. Glad nothing was stolen!