Thursday, December 31, 2015


Everyone knows the countdown...when zero hits it's the new year.  Out with the old. A chance to begin slate, new decisions, new resolutions (if you make them), new posts to journal the events in bloggers lives.  Contemplating what I would post for this very last one of 2015 I took a minute to look back at my year.  It's a learning time when looking back.  I learn what worked and what didn't.  I learned to appreciate the everyday.  I learned that I was stronger than I thought and also not as strong as I would like to be.  I got a new pair of knees this year. (technically, it was the end of 2014..but I digress!)  I learned how to navigate with them.  Walking became easier and I was able to do a few things that I had to put off because of arthritis.  I didn't work for the first 3 months of this year.  That was a big first for me. I hadn't taken that much time off since I had my last kiddo 31yrs ago! What I learned was that I actually liked not working!  It was a heads up that when I retire sometime in 3 or 4 years I won't be bored,  miss the day to day grind, and driving in the dead of night on call will be a thing of the past forever!  I've started to think about how I want to live in that future time.  Do I want to live at the Pines or perhaps move to a smaller place.  Of course it's not just my decision.  Jack has a say in all this too!  He's my steady rock and best friend  and love of my life.  So I will make 2016 a year of renewal.  I want to renew my health first and foremost.  I want to get in better shape...old age ain't for wimps or softies!  My job has always been a stressful place but I've learned so much there.  I work with strong, amazing women.  Technology has improved the way that we work in healthcare and it also makes us crazy at times!  But I'm toning it down there.  I don't want to be on any committees or be a clinician in any of the specialties.  I still want to mentor newbies and help teach where needed.  I just don't want all the extras anymore.  I feel I have nothing to prove. I will do the best job I can, but have started my mental countdown to retirement.  Does that sound like giving up?   I hope not!  I truly don't want to be that "working retired person" who's just taking up space in the workplace!  Surgery is too busy a spot for that!  My other focus will be our home.  We have projects that we need to finish and new ones to start.  Getting this place in tip top shape will help if the decision to move becomes a reality.  I've contemplated not blogging anymore.  It's been on my mind that my posts are getting repetitive.  I don't vary much in activities but I like to journal my family times and all the growth that happens there.  I started my blog in 2008.   My intention then was for family who lived far from us could keep up on what's happening here.  Facebook has taken the place of blogging for most of my family members and I even throw a few posts up on the site now and then.  What makes the decision not to blog difficult are all the great folks I've met in blogland!  I feel like I have some great friends here.  I would miss that!  So I would still visit even if I don't blog.  I also enjoy publishing my blog at the end of the year.  It's fun to see the books on the shelf and taking them down and looking at them with family from time to time.   So the jury is still out I guess!  I do know that this is my 75th post for 2015.....2016 is just a few hours away.  I don't know if I'll make it to midnight.  Jack and I already toasted this year out since I'm on call tonight and tomorrow and I already have a surgery scheduled for early in the morning.  The patient is 99 years old.  That's a lot of new year celebrations and I'm sorry this one...perhaps her last...will be spent in a hospital.  So no complaining here..just counting down....Happy New Year everyone!


Kim said...

Happy New Year Yaya. I hope 2016 gives you many wonderful blessings (including more blog posts).

Stacy Crawford said...

Happy New Year my friend. I think I'm going to continue my is my journal I suppose. I will just need to actually print them. I have 3 years now to print!

My goal is 2 times or more a month, with the hope of weekly. :)

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa!

Oh how good it feels to be bathed in the lush pinks and purples of your festive blog page. It's simply gorgeous! Clearly you have done a lot of thinking about the future lately. No one will think of you as a quitter for considering that it might be time to downshift toward retirement. The fact that you battled back from knee surgery, worked hard and scarified the rest of the year and are on call tonight and tomorrow while most people are enjoying time off is proof of your commitment to duty. You have earned your rest, dear friend, and I and countless thousands of other people you have helped over the years thank you for your exemplary record of service.

I can't imagine the blog world without you in it, YaYa. When I come here I feel like I'm back home. I feel as if I am connecting with my own family. You and only you can decide how much longer you wish to continue publishing your blog. I for one would miss it terribly because I am not on Facebook and would have no way of following your growing family through the coming years or seeing the latest pictures of Eddy and Chubbs. That's my problem, not yours. Regardless of what you decide to do I hope that you and I can remain friends the rest of our lives. That is important to me. Other friends have come and gone but losing you would be a staggering blow because I admire and respect you so much.

Thank you for reflecting on 2015. I wish you and your entire family a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

God bless, Kathleen!

betty said...

Oh wow with the surgery on the 99 year old! I'm thinking something to do with a broken hip or bone? But of course I know you can't say anything. I do hope the surgery goes well and she does make a good recovery.

