Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer's Bounty

Summer has many good qualities.  Yep, it's much warmer and much lighter outside later in the evening.  It's time for vacations, family reunions, class reunions, camping, swimming, and many other activities.  We're into the heat of the Farmer's Market offerings.  All the area Amish are selling produce and the orchards are ready with peaches and early apples.  Down in the southern part of the country many gardens are already done.  Ours is just coming into the "check every day for some more stuff" phase.  We struggled, along with the area farmers as we've had a very hot and dry Summer.  The rain has finally come and my lawn is green again and I've been able to mow and not feel like I'm kicking up more dust than grass!  But we've been disappointed with our little garden and fruit offerings this season.  My raspberries were dried up before I got enough to make jam this year.  The green beans had only one picking before they too just didn't produce.  We even were diligent with watering, but still it was a struggle.  We've had better luck with okra and tomatoes.   Green peppers also have been a disappointment.  Well, thankfully the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings has been a blessing to go and get yummy, homegrown veggies at a good price.  We combined ours with theirs for some nice meals.  Yesterday I took this:
And made this:
Mmmmm...Salsa anyone?  Just the right amount of fresh and heat to put with some chips for a delish snack.
All gone! We enjoyed fresh corn, green beans, and red potatoes for a vegetarian meal.   All of Summer's bounty enjoyed!  The weather has turned....low humidity and cooler temps. Chubbs and I walked into the Creepy Woods this afternoon.   I was on a bit of a scouting effort...just a peek to see if any spot would make a fun cemetery for a Halloween party.  Never too early to think about Fall and Halloween is it?  A few spots caught my eye:
Down this nice trail...
To a clearing that wouldn't be hard to spook up a bit.  My wheels have been turning and I think Jack is nervous I'm serious about holding an outdoor shindig for church, family, and friends.  Maybe because this beauty arrived this past week...
Be very afraid!  But we still have a few weeks of Summer left.  I plan to enjoy the last days of sun, fun, swim and mostly it's wonderful bounty of blessings! 


Kay G. said...

I know just what you mean about the lack of rain and struggling to water plants this summer! It has been brutal! That wonderful witch, you are ready for Halloween! Bring it on! :-)

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I'm happy to learn that the rains have finally come and your heat wave has finally broken, but sad to find out that it was too little too late for most of the vegetables in your garden. Looks like you found some quality produce at the farmer's market. That first picture looks like a still life oil painting! Yessum, it's time for you and the grandkiddos to get out there and make use of the swimming pool while you still can. By next week at this time you'll be using it for ice fishing! :) Looks like you have lots of spooky and fun ideas for Halloween. That great big witch has a grin on her face. That's a good thing. I wouldn't want to be around her when she's angry. :)

Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

Rick Watson said...

Yep. The garden update pretty much sums it up here except we were about a month ahead of you. Our peppers are still producing but all the tomatoes died except one heirloom. The cherry tomatoes that we planted in pots by the deck survived.

betty said...

I think it would be fun to hold a fall party. Amazing the stores already have Halloween stuff out on display. Glad you got to enjoy some of the harvest of your planting,


acorn hollow said...

It think a lot of gardens struggled. We got cukes galore and I need to make pickles.
we are very fallish today but not ready just yet

Sweet Tea said...

The veggies look yummy!
Like you, we've been having some all veggie meals
and loving it. Gurl, that Salsa looked WONDERFUL! YUM!
Our homegrown veggies and come & gone by 4th of July so
any fresh veggies we are getting are from produce stands.
Your Halloween plans sound "vewy scawey". Way to go!!

Becky Jerdee said...

Yep. A crockpot of veggies and pork is coming for dinner tonight. Landon and I are designing a Halloween party for his parents at our house...we'll have it early...the end of September. We'll be heading south to Florida by the first of October...

Susan Anderson said...

We love our Farmer's Market, too. Having said that, I am ready for fall. That is my favorite season, and it makes me happy.