Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Twinkle Toes

I have been a bit behind in my blogging.  You would think that since I'm home until March  I would have tons of time.  Well time is one thing and blog material is another! However, I was a little excited about the idea that Jack and I were going to a barn dance last Friday.  Finally something to blog about! Then I threw my back out.  I had a few moves at physical therapy that did me in.  (really, it wasn't the furniture moving!) Lucky for me I have a Chiropractor hubby who got me on my feet...but sitting in a car for a long ride and then trying to way. Dang it! Besides having some blog material, I wanted my blog buddy Rick (Life 101)  to see that  he was right. He's been saying I would be dancing by Valentines day...and I would have! Oh well.  Here's a pic of a couple of cuties who did get to show some twinkle toes:
My son Phil took Lexi and Addy to a Daddy daughter dance over the weekend.  They had a great time!  In the mean time, the snow seems to keep coming.  It was actually warm on Saturday and the 40's! A little melting happened, but the driveway is an ice covered nightmare!  Snow is on it's way tonight and by this weekend the high on Sunday will be 1de....yikes!
This mess is my back!
The other evening, as the sun was setting, it looked like fire behind the pine trees. I was going to go down to the road and snap a great sunset shot except that driveway and all the ice.  I wasn't going to ruin my new knees!  Speaking of knees...weren't we? I got the final check up with my Doc and all is good.  Now all I need is time. These puppies are going to be dancing soon....maybe by Valentines day!
Now you know me from the inside out!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! I can relate to that X-ray of your knees. For years, Mrs. Shady has been saying that she can see right through me! :) I'm happy to know you got a good report card from your doctor, but I get nervous seeing all that snow and reading about the sheet of ice on your driveway. Please be extra careful walking and driving. Those snowy scenes around your house don't even seem real to me. Mrs. Shady and I just got back home from a restaurant and both remarked how perfect a day it was - sunny, a gentle breeze and the usual shirt sleeve outdoor temperature. Wish you were here, dear friend!

It was so nice of son Phil to take grandkiddos Lexi and Addy to a dance. They look adorable. You haven't mentioned or shown Eddy in a while. I hope my favorite pooch pal is doing AOK.

Please take good care of yourself, dear friend Yaya, and enjoy the rest of your week. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jack!

betty said...

How sweet with the father and daughters dance. Ouch with your back, but glad to see the knees are looking great. Do watch out with the ice, ice dancing are not necessarily the steps you want to be doing.


Becky Jerdee said...

Wow, those are some cool looking knees! Glad to hear you're making progress :)

Rick Watson said...

Woo Hoo! I think you'll make it YaYa. The xrays look great. The last set done of my look gnarly. I will have to have something done soon :(

Thanks for the shout out.

Julia said...

Those knees were made for dancing and I bet you're a great dancer once the music starts.

It looks like a martian landed on your deck. It looks like the colder temperatures are on it's way out but I wouldn't bet on it yet. In the mean time, I'm at my daughter Christine and little James and Daniel are keeping me busy but it's a good busy.

Sorry about your back but you're lucky to have a hubby to fix you up.

Those two little dancers looks some cute with their daddy.

Stay out of trouble and wait for Spring.

Laurie said...

I hate those times when there seems nothing to blog about. But you actually have plenty to say....and show. I love your snow pics and the little beauties with their daddy. And hey, your knees are looking pretty good, too. Dance on, girl, dance on!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you hurt your back. Shouldn't do that, even for something to write about. Nice to see you again. I'm back to blogging, though not as much I used to. Just picking some "old" blogger friends to visit.

Willow said...

You are the bees knees YaYa . Sounds like your getting your energy and spirits back ~ despite that snow . You go girl . Good to visit :)

Cindy said...

Love the sweet pic of your granddaughters -- reminded me of when my girls went, and now one is a high school senior! I am sure there is some dancing in your future -- and glad you didn't go out to take the sunset picture! The one you got was pretty enough!!

Debby said...

What a cute picture of your son and his daughters. I love seeing the dads with their girls.
Ouch about your back, but those knees look good.
Be careful this week as its getting really cold by the week-end.

gin said...

You are full of excitement!! Even during recovery! But, yikes!! 1 degree is scary cold.

Kay G. said...

I just talked to my Dad today! He has been very troubled by burning in his feet (he is 87). He went to a chiropractor today and he is 100% better! YAY!
Your back must have thought you were paying too much attention to your knees! Take care of yourself! xx

selvageedge said...

Those knees are looking great (or at least I assume so, since I don't read x-rays.) Too bad that the barn dance didn't work out for you, but maybe you and Jack can team up and do a little "dancing like the stars" for a talent routine on your birthday. ;)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh, I hope you dance!! I really do hope you get to dance. I haven't danced in so long and never have married a man that loved to dance as much as I do. It's a wonderous thing..dancing. My left knee..not doing so well. I hope it goes away.
Even if you can't get out there and go least stand and shake your "booty" as they say. :) Good luck, sweet friend!

Hilary said...

Too bad about your back but I hope you'll be dancing before too long. The girls look adorable in their Valentine outfits. I love the idea of a Daddy-daughter dance.

Grandma Honey said...

Your two little granddaughters are so darling. And they are old enough to remember that special night all of their lives!

Stacy Crawford said...

How fun on the Daddy Daughter Dance. Kayla would have loved to go to one of those. We did make the barn dance. I have a lot of shots. It was fun!!!

CatieAn said...

ouch am so sorry you hurt your back just in time for the barn dance...drats.....your kidlets look so pretty and daddy had to be in heaven taking them to the dance. Glad you got rave reviews on your knees

Susan Anderson said...

Sorry you got hurt right before the big debut of your knees. So happy they are healing well.