I like your blog look to welcome in the new year :)

I can't imagine myself retiring and not doing anything; I'd have to have a game plan for then, LOL, or I can imagine myself being a bit bored; I like the structure of a workday, but still have about 8 years before retirement. It is good you are thinking ahead though :)

I think our interest in blogging comes and goes. Some weeks I'm thinking "what am I going to blog about" and then lately it does seem redundant with all those quail pictures, but who can resist their cuteness. I got lots to blog, but have to wait until stuff pulls together to do so. I do hope you always continue to blog, no matter how "redundant" it might seen to you.

Wishing you and yours a happy new year!


gin said...

Happy New Year! You've got major decisions to make for 2016 with Jack. Retiring? Downsizing? Blogging? I hope it's yes yes yes to all - yes retire, yes downsize, yes to keep blogging. I'm sure Yall will be happy in what ere your decisions may be.

Rick Watson said...

You will enjoy retirement, especially if you stay busy doing things you love.Happy New Year Yaya.

selvageedge said...

Don't you dare stop blogging! (says the woman who hasn't updated since Thanksgiving.) You need to keep us all up to date on those big decisions. If you do decide to downsize, make sure you still have a huge dining room and room for your Halloween decorations.

Happy New Year!

Julia said...

Happy New Year Yaya, I always enjoy reading your blog posts and find you to be so full of joy and celebrations. I have lots of admiration for what you do and who you are. You inspire me and everyone else I'm sure. I can feel the weariness of the daily grind on your shoulders and the desire of retiring. I'm at that cross road too and pushing 70, I'm ready but the timing isn't ready yet. My house feels so big now and I'd love to down size too especially in the winter.

Thank you so much for all the comforting comments you write on my blog. They are pure gifts.
Wishing you God's Choicest Blessings for 2016.

acorn hollow said...

I would be so sorry if you stopped blogging. It is good you got a few months home to see if you will do well with retirement and now you know. I can't wait for retirement I have a few more years than you. You are voicing all the things we have should we move to a smaller place closer to my sweet Miss B. Or do we stay put where we are comfortable and near our sweet friends.
Happy New year

Susan Anderson said...

What a great update! I have a resolution to try to blog a little more often this year, because I do miss my blog friends so much…and also my blog books…and Karin will be weaning the twins in February, which will make life a lot easier for her. Hence, she will need less of my time actively helping!

It's great to have a little preview that you will enjoy retirement, but I'll bet the other nurses and docs will be sad to see you go. You are probably a burst of sunshine and wisdom over there. Don't deny it, now…

Hugs, and happy New Year!


Laurie said...

You have lots of decisions ahead. Downsizing is hard, emotionally. At least it was for me. Well, actually, mine wasn't so much downsizing as it was relocating. It was coming sooner or later, so when the chance arose, we took it. Still hard! You are smart to start thinking about it now....maybe the transition will be easier. Whether you decide to stop blogging or not....I have truly enjoyed your blogging friendship and certainly can respect your decision. But if you do, remember to send me some snow now and then and come by for a visit. Okay?

John Edwards said...

Happy New Year. Downsizing has proved impossible to us - we just ended up squashing the same amount of stuff into a smaller home! I don;t make New Year Resolutions but if I did they would include de-cluttering. I hope 2016 brings you many wonderful surprises and that the decisions are fun and easy.

Debby said...

Thinking ahead of your future can be stressful. You have a demanding job. Lots of responsibility and physical wear and tear.
I am probably the most retired as it gets. Only needed here and there with the little ones. Well I say that with a new baby coming along. I am hoping my husband retires soon.
But we did downsize and moved. Just selling was hard. I look back and wonder how we were able to do that. We were so exhausted. But I feel it's a whole new beginning. Good luck to you in the new year.

rosaria williams said...

While you work and blog and support your family, you create a pattern that connects us all. May you have the strength to continue bringing joy and support to those in your circle. But, if you chose to stop blogging, we'll know something had to go. May the blessings you bestow return to you in big bundles. Happy and healthy new year, Yaya, from a grateful follower.

CatieAn said...

hi dear YaYa. I have been out of blogland for 6 months due to family issues with aging/ill parents and trying to get my own health under control. I kept saying tomorrow I will post to my blog and finally I posted yesterday. After so long I figured it was just as easy to stop all together but in the end I decided I have met so many wonderful people I didn't want to lose that contact. I do find my family on facebook but a lot of us aren't into the daily postings and I find every little thing some people post just TMI and trite. Retirement for us is wonderful and we wonder how we stay so busy but it is so different than the day to day grind of work days. especially in the medical field. The long years of call or overtime has never been missed...just the family of coworkers and patients. The coworkers you can still see socially and volunteering is always a positive.
You still have time to plan your escape. The thing about not being involved in a lot of diverse activities isn't what the heart of blogging is about. It is the PERSON and that heart that is being shared with others and that is what I am drawn to....your heart. I hope this next year brings you heart filled happiness and much love of family and friends.