Sunday, August 28, 2016

Very Filled Up Week

This week and weekend certainly have buzzed by quickly.  We've been busy doing normal, everyday things.  You know, work, home, work, home....Oh,  did I mention a birthday was celebrated this week?  I  kept telling Jack that this was his birthday week. I made his favorite dishes for dinner all week and on Thursday we had his usual bday dinner of Shrimp Creole followed by Texas Sheet cake.
Big cake!  Most of the cake ended up going to work with me the next day.  They were very glad Jack had a birthday!   I posted it on Facebook.  Jack doesn't do Facebook and when some friends texted him  birthday wishes he finally figured it out that I told the whole world!  Hey, it's a celebration right? Happy Birthday Babe!  Saturday brought us the opportunity to do a little service for a very worthy cause.
Associated Charities feeds hundreds of hungry folks and also helps cloth them and make sure every child has new school supplies and backpacks.  Christmas brings many out for help with food and gifts. To accommodate  all the needs a new location was needed.  This building was in much need of repair and funds were raised to make it happen.
The original, historic front of the building was kept, but the inside and back were all remodeled and updated.  What a wonderful place for families to go for help.  Saturday we went over and helped unload many boxes of food and get it ready to be organized on shelves.  Most of the work will be done this week and be ready for the public open house.
This is just a small section to show where foods will be kept shelved.  There's also a room with coats, gloves, hats and boots.  School supplies lined another area and there's a Christmas room that already has gifts that have been donated.  Sometimes it's easy to think there is no good going on in the world, and then you realize how generous a community can be for those less fortunate.
The truck arrived with the goods.
We were ready to start unloading.
A fun group of Ashland University students loaded up the boxes from the old area and brought them to the new facility.  They were the nicest kiddos!
Sorting and shelving.
Jack just observing!  He really did work too!  All in all it was a good day.  It was hot but we weren't too uncomfortable in the building.  It's amazing how much work can be done when many pitch in.  A few final thoughts for today.   I went out and picked the very first apple we've gotten off our very first apple tree here at the Pines.
I'm sure it will taste even sweeter knowing we grew it ourselves...well, with the help of the tree, the weather, and of course God!  Less we forget, it was National Dog Day this week too.
We don't regret getting this guy into the family! He's been a good buddy, sweet friend.  I love the sign that said "We were rescued by our shelter dog"...Thanks Chubbs!  Now for the real final thought.  Ashland schools start the new year tomorrow.  Some of the surrounding areas started last week.  I found this pic of my first day of Kindergarten 58yrs ago...1958.  I remember it clearly.  I really wasn't excited to go!
Can you tell?


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Happy birthday to Jack! It was very thoughtful of you to make his favorite dishes for dinner all week long. Is it okay if I move in with you guys? :) Today Mrs. Shady baked five loaves of banana bread to take to the hospital and share with coworkers.

God bless you and Jack, the university kiddos and the rest of the volunteers for pitching in to help feed and clothe the needy of the community, provide supplies for students and Christmas presents for those who can't afford them. You're right. Acts of kindness and generosity such as these help offset the evil in the world and restore hope.

Congratulations on harvesting the first apple from the first apple tree at the Pines. It's a dandy! God bless Chubbsie. You changed his life for the better and he returned the favor. I hope my old buddy Eddy is doing AOK these days. You were a sweet and cute little kindergarten girl, YaYa. You benefited from a wonderful mother and father and grew into an outstanding citizen and a great friend.

Have a safe and happy week ahead, dear YaYa!

acorn hollow said...

Oh you were so cute! good work done by many is always a blessing.
My sweet B heads to kindergarten this year where does the time go.

Rick Watson said...

You didn't look real happy to go on your new educational adventure:) Jilda and I volunteer from to to time at local charities.
It can be hard work but we always enjoy it and it always helps with perspective.

Kerri said...

Look how cute you look going to kindergarten! Happy belated birthday to your husband- sounds like you did a great job celebrating him all week...lucky man. What a beautiful space for Associated Charities. There IS good going on in the world...we just don't hear about it as often as the bad. Good for you guys for making a difference. I wish we had a place like that nearby. It is on my agenda to find a food bank where my son and I can volunteer on a regular basis. We have a place about 40 mins from us that serves meals and the waiting list is really long to get to help serve meals...which I guess is a good thing...but not if you are wanting to help out regularly!

Julia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jack. He still looks young and handsome. You're so good to him. Oh you look so cute in your pretty dress but that look says it all. lol... A good thing you went to school anyway. You turned out wonderfully....
I love the repurpose of this beautiful old building. What a nice warehouse to store donated food for the needy.

That first apple will be offered to God I presume... Have a great week.

betty said...

Loved the picture of you from kindergarten! What memories that must have brought up. Happy belated birthday to your hubby! Sounds like a fantastic celebration. What a neat project too that you two helped out with this past weekend. A worthy cause indeed! Yummy on the apple! It does sound like busy times!


Kay G. said...

Happy birthday to Jack! (Celebrate it the whole month, I say!)
You look as thrilled at the thought of school as I did for kindergarten!! (You look pretty then, as you always do!!)
LOVE that building that you showed us, the organisation does such great work too and I am very happy to see all the young people involved with it!

John Edwards said...

Many Happy Returns to Jack.

What a cute young lady you were - you even frowned prettily!

And I hope your apple tree brings you many happy fruitings.

Laurie said...

Happy belated birthday to Jack. And how kind of you to make his favorite meals.

We had two apples on our tree this year. The birds ate one and I ate one. Hoping for even more next year.

You sure were a cute little girl.....I can see the resemblance, today.

Susan Anderson said...

Happy birthday to jack. We always make Texas sheet cake for birthdays, too. Nothing better!

Love your going-to-school pic.


Montrue said...

I wonder how your dog would look like after a shampoo and a great haircut, he needs both!
He can hardly open his eyes, poor guy.
Sorry, but it makes me sad to see an animal not being groomed